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Samaha Yogini is an American-born Easterner who first mastered the psyche in early adolescence and later transitioned to Eastern studies in adulthood. Samaha is on her completion path as a recognized Yogini and Siddha guru. She simply exists to serve.

She is passionate about helping her students heal, center and master their lives.
"The transcendence, illumination, and peace of the world is in the development + mastery of the Spirit. We must remove the ego-mind, and physical body dominance. Our transformation as a world is an internal transformation, back to our Spirit. To re-introduce the light-body is to make the physical incarnation better."

Samaha enjoys using her mastered psyche to offer guidance, insight, closure, and wisdom to those in need. Specialties include: Ascended Masters channel, Chakra & Aura psychic, Intuitive/Psychic coach, Medium/Spirit messenger, Past-life psychic reader, Relationship psychic, and Psychic Tarot reader.

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Samaha Yogini is also the owner of the non-profit organization Om Namaha. Called to open the foundation to offer access to yogic education and a sanctuary to help those struggling to find healing in their lives. Om Namaha supports the transformation of the planet through healing, self-observation, and true realization.

Listed since: May 22, 2022

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