Coral Cooley

Coral Cooley
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Lethbridge, AB


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3.50 a minute

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1 510 995 7025


Coral Cooley*
- Spiritual Counselor Psychic, a Clairvoyant, Medium, Channel, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, a Spiritual Counselor, Empathic, and Pet Psychic. Coral is a Taurus in western astrology with Scorpio rising and that brings in the intensity. She is a Snake in Chinese Astrology. Coral has helped people get in touch with loved ones who have passed on, to put their doubts at rest, and to resolve issues left unfinished.

Her natural love of animals and high empathic ability makes her a natural with animals as well as people, on this side and beyond. Her highly tuned empathic sense helps her understand situations Clearly from many sides , as well as allows her to tap into others involved in the clients questions on many levels. This gives the ability to effectively make the changes and enjoy a happier life. Additionally, she has found lost objects, and wonderful at dream analysis.

You will always find her a warm compassionate friend when you call. She is a non judgmental Psychic, and believes there is a place for all of us, with all our difference, in this world. Her specialty is relationships of all kinds.

Coral has been helping people lead more fulfilling lives since 1987. Let Coral's senses, guides and Angels help you find the answers you are looking for, and give you a better understanding of the workings in your life. Coral's reading experience is in the areas of stress, transitions, relationships, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, abuse, domestic violence, trauma, grief/loss, addictions, and spiritual/existential concerns. I've also consulted for businesses.
**USA NUMBER 510 995 7025 **CANADIAN NUMBER 403 915 0518**

Listed since: Oct 11, 2012


Coral, is mind blowing. Her Accuracy about my situation was 100 percent. She knew and gave very private specifics about my issue. when she reads you, she is fast, full of infomation. Never hestation, but full of information. At the same time, She is truly empathetic, autheni, gives you clear answers. I call her one of God's Earth Angel. Coral readings, are unlike I have ever experienced. Coral, thank you. I know when I call back, you will have the truth, guidance and knowing what lies ahead.
Went to see coral for a second time. She did not disappoint yet again. This lady can help you in ways which I strongly feel others may not. She gives you an inner peace and understanding of your surroundings. She has the ability to actually tell you how to see things in a new perspective. She's been a blessing in my life and I know others. Thank you coral. Thumbs up!!!
Coral was so compassionate and responded quickly to my phone call. She even worked me in later in her day after hours to help me... She answered my questions with detailed accuracy. She gave me peace.... Thank u coral. U found a returning client and I highly recommend her!
This lady is very gifted!!! I would highly recommend her!.. She does a very good job at answering all your questions and gives very good spirtual advice. I would definitely see her again and likely will ;)
Coral is not just a spiritual counsellour, but also will become an amazing friend. Her guidance is selfless and kind, always putting her clients first, and she's very open and never judgemental. Coral is extremely talented in what she does, she can help better every aspect in your life by bringing in positivity and light. My friends and I have all been in to see her and she's affected our lives greatly. I think absolutely anyone could benefit in seeing this wise woman.
Coral was so amazing. She said things that no one else would have known. She helps you to see in clear light and helps you clear what holds you back. Very good to go to. I would highly recommend her.
I met Coral about 6-8 years ago through professional psychic circles and as a professional psychic myself, I loved her style of readings, she is dedicated to NOT rushing in her readings and to letting Spirit show her the heart of any given situation she is asked about. Coral is amazing as both a Clairvoyant, picking up on specific detailed information. She is also an amazing Medium connecting with loved ones very accurately and quickly. Coral is highly recommended by me! One word- QUALITY!

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