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$65 for 30 mins, $95 for 45 mins, $125 for One Hour

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An internationally recognized professional psychic I specialize in practical spiritual guidance to give you answers, understanding, and clarity for your life.

A reading will give you detailed accurate information in any area you would like. You will gain a greater understanding of your path with the ability to make informed decisions to positively affect your future. I can explain your soul map blueprint to help you make the best choices.

It’s time for you to overcome obstacles you are encountering and get the answers to any questions you have for your clear understanding for how to move forward toward your goals. I also receive messages from loved ones who have passed over.

A reading is one of the best ways to get answers and direction. Get a reading today to heal your life, tap into your highest potential, and create a more fulfilling life path.

During a reading I use my psychic gifts, intuitive, and empathic skills to access your energy field, your akashic records, your soul intention, and your higher self. I will call in your personal guides, angels, and those who have passed over that have messages for you. I will share with you the thoughts, images, emotions, feelings, messages, and signs I receive from all these loving entities that assist you from the highest realms of white light.

You can approach your reading with specific questions or you can ask what it is that you need to know at this point in your life. I encourage you to ask questions throughout your reading to make sure you are getting the information you seek and to encourage any other information that spirit wants you to know at this time to come through.

I have always been able to communicate with the spirit world and I have devoted my life to helping others through spiritual guidance and energy healing. This began as a child by being empathic to energies around me. I saw those in spirit from a young age and was able to "read" energy in others. I have trained and sharpened these gifts and I am able to tap into energy fields both remotely and in person to give accurate readings that provide useful spiritual guidance and counseling to help you make positive changes in you life.

My mission is to help you connect to spirit. To give you clarity and understanding in every area of your life. To assist you in creating a spiritual relationship to enhance your life and reach your highest potential. To help you understand your life purpose. To heal any karma or self-defeating patterns. To aid you in learning to use your own innate psychic abilities.

More That I Offer for You:

I post a weekly video on YouTube giving you valuable tools to improve your life and a reading for the current week. My channel is called "Spirit Pathways" on YouTube (Click the YouTube icon at the top right side of this page under Connect with Amy Bacon):

Please visit my Facebook page for a listing of what's current and where I am giving readings locally. You can link directly to my Facebook page by clicking on the Facebook icon at the top right side of this page under Connect with Amy Bacon.

My website also has all my current events and workshops and special offers. The link and thumbnail for is right above at the top of my listing.

I have been teaching workshops, doing radio shows, leading a weekly meditation group, mentoring those who desire to increase their own natural psychic abilities, participating in psychic fairs, giving distance readings, providing spiritual counseling, and hosting special events for many years.

I have extensive training in past life regression and am an ordained Divinity Minister. As an ordained Divinity minister, your sessions with me are considered spiritual counseling and are strictly confidential.

It's time to live the life of your dreams! Get a reading today to heal your life, tap into your highest potential, and create a more fulfilling life path!

Additional Information: 

I was a featured psychic in the Detroit Free Press, November 17, 2013, Michigan Best Life - Seers and Seekers.

Here's the link to the article:

Listed since: Jul 9, 2013


I had a reading from Amy Bacon, and I must say that she was very spiritual, kind, and very attentive. She told me about the past and present. Everything she told me was absolutely true. She told me certain things about the future I have to wait and see. Certain things she said about the past and present I hesitated because I had forgotten. Later when I thought about what she said it is true. I want to thank her for her time and patience. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested.
I was so comfortable talking with Amy. Her ability to see the situation clearly helped to put things into perspective so I can make better choices. Her insight is a gift and she has it. I definitely enjoyed our session and I will be back. I will work on myself to be happier and free me of the things I need to let go. Thank you so much.
Amy is truly worth a call!! She understood the root of my situation without my saying anything. She understood the people I had questions about with just a name and a birthdate! But, most importantly, she summed up quickly and easily what I need to do in order to improve my situation. I am so grateful I called her! She is wonderful!
I really enjoyed my reading with Amy. She explained to me what she saw coming in my future. she was very clear into the point. she also told me what I needed to do to attract that in my life. She gave me tools that I will use for a lifetime I am very grateful for that and I am so glad I had this weeding with her it was very helpful to me. She's very warm and caring and I definitely will be talking with her again soon. I highly recommend her Thankyou Amy Kara
Amy Bacon rocks! I was called to write that as I spoke with her and now realize it was so I had the first sentence of my review. Her accuracy is stunning, her energy clear and kind. I am looking at major life changes, some painful and Amy was able to communicate them to me in a positive way. A way that felt expansive and hopeful. I highly encourage anyone who needs/wants a beautiful, accurate and compassionate reading to call Amy. Blessings, Cat

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