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- Every psychic & medium screened & approved by private eye.

"As a former skeptic & private investigator, I created this psychic & medium directory to help you find the most credible & reputable psychics & mediums. This page allows you to get readings from the gifted psychics & mediums listed below." ~ Bob Olson


Joy Costanza

Joy Costanza is a full-time Healer, Medical intuitive, Shaman, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher with the goal of helping people improve their lives. She uses her first question "what is stressing you out" as the launching point for your time together. She looks at the whole picture of YOU to see how your physical, emotional and energetic blocks are interwoven to create your current and past challenges and helps you unlock them. Joy has created many
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Sep 9, 2011) ::

Michele Hudson

Michele is a psychic medium that had a near death experience which brought her to be able to channel and talk to the other side. She reads tarot, crystals and oracle cards. She can pick up on loved ones just by a name. Michele has been blessed to be able to see, hear, feel and sense Spirit around her at all times. She can help you in the areas of love, relationships, career, and life choices. She is Master Teacher of five different Reiki Sy
(Nearest City: New Bedford; Reviews 35; Listed since: Jan 11, 2012) :: READ MORE...

John Pereira

John provides detailed evidence to ensure quality in all sessions. He carries the notion that this work should never be generic, as it is meant to assist with life quality. Mentors such as Brian Robertson, Rita Berkowitz, Simon James, Tony Stockwell, and Lisa Williams taught him that mediumship is about serving life. John enters each session with this concept in mind so that the recipient is able to receive the most benefits as possible.
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Feb 3, 2012) ::

Jessica Costello

Jessica Costello is an internationally known Psychic Medium and Healer, and CBS Radio Host. Having been born with many Psychic gifts that gave her the unique ability to tune in and see the client’s path in life. She has the gift to see directly into heart and soul of the client as well as what the future holds for them and will use this gift to guide them to a more fulfilling Path. Jessica is a uniquely practical intuitive, and her no nonsense
(Nearest City: Worcester/Fitchburg; Reviews 36; Listed since: Aug 26, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Jesse Goldman

Psychic GPS For Your Life ~ Guidance and Healing for You & Your Animals ~ working Internationally for many years ~ A session may include: Animal Communication, Spiritual & Practical Guidance for your relationships, employment, business decisions, home moves and health issues with healing for every aspect of your life ~ Working with Osho Zen & Voyager Tarot, The Emotion & Body Code, and always Divine Guidance ~ Greatest priority and direction for
(Nearest City: Rockport; Reviews 31; Listed since: Nov 30, 2012) :: READ MORE...

Rose Retelle

Rose is a gifted Psychic, Medium, and Healer who has been practicing for years. Using the connection of your Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, Rose brings forth messages with compassion and love. Rose also connects her energy to the energy of her client, and receives detailed guidance in areas of love, career, money & health. Her goal is to empower her clients as well as show the continuity of life after death. When connecting to your dece
(Nearest City: Boston; Reviews 3; Listed since: Apr 3, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Cathi Burke

For over 20 years I have been helping those who cross my path with the Guidance from the Angels, and their loved ones in spirit. I am a Creative Soul Coach, Angel Minister, and Empath, and Spirit Medium who loves to "Tune into" your energy with pure guidance and light. I am the owner of Angels of Light in Norwell, MA where I offer 12 Month Angelic/Soul Forecasts, Mediumship Sessions, Creative Soul Counseling and Numerolgy and Atlantian Past Lif
(Nearest City: Quincy; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jul 24, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Molly Powers

An acclaimed Medium & Reiki master, Molly maintains a diverse and confidential client base that reaches from the U.S. and abroad. For nearly a decade, Molly has been sought out for her gift of successfully connecting clients to the spirits of their loved ones who have passed. From her office in Cambridge, MA, Molly brings healing, peace, and relief to her devoted clientele through her Medium Readings and Reiki Healing sessions. With clarity and
(Nearest City: Cambridge; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 13, 2013) :: READ MORE...

Angela Fraser

Angela Fraser is a second generation gifted and compassionate psychic who has been devoting her time and expertise helping people find answers and hidden meaning in relationships for over 30 years. Her main focus is reveal what is happening beyond the obvious within a person’s life. Answering the questions we all want to know, about love, family, hidden meaning, what is happening and how can it improve our lives. Angela's readings are often
(Nearest City: Boston ; Reviews 5; Listed since: Feb 11, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Amy Marino

Amy is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal & Sound Therapist, Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Akashic Record Practitioner, Lightarian AngelLink Facilitator, New Paradigm for Multi Dimensional Transformation Practitioner, Reverend, Mentor, Teacher and the owner of The Sanctuary~ Healing Therapies & Gifts since 2011, located on beautiful Cape Cod in the heart of Barnstable Village. Amy works with the vast Spiritual Realms including the Archa
(Nearest City: Hyannis; Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 6, 2014) :: READ MORE...

Shannon Flynn

Shannon Flynn is a Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Reiki Master and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner who has been working with clients for over 12 years throughout Canada, The United States of America and other parts of the world. Shannon has always been able to connect to Spirit, even as a young child she remembers speaking with her deceased grandmothers, meeting great grandparents on the other side and intuitively knowing things before
(Nearest City: Weymouth; Reviews 6; Listed since: Jun 19, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Sarah Milligan

Sarah is a Certified and Ordained Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor, Reiki Master Teacher and Spiritual Teacher. She works from the heart to deliver messages from your loved ones in the Spirit World, teaches all Reiki levels, and also teaches psychic and mediumship development classes online to students all over the world. Sarah was hand-picked, trained and certified by world-renowned Psychic Medium Lisa Williams and is now recognized as a
(Nearest City: Sandwich; Reviews 0; Listed since: Jan 15, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Andy Grant

Andy Grant is a best selling author, speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, and Akashic Records Reader. He is a certified practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process to access the Akashic Records, and has taken multiple advanced classes with author, speaker and Pathway Prayer Process creator, Linda Howe. An Akashic Records Reading gives you the opportunity to gain insight, guidance and healing from your spiritual support team; your Guides, Tea
(Nearest City: Littleton; Reviews 6; Listed since: May 30, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Natalie Eve Marquis

Natalie Eve Marquis, RMT, CH, is the founder of the Wisdom Within LLC and serves as a heart-centered catalyst to help people heal and deepen their connection to their higher wisdom and the Divine. She is a Reiki Master energy healer, Heart & Soul coach, certified consulting hypnotist, intuitive consultant and spiritual life coach. Natalie’s unique Reiki Release® method helps you pinpoint and release the root causes of your energy blocks an
(Nearest City: Amesbury; Reviews 0; Listed since: Aug 9, 2016) :: READ MORE...

Jennifer A Belanger

Jennifer Belanger is a third generation medium and a divine conduit for enhancing the quality of people's lives as an open-heart-liaison to the beyond. She sees her role in the "healing, enlightenment and upliftment" department of the Universe as involving hands-on therapies, energetic vibration, and mediumship to heal the body and awaken the soul - connecting the two. Through this remembering of the soul's unique nature, true healing occu
(Nearest City: Pittsfield; Reviews 0; Listed since: Feb 26, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Silana Noel

As a natural born intuitive, Silana gave her first clairvoyant reading at the age of 18. Over the next few years, she had several profound awakening experiences characterized by a dissolving of ego or limited self, and immersion into the pure, unconditional love that emanates throughout the universe from the Creator or “Source”. These events, and the subsequent unexpected healing of certain lifelong issues, ignited a lasting transformation
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Mar 2, 2017) ::

Brant The Evidential Medium

I am a professionally trained Medium, Psychic Intuitive and Tarot Card Reader by some of the world's most gifted and talented instructors. I have been studying with teachers from the Arthur Findlay School in Stansted, England, as well respected professional Mediums from all over the world for more than 4.5 years. As a child, I have always been intuitive, however it was only with the loss of my mother that my gift expanded, and realized that
(Nearest City: Westford; Reviews 1; Listed since: Mar 31, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Josephine Hardman

Hi! My name is Josephine Hardman, PhD and I'm a second-generation intuitive healer who left the academic world after 10 years of teaching college English to do spiritual work full time. I use psychospiritual tools like the Tarot and Akashic Records to help my clients become empowered, uncover what's really going on in their lives, release past life and karmic issues, and become more receptive to the flow of abundance. I work primarily with intuit
(Nearest City: Shelburne Falls; Reviews 0; Listed since: Apr 8, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Sacha Fossa

Sacha offers intuitive relationship coaching that provides you with the tools, energy, awareness, and reassurances needed to gain clarity into the nature of your relationship(s) on all levels. Intimacy, communication, connection, healing, and developing relationship insight, and relationship changes coping skills, can be challenging. Sacha offers spiritual guidance, intuitive coaching, law of attraction life skills, plus holistic healing ener
(Nearest City: Newburyport; Reviews 0; Listed since: Nov 5, 2017) :: READ MORE...