Rose Retelle


Rose is a gifted Psychic, Medium, and Healer who has been practicing for years. Using the connection of your Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters, Rose brings forth messages with compassion and love. Rose also connects her energy to the energy of her client, and receives detailed guidance in areas of love, career, money & health. Her goal is to empower her clients as well as show the continuity of life after death. When connecting to your deceased loved ones, Rose asks for evidential information from the departed receiving their relationship to you, how they passed & how they were as a person while they were alive. She also works with Tarot cards and psychometry. Her messages, whether psychic or medium, are set with the intention for the client to find peace and enlightenment. Always keeping in mind that you are in control of your own Destiny. She is honored to be a messenger for those on the other side, and wants to help her clients experience that amazing gift of light that is within all of us.

Listed since: Apr 3, 2013


I met Rose a few years ago when I took my daughter for a reading as a going away to college gift. Rose shared very specific information from the other side from our past, as well as information on things happening in the present. She described people we know to a T. It was amazing and gave us great comfort. We've both been back since and every session has been lively, fun and heartfelt. We both look forward to seeing Rose again. She has a special and rare gift.
Rose is amazing! She's friendly, approachable, and makes you feel welcome and comfortable from the minute you meet her. I've had two sessions with her, and am looking forward to going back. I cannot even put into words how amazing she is! I've highly recommended her to family across the country too! Definitely book some time with Rose!
hello. My experience with rose over the past couple of years has been absolutely great, I was going through not so good time and rose helped me to see reality, sort out and make sense of what was going on. I always recorded our session and would keep playing them back as things progress and changed , I must say she was right I couldn't believe it. I still listen to our recordings and remember how everything played out as she said it mite , and she's so friendly . So helpful, Glad I met her

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