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Michele Hudson

Michele Hudson
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Nearest City: 

New Bedford


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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

1/2 hour $100


Michele is a psychic medium that had a near death experience which brought her to be able to channel and talk to the other side. She reads tarot, crystals and oracle cards. She can pick up on loved ones just by a name. Michele has been blessed to be able to see, hear, feel and sense Spirit around her at all times. She can help you in the areas of love, relationships, career, and life choices.

She is Master Teacher of five different Reiki Systems.

She is certified through Deborah King as a Spirit Guide Coach and also a Life Force Energy Healer. She has taken numerous Shamanic based workshops also. She believes in always learning and perfecting her gifts.

She offers in person readings at her office. She also does phone and email readings.

Additional Information: 

Natual Medium
Psychometry Reader
Crystal Reader
Oracle Card Reader
Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner
Reiki Master of Five Different Reiki Systems
Certified Spirit Guide Coach
Certified Life Force Energy Healer

Listed since: Jan 11, 2012


Michele is amazing. She is truly gifted. She has done several readings for me and truly provided peace of mind during a difficult time. Her year ahead readings were astonishing spot on. She provided comfortt to me during a difficult time. Very grateful
I had a great reading with Michele today. She really validated a lot of things for me that I needed confirmation on and put my mind st ease on issues I was worried about. She was very specific with names, timeframes, and details. Michele brought in one of my deceased relatives as well. I have had many readings in my life but I was especially impressed with her warmth, down to earth nature, and accuracy. I recommend her!
Michelle is truly a gifted pychic and medium, I have gone through so many to find answers and connect with past loved ones, she gave me answers and connected to my grandmother who passed, she validated everything with details of things she would never have known. She is truly gifted and an angel in my eyes. Thank you for sharing your gift and helping others. You are an angel to me ❤️
Michele is extremely gifted she made me feel like my dad was right in the room with me. And she was able to tell me about things that she couldn't possibly known about my relationship with my dad and things that he wanted to tell me about... She is an amazing Medium and psychic she even knew where his pictures were and the coloring of them over my mantel place it was like they were both in my house she is amazing. God Bless
I have read and searched for a very gifted psychic ( with clarity) for quite some time. Michelle is a true Gem! I was left very informed and at ease from her reading. Highly recommend!!
Michele is one of the best psychics I have ever read with. Extremely accurate and soothing and the signs she gives you to look for seem unusual, and then there they are! Highly recommended.
Michele is amazing! I had a Soul Ascension reading done with her about 10 days ago and it truly blew me away. She knew so much about me, about the very core of me that I don't really broadcast or let out, that it was just unreal. I found myself reading my email with my jaw dropped because it felt like she had truly peered through the door of my soul and saw exactly what is inside. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is kind, compassionate, and more importantly, accurate.
I just tried Michele's Soul Ascension reading. It was amazing, awesome and resonated with me 1000%! I had tears in my eyes while I read my 3 page report because everything she said was true. I felt everything she said right down to my soul and could feel angelic beings around me while I was reading it too, like I was up in their realm. It inspired me to make some positive changes in my life that same week! Words fall short in describing my gratitude for this. She is the absolute best.
Michele is amazing - she has just done a Soul Ascension reading for me and it resonated completely with me. It is a very very helpful reading. Lots of awesome information and Michele is very supportive. I highly recommend this reading from Michele, and I imagine any reading from her would be wonderful - she has a very genuine heart which allows pure, true messages and help. Thank you Michele!
I have been lucky to receive a soul ascension reading from Michele. She is wonderfully compassionate and intuitive and led me to see things that I knew were there but were in the shadows. She has given me hope!!
Michele's predictions have already been spot on (& I have them in writing). She said I would be getting a call about a job, "on a Tuesday" & it would happen in "6 weeks." On Tuesday I got the call about a job, & I'm starting *exactly* 6 weeks since her prediction. She said to watch for monarch butterflies as a sign I was on the right path. No joke, they were all over the window on my way home from the interview! I can't wait for the rest to unfold. She's the only psychic whose been this accurate
I just love Michelle! I had had several readings from her and she has been terrific. It takes a while for things to happen by everything I have been told so far, well let's just say she has been on point. I even had several of my friends have readings. No one has ever been dissapointed. Can't wait for the next one. Michelle is the best
Michele is phenomenal..I had a year spread done and so far everything that she has told me has happened and the year has just begun...I look forward to the next months to see her predictions come to fruition..She is very gifted and has a bright shining light within her...Not only does she come up with names , she predicts places and items to look for to give you messages. I recommend michele for anyone who truely needs answers from thier loved ones because she can and will connect. Love her!
Michele is by far the best psychic and medium I have ever been read by and I have been to many before I found her. She not only answers your questions with precise accuracy and superior intuitive vision, she even gives you very insightful information that you didn't ask for and all of it for your soul's growth. A reading with Michele is a very empowering and jaw-dropping experience that will greatly improve your life.
Michele's readings have always proven to be intuitively divine and immensely accurate. Michele's readings are always centered from the heart where she keeps deep intuition pure. She has guided me and continues to do so with skill and care. She in unique and gifted as well as honest. I would recommend her to all.
Michele is amazing !! I have found her readings to be accurate heartfelt & sincere. She is amazingly in tune & never ceases to amaze & astound me at times. Her gifts will amaze you, you won't be sorry you chose to have a reading from the lovely talented Michele Hudson <3
Michele was completely accurate with the readings I have had with her. I always look forward to hearing what she has to tell me because I know it will be happening!
Michele is an amazing woman with a very special Gift. She is compassionate about what she does. She has been a blessing in my life for many years and has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. She is accurate, honest, kind, and right on point and I highly recommend her, she is truly amazing!
Michele always gets whatever is going on in my life right on the head! Not only is she a great psychic she's a beautiful soul. And I'm a very lucky individual to have crossed paths with this incredible woman. Her readings are in depth and no bull!
Michele is a beautiful lady, inside and out. Very talented and blessed with various gifts, she is compassionate, honest and bei all means accurate. I have had the honor of being witness to her different gifts and I was so stunned. She is amazing! Her readings are such a blessing and have helped me im more ways than one. My trust in her and her abilities is sincerely without any doubt. Let her show you what she is capable of. It will (garanteed) change your life. Many Blessings.
Michele has a true gift. She is always accurate & on point with all of my readings. I've recommended her to atleast 5 of my friends and they all loved her. She will make you feel very comfortable because she is such a sweet, helpful, woman with a huge heart. I highly suggest getting a reading from her... trust me, you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!
Michele is sweet, honest and very accurate with her readings. I have been getting readings from Michele for a few years now, and i can't wait until the next one. Im so glad to have found a reader gifted like Michele. I highly recommend her!!!
Michele amazes me each and everyday. After my son passed last Valentines Day, I was lost. She told me things about my son that only my husband and I knew. She has helped me so much this past year. She also told me that my daughter was pregnant and she is. Her readings are so accurate. She takes the time to tell you what she sees and always goes above and beyond. I feel I have known her for many years. She is so caring, friendly and has a heart of gold.
Michele is a very kind woman, who has an amazing gift that she shares with everyone. She has a strong faith in God, and uses the gifts which He has given to her wisely, in order to help others. She is generous with her time and will share whatever she gets, when she gets it in order to help others. She continues her education through reading books, and attending workshops. I would recommend her to anyone.
Michele has done a couple of readings for me. She is truly amazing. Her readings are very detailed. You can tell she takes the time to provide you with quite a bit of information, and she responds to you quickly. I feel like she is someone I've known for a long time. She is very down to earth, kind and giving. Even though I have only met her through the internet, I consider her a kindred spirt and friend. Her readings are right on the money and you'd be very pleased with her abilities.
Michele is AMAZING!!! ... She has read for me several times and has been spot on EVERY time... She not only answers questions you may have but she also includes any feelings or visions she is having... I use her every time I need some insight...I wouldn't use anyone else..She is the BEST...try her you won't regret it!!!
Michele is Right On!!...Very Good Indeed at what she does.. trust me you will not be sorry.... she is also very Loving and kind.... she is always there when you need her.. her Gift is Amazing....I hope you will give her a chance to make a difference in you life..... she has many different gits as well....
Michele has read for me many times, each time she has been very accurate and helpful. I highly recomend this very gifted and caring woman, She is the real deal!!
Michele is always right on point with her will enjoy your reading with her and will always come back for another as I do! She is a great psychic/medium. You won't regret getting a reading with her!


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