Carole Grace Burris

Carole Grace Burris
Carole Grace Burris


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90.00 - 150.00

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I am honored to help those who come to have a reading with me. Mediumship is such a beautiful experience. Sharing the love and healing that comes with the messages is an extraordinary experience, and I convey all that I am receiving so that you can feel the love. I provide evidential information during the reading, such as expressions, personality, sense of humor, and nicknames, whatever information they are conveying so you know it is your loved one.

During one reading, I learned afterward that the client had to make the difficult decision of taking a parent off of life support. The parent had come through saying “that was the right decision (a few times),”I did not know what that was about, and I didn't need to know why she was saying it as long as my client understood, which she did.

If you want to share anything with me, after the reading is the time to do so. In the above mentioned session, if my client told me prior to the session, it would not have created a healing experience that was deeply needed. I will ask you if you understand the information I am giving throughout the session to be sure I am correctly hearing and or interpreting something or saying it in a way that needs clarification.

I don't want to leave anyone doubting my connection to their loved one. My first experience with a medium was a disappointment, filled with information that would fit anyone. I vowed never to be that person; when I teach mediumship, I always tell that story so my students won't be that medium.

Who exactly benefits from a psychic reading?

There are different reasons why people seek out psychic readings. If your looking for guidance on relationships, career choices, or personal growth. Or are you seeking closure, or just feeling stuck? Ultimately, the benefits of a psychic reading can vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. Many people find that a psychic reading can provide them with clarity, insight, and a sense of direction in their life.

In each session, I ask for information for your highest good and if you want to know everything. Throughout your reading, I ensure the information I am relaying makes sense to you!

I ask for a yes or no response. I prefer you wait to share information until the end; then, there will be an assurance that the information provided is untainted by prior knowledge.

Carole is an internationally known Medium and Healer. Carole has received training to develop and enhance her skills under the guidance of many gifted teachers worldwide. Carole does not take her mediumship lightly and continues to study and hone her skills, trust, and dedication required. She does this so that you will have heartfelt and rewarding readings. She prepares daily to serve as a bridge between you and those on the other side

“This is a calling. This is what I am grateful for.” ~ Carole Grace Burris

Carole’s intention is to provide you with a sense of peace and comfort at each of your sessions together. Each time it is an adventure and neither one knows where it will take you; but hand in hand you two will discover together what is there is to learn, to integrate and to unfold.

Carole treats this work as sacred and seeks only the best for those who come to her for readings. She is an evidential medium. She will tell you what she is seeing, feeling and hearing. If you want to know everything, you will be given pure, uncensored information.

Carole is a PSYCH-K Facilitator. PSYCH-K helps clear limiting subconscious beliefs that can hold you back physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Carole is also a Certified McLean Meditation Instructor and Certified Mindfulness and Meditation for Business teaching workshops for groups as well as a variety of meditation techniques to help you.

Additional Information: 

I teach a variety of classes to assist those wanting to enhance their skills.

I continually train to enhance my skills to better assist those who come to me for a reading or healings

In person, phone readings, Zoom: $90.00 -

Listed since: Jun 3, 2011


Carole,,was fantastic. She is a talented psychic and a medium. She accurately describes people and situations that are relevant tp one’s life. She is also very caring and wise
I don’t know how to put into words just how incredible Carole is. She is definitely blessed with something very special. Carole said things to me that only my husband would say to me. She had details that no one could have known. I have highly recommended her to my friends and family. I will be making more appointments. Carole also went beyond our meeting to help me personally, she did not have to do that so I am truly greatful I found her.
Working w/Carole is truly changing my life! She helps me w/Psych-K, mediumship, & understanding my intuition. We started w/Psych-K bc of my excessive rumination/overthinking, & I was able to finally start really meditating after(huge for me). Mediumship sessions are always spot on, & in general I leave any type of session w/lasting results, validation, knowledge & feelings of peace. I’m grateful for the work I’ve done & will continue to do with Carole, & for her genuinely kind/loving soul. ❤️
My readings with Carole have always been extremely helpful. I'm never told just what I want to hear, but rather what she is being told. Her Psych-k healing session was also instrumental in helping me get through some of the most difficult moments of my life, and I'm extremely grateful to have met her. I would highly recommend her.
Carole did a Mediumship/Psychic reading for me and it was beyond profound. Her demeanor is always so gentle and comfortable - like you've known her for lifetimes! She passed on messages from 2 people I was absolutely not expecting but was super pleasantly surprised. It made my whole week! I highly recommend her! Thank you so much! <3
I had a reading with Carol and she is awesome!!! She was spot on, she connected with my fiancé who has passed and a lot of the stuff he showed/told her was only stuff that him and I would’ve known about. An example is the ring he bought for me, nobody besides us knew about it and how he LOVED to sit on my back porch always saying it was peaceful. I plan on getting a reading done soon for my girls, I would recommend Carol to everyone.
My reading with Carole was truly different and amazing! I had been to other mediums, but my reading with Carole was very different. Not only was there plenty of validation, she connected with the deceased at a very emotional level not demonstrated by the other mediums. As she explains in the beginning, she communicates through the emotions she receives. The information was amazing and very personal. I give her an A+
I was in a very difficult place with a family situation and I reached out to Carole out of desperation.I had never had a reading before I am so glad I did! She is so easy to talk to and gave me great advice and a prediction of July/ august of something happening that I’d been praying for for a long time, and it happened July 5th! I highly recommend her!
I thought Carol was wonderful. She was able to bring me messages from my loved ones that I needed to hear. Thank You
Thank you Carole Grace for the beautiful reading you gave me. It meant a lot to hear from my soulmate. And for the other messages you brought to me. It was a wonderful experience and I’m so grateful! Blessings!
Carole was wonderful. Unfortunately, my reading had to be rescheduled twice but she was so accommodating and sweet about it. The reading was wonderful and just what I needed. She conveyed everything beautifully. I definitely would recommend her to others!
We had a wonderful experience with Carole, I would highly recommend her and am looking forward to another meeting. Thanks again.
Carole is such an amazing gem! This was my first reading with a medium and WOW. The connection with my Dad was such a gift and I will treasure it always. I would highly recommend getting the audio recording; you'll want to go back and listen to it again. I cannot thank you enough, Carole!
I've had several sessions with Carole and on each occasion, I found her words to be most authentic and meaningful. I celebrate her wonderful God-given gift of drawing me close to those I love who have made their transition. Time spent with Carole is God's gift to me. I will be blessed each time I recall this experience. It is beautiful . It is priceless!
I am so grateful for Carole. I was in a very dark place and I needed help. Carole was the only person that I thought of for that help. I thank God that she was available! She was so accurate it was if I was speaking with my loved directly. She communicated something to me that only my loved one would have known. I instantly became filled with peace. The guilt I had been tormented by left me and was replaced with love. Thank you Carole, I love your soul
I had two in-person readings so far with Carol and intend to schedule some more in the near future. Both readings were excellent in every way and I enjoyed Carol not only as a psychic but also as a genuinely nice person with a fresh sense of humor. She was very accurate with the information and brought both my wife and father through with specific details that she could not have known on her own. She brought me peace of mind and cares about her customers. I highly recommend her services.
Carole has been a comfort to me on more than one occasion. She is warm and loving and patient. She takes her time to get information and delivers it well. I literally get chills at times because she is so accurate and then feel so relaxed and optimistic after talking with her. She motivates me to keep going with strength and peace in situations that cause me worry or sadness. I plan to have an ongoing connection to Carole, I appreciate her that much! I defiantly encourage others to as well.
Carole's reading has changed my life.Carole's understanding and compassion comes out in her readings. She is truly gifted and dedicated.She is very professional with sensitive matters. She went above and beyond what she had to. She had given me a treasured message from my loved one. Carole gives a honest reading. Carol also did some healing work with me. Through working with Carole she has helped me heal and be healthy on so many levels. But most of all smile.
Carole has helped me tremendously. I knew I needed help with something, and she was able to bring it out in the open, so it can be addressed. She hit on everything she said. Amazing, helpful, and compassionate. Really gave me peace of mind.
I was impressed with Carole's compassion, empathy, and acceptance. She is kind and gifted, and is not motivated by her ego at all. This is rare and precious in this world. After a very painful loss, that I could not overcome, i asked for a reading. The healing from that reading is immense-my heart felt like a great weight was lifted off my soul. Hope took the place of despair, and i cannot put into words what this reading has done for me. I will always be grateful for what she has done for me.
I recently had a reading with Carole and she was spot on with me. She was wonderful and gave me great tools to help with my struggles. She is very sweet and a pleasure to be around.
I saw Carole for a private reading in August 2014. I found her to be so genuine and down to earth, just a lovely person. Combine that with her gifts and I don't know how to explain it in words. Multiple things were validated in my reading and I really truly enjoyed my time with her. So much so that I scheduled a gallery event at my house. She blew us all away, she's amazing and wonderful and I look forward to spending time with her again. Thank you so very much!!!!
I saw Carole in November 2013. I had been struggling emotionally for a couple years up until that point, and she definitely felt those emotions coming from me. Her reaction to the energy I was giving off was eye-opening and made me realize I really needed to make a change. She pinpointed issues in my romantic relationship and guided me on the best way to deal with the issues. She advised me to try a couple forms of therapy that have really helped get me on track. Plus, she is genuinely sweet!
My daughter and I saw Carole about six months ago. She struck me as very sensitive and kind. She was intuitive about our pasts, the direction our lives were taking and the parallels between us! She not only explained what was ahead but also provided insight into what we could do. We are seeing her again in a week!
I feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to meet Carol. She truly is a wonderful person.The connection with my husband was very emotional and absolutely amazing.Y will always cherish those special moments. I definitely believe their is an after life. Death is not the end , it is the beginning of the eternal life. She is been very helpful with other issues in my life. They say that people come into your life at the right time, and i feel that i was guided to meet her.
I am so grateful and blessed that I met with Carole. I have been in a place of confusion for so long but now my heart is filled with hope and positivity. I am in awe of her ability to tune into my recent experience and the feelings that I have been dealing with so long. She shared what was necessary and important for me to understand, not just what she thought I wanted to hear. For this I am very grateful. I highly recommend Carole and know that I will be seeing her again in my future.
I had a reading done with Carole earlier this week. I went into the reading tense, depressed, and just clouded. Well of course that was the first thing se picked up on. By the time she was finished with my reading I felt instantly better, happy, and just grounded!! She hit the nose on EVERYTHING. Not only is she gifted but super compassionate as well! Thank you Carole for helping me feel like me again!!
I found the peace I was searching for in my session with Carol. She immediately connected with my Mom..she said and did something so very specific that I knew my Mom was there. Carol's gentle approach and ability to deliver the message has lightened my heart.
Carole will go far beyond the typical reading one might expect. She has for me, gone far past the first two layers and deep into my spiritual awareness. Guided me with little effort on her part to allow aspects of myself to understand my higher journey in this life. First expanding my consciousness in what lies just beyond. Then giving me a greater change of grasping my true spiritual expansion into what I need to be adjusting my personal growth on.
Carole, Just wanted to say it was such a pleasure to meet you! Our meeting has really lifted my spirits and made me feel much more like myself than I've felt in a long time. Thank you so much for communicating what my grandparents had to say to me, and for giving me insight on what happened with my last love interest, it really clears up a lot of questions I had on what I should do and what direction I should go in my life. Without a doubt you have a wonderful gift!!


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