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Medical Intuitives

Vianey Rivera

Vianey (Mystic Vi) is an Empath, Psychic/ Medium, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewer, Healer, highly intuitive compassionate person who is naturally gifted and can see past, present and future with little or no information. Vi will effortlessly pick up on your energy, your love one's energy and any other you'd like to inquire about with a genuine purpose. Vi has assisted many in finding the answers they seek and even assisted clients in pinpointing lo
(Nearest City: SAN DIEGO; Reviews 3; Listed since: Oct 31, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Sarah Rotella

My experiential soul path as an intuitive guide, medical, energetic, and spiritual healer, has led me to many modalities and oracle/divination use over the years. I receive information in a variety of ways as it is necessary for the individual. It is an honor to guide you to initiate your own innate abilities. We explore harmonizing the centering energy that optimizes your re connection to who you truly are. I artfully combine the spiritual sc
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Martha Blessing

You really want to live your life purpose - with health and happiness. I help you cut through the chaos and make it happen. Martha Blessing is third-generation Energy Intuitive, Medical medium & Channel for Healing. I'm a Lightworker with 30 years of knowledge & experience. I am a Channel for Healing on all levels, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I’ve helped many people find greater happiness & peace with: • Heal
(Nearest City: Amherst; Reviews 1; Listed since: Apr 19, 2018) :: READ MORE...