Abbeygale Quinn

Abbeygale Quinn
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$40-$120 Depending on the reading type and amount of time.

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I'm on the phone with clients all day. The fastest way to get a hold of me is via email:


I have been working as a professional Psychic Medium for over 20 years.

I receive all of my psychic information directly from your Spirit Guides, including Angels, and loved-ones who have passed.

I also read Chakras and Auras, and offer Sidereal Astrology Readings.

I specialize in Spirit Communication, predicting accurate Timelines, and reading Spiritual Energy.

I connect through names. As soon as I hear a person's name, I can read them; whether it's you, someone you know, or someone who has passed.

* 20-25 Min. Psychic Medium Reading - $60
* 40-45 Min. Psychic Medium Reading - $120
* 30 Min. Chakra Reading - $40
* 60 Min. Chakra Reading - $80
* 30 Min. Astrology Reading - $50
* 60 Min. Astrology Reading - $100

I'm on the phone with clients all day, so the fastest way to get in touch with me is via email:

Listed since: Aug 14, 2012


Abbey has been my first encounter with a psychic and I am glad to say I chose wisely. A genuine, caring, humorous and straight forward reader with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Changed my life it has. have had no reservation in recommending her to friends and family. Thanks Abbey.
I have seen several psychics and found Abbeygayle to be outstanding and spot on. At first it is intimidating, but she gives off such a warmth that you soon become entranced! Had several family members see her since and she has not been wrong with any of them! I do believe there are those whom God has blessed here on earth to guide others and she would be one of them! I highly recommend her to friends and family!
It was like talking to an old girlfriend.. so friendly and natural. Spot on so many things in my life and she gave me the guidance that I needed. I will definitely be calling again and would recommend her to anyone! :)
Spot on! Thank you!!!
Felt so comfortable chatting with Abbeygale, was like 2 friends just talking. She picked right up on my situation. Reassured what I was already feeling. Def recommend her. Will call again! Thank you!!! :)
Just want to say Abbeygale if I could say is one of God's angel's here on earth, something drew me to her from this site and she is one of the most sweetest and caring individuals I have ever talked to, she knew things that were deep in my heart and soul, i'm at a point in my life I was losing hope and needed guidance and she gave that to me and compassion and understanding beyond words, I want people to know she's beyond on the point and words can't express my appreciation, thank you!!
For anyone even mildly sensitive, Abbeygale's energy clearly stands apart from others - even in a room of "psychics." During our reading, she mentioned several detailed and unusual aspects of my life that would have been impossible to guess. There's not enough space to further explain the obviousness of her abilities, but she is the only psychic I have ever recommended to friends or family or strangers. If you have questions and need real answers, a session with her would be worth your while.
I was able to attend a Class with Abbeybagayle in October of 2012 kind of stubbled on a flyer at work. I have been going and doing this kind of work for years. Love it when I am tuned into a new avenue to research. Abbeybagayle puts her heart and soul in her work and makes everyones experience the best she can, if you get the chance join in on one of her classes very informative, Can't explain the feeling when I walked out of that class it was Awsome, Awsome.
Met Abbeygale at a psychic fair (my first). I was drawn to her table and had no idea what to do or what to say. She was so very kind and understanding. At first I was skeptical yet without my saying anything but my name she began to express events and happenings from my life. Not vague generalities that could be true of anyone but, my life as it had been, current difficulties and eventual outcomes. When you are lost in darkness it is difficult to see any hope. Abbeygale is truly a shining light
Abbegayle Quinn was amazing! I had a phone reading with her and during the whole call, I didn't have to say anything. She knew it all and she was very straight forward. I would recommend anyone to have a reading with her. She gave me so much insight on life, and it has helped me tremendously. I look forward to another reading with Abbeygale.
I went to a psychic fair needing answers regarding my impending divorce since I just found out I was pregnant, and decided to sit down with Abbeygale for my reading. She was amazing in reassuring me that everything would be ok through my divorce and pregnancy. She also told me I would be having a baby girl (due next week) and correctly predicted I would be getting a promotion at work which I never thought would happen. She was able to connect to my spirit guide (grandmother) as well for guidance

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