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Medical Intuitive

Nora Helbich

With 10 years experience as a certified energy healer, intuitive reader and psychic medium, I can help you heal and thrive in all areas of your life. Intuitive Energy Healing services provided in person in NE Albuquerque or by pre-arranged remote healing session. Realize immediate results and consistent improvement with illness, injury, malaise, despair, dis-ease, Medical Intuitive using gifts and talents I can help identify factors...
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Sarah Rotella

Sarah Rotella, a licensed Manual therapist, Shamanic practitioner, medical intuitive, Energy medicine healer, and Spiritual mentor, has over 35 years of working in the fields of Spiritual Alchemy, energy, vibrational, frequency and physical healing. She holds numerous certifications in advanced studies, and is a current student of Bio geometry and German new medicine. She also keeps current with her formal, and informal studies, with the...
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