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Since 2007, I have specialized in energy work, healing, coaching, and intuition-based practices. In my work, I leverage my strong clairsentient and claircognizant abilities. These skills allow me to deeply connect with the spiritual realm, creating a unique synergy with entities such as archangels and ascended masters, including The Akashic Records Keepers, The Christ Consciousness and Metatron. Accompanied by both my spiritual team and yours, which includes guides, angels, and light beings, we collaborate to deliver readings that offer profound insights and are tailored specifically for your highest good.


Akashic Record Readings $333 - 60 min:

Explore the depths of your soul's journey with Akashic Record Readings. As an archive of your soul’s journey across time and space, the Akashic Records provide invaluable insights into your past lives, soul's purpose, and strategies for overcoming current life challenges​​. These sessions offer direct access to the highest level of divine guidance, allowing you to explore deep questions about your soul's path and life alignment​​.

By accessing the Records, you gain a meta-view of your current and past situations, enabling a spiritual perspective that transcends human limitations​​. Discover and heal past life traumas encoded in your energy field, which often resurface in current life scenarios, influencing your behavior and decisions​​. The Akashic Records also reveal past life allies and dormant gifts, talents, and abilities, empowering you to reawaken these qualities in your current life for a richer, more fulfilling experience​​.

Working with the Records fosters a non-reactive state, enhancing your spiritual growth and helping you approach life with groundedness and presence, free from victimhood or defensiveness​​. Most profoundly, Akashic Record Readings encourage you to see yourself and others through the lens of unconditional love, fostering acceptance, understanding, and compassion in all aspects of life​​. This deep alignment with your soul, drawing from past wisdom and embracing your true potential, paves the way for moving forward with clarity, purpose, and profound insight.

Oracle Card Readings $88 - 15 minutes:

Experience transformative insights with my Oracle Card Readings. By employing the unique method of storyweaving, I help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your current life circumstances. This process reveals not just individual card meanings, but also how they connect to form a broader narrative of your life. It's about unlocking deeper insights into your personal journey, highlighting underlying themes and unseen influences that shape your experiences. These readings empower you with a holistic perspective, guiding your personal growth and aiding in decision-making that resonates with your true self.

Psychic Readings $55 - 15 min, $100 - 30 min:

My Psychic Readings are tailored to address specific situations or questions you have, offering guidance on more pinpointed areas such as career, love, and interpersonal relationships. Using my clairsentient and claircognizant abilities, I delve into the subtle nuances of your personal queries, illuminating the dynamics and energies at play. These readings provide clear direction and insight into specific life situations, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate your path confidently.

Intuitive Coaching $200 - 60 min:

In my Intuitive Coaching sessions, I combine my intuition with over 15 years of training in more than a dozen energetic, therapeutic, and healing modalities. This unique blend of intuitive insight and diverse expertise facilitates deep transformation and healing. We'll embark on a journey that not only addresses your immediate challenges but also aligns with your soul's deeper aspirations. Together, we'll navigate the path to unlocking your fullest potential, guiding you toward a life of greater authenticity, well-being, and fulfillment.

Throughout all my services, my approach is soul-led and soul-aligned, aiming to guide you towards living your most fulfilling life. This journey is about more than just spiritual insights; it's about turning these insights into practical understanding and actions that foster your personal growth and happiness.

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To sign up for an Akashic Record Reading, please use the link on my website. There you will be sent a document about preparing for your reading and what questions to ask to get the most out of it.

Listed since: Nov 28, 2023


Noah helped me release a pattern that was blocking me every time I hit a new level of success. We got to the root of it so I could let it go and move on, and since then I have been feeling nothing but confidence, inner peace, and gratitude for my life. If you're ready to experience deep inner peace and get out of your own way, Noah is who you need to connect with.
During my Akashic records reading with Noah, I felt so safe, seen, and held. He was in full integrity with the energy of service and I felt so much wisdom channeling through him. At multiple points, I found myself in tears because of the potent and resonant messages that came through. I experienced so much healing and powerful realizations in this session that have been continuing to unfold since. Noah is truly a gifted channel and holds such beautiful and loving space.

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