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Matt Fraser is America's Top Psychic Medium and star of the hit television series Meet The Frasers on E! Entertainment.

During his LIVE audience readings, Matt gets up close and personal, taking guests on a spiritual journey by reconnecting them with their loved ones in spirit and validating proof of the afterlife in real time.

From heartfelt emotional readings to stunning revelations, Matt Fraser has audiences on the edge of their seats with his outrageous personality and unique approach. His readings lead guests through a rollercoaster of emotions from laughing to crying, turning skeptics into believers with stunning details. His dynamic readings frequently include names, dates, and locations he couldn’t possibly know, only adding to his long-established reputation as one of the most credible evidential mediums working today.

With over a two-year waitlist for private readings, Matt’s uncanny abilities and extreme accuracy have allowed him to build a worldwide clientele of millions from A-list celebrities and influencers, to everyday people looking to get in touch with those they have lost.

The bestselling author of When Heaven Calls and a psychic phenomenon, Matt has caught the attention of major media outlets across the nation including the New York Times, People magazine, and CBS Radio. He has also been a sought-after guest on popular TV shows such as The Real Housewives, Botched, The Doctors, and more.

Seeing Matt LIVE is so much more than a show—it is the most powerful family reunion with Heaven ever to be experienced.

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Instagram: @MeetMattFraser

Listed since: Oct 25, 2010


I saw Matt for the second time yesterday in Leominster, Ma. I did everything but trip him going down the aisle in hopes he come talk with me but I guess my loved ones who being quiet that day. To put it mildly Matt had the whole audience in complete awe. The people he talked with showed true emotions and were very thankful he was able to speak with their departed. I hope next time to be lucky enough to have him come to me. Either that or get a paper route to save up for a private reading!
I attended a show in Bolton Ct on Aug. 15, 2019. Matt was able to connect with my son that had passed over 2 years ago. The things he identified about my son and the way he passed, he could have never known. Myself and my sons girlfriend had deleted all social media accounts months ago. Matt did not know my name, as the tickets were in my sons girlfriends name only. What Matt gave me was a feeling of peace after the reading. I cannot put a price on it. Forever grateful to Matt Fraser!! ❤️
I was at your show tonight in Danbury, CT. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the entire evening. You are funny, kind to the families with loved ones coming through and evidently very in tune with those coming through. I recommend that everyone see your show at least once if not more. Thank you for a great evening
He is the best psychic I have every spoken to. So talented, incredible, it's a blessing that he gave his services on this forum.. there is no one to measure up, he is a truth teller. He is generous and it is no surprise that he has a 2 year waiting list. If you ever manage to talk to this man, his gift will light your life and you will never forget, I truly hope one day he will come back to this forum and allow people in other countries to connect .. I love him and appreciate him.
Matt is amazing, His gift IMO is more powerful than anyone else I have ever spoken to. He is quick, accurate, kind, and works for the higher good always. I WISH he would come back on here from time to time.. so many need just 5 mins.. I feel blessed that I was able to talk to him when I did..
I enjoy just listening to his readings, even if I’m not being read; however, I was fortunate to get a reading the second time I saw him. He has so much energy, and I have never seen any medium get to so many people so quickly, while passing on so many accurate messages. I always leave his shows feeling so good. I had a phone reading with him a few days ago, which was amazing! He told me so many things, and the few things I didn’t know were quickly confirmed within a day.
The most phenomenal psychic medium I have ever had contact with. Matt is amazing. He needs no time to tune in, the information he passes on is so exact it would dispel doubts from even the most hardened skeptic. More so, Matt is kind hearted, very empathetic and extremely patient in giving advice that serves his clients highest and best good. The fact that he makes himself available on instant chat is a blessing to everyone who needs help and cannot wait 7 months for a private session. Call him.
Matt Fraser is nothing short of amazing! I waiting 6 months to have a private reading with him in search of connecting with someone special that I lost. The moment we connected through Skype Matt said he saw my husband standing right behind me. I was in shock. He knew so much without me having to say a word! I have been to many many psychics over the years without relief. Matt is the only one I can honestly say is the real deal. His reading allowed me to find new healing and inner strength
Matt Fraser literally blew me away. I simply said "hi" and he started telling me about the pain that I am experiencing around a relationship in my life. Although he did not tell me what I wanted to hear, he gave me the best directions I have ever received regarding how turn it around. Although his instructions might not be easy, they are the most empowering, eye opening directions I have ever received. This man is literally a gift to the planet and to me. Thank you so much!
OMG !!! Matt was on point, I have been stressed since the day my mother passed away, and yesterday I had a phone reading and today I feel like a brand new person, my mother came and so much to say, and everything that came was right in the money and now I feel great. I love you Matt Fraser, you made me complete !!
One of the best psychic i ever encounter ! I didn't give him much information but he was able to spot my situation ! Amazing and truly gifted. I would definitely recommend him!
I got to see Matt on my birthday,12/08/ and was blown away about what he said and how he knew it was my birthday, he is amazing with a incredible gift and awesome personality. I already can't wait to go see him again. Nobody should miss the opportunity to be n his presence. Truly gifted young man Thank you again Matt, so much:)
I had a reading early this week with Matt. He is a really good medium he was spot on . Did not ask questions just had lots to tell me in a short time. Thanks Matt
WOW is short for what I learned tonight. Very emotional session. I was given messages from the other side and a lot of info without asking anything. He told me about my great grandfather and him being part of a war. Yes, he was part of Mexicos independence war in the 1900's.
I saw Matt tonight in Cranston RI. He was amazing . I have been trying to have some contact with my mom since she died. She came through was the first reading and Im telling you I feel wonderful. Matt mentioned things that only my mom would have known . My mom was all dressed up as she was saying did I think she would not come through to me. Its so wonderful what Matt does for people. Thank you Matt for sharing your gift.
I had a reading with Matt in March. He connected with my grandmother, who had passed away exactly the way he described it. His details confirmed that he was talking to her, which brought me to hears. At that time, I was curious to know about a guy I was dating. Everything he said is true about his alcohol addiction and emotional problems. I also met the new guy, who is Italian, dark eyes, and has been out of a relationship for a year. We have been dating for 6 weeks. He's the real deal.
Matt's abilities are AMAZING! He had me floored the moment I got on the phone. I cannot stop talking about my reading! I have been searching and searching for a good psychic and finally found Matt who is by far the real deal! I have since recommended him to coworkers who had also had amazing readings! He knew things about my past and about my family that nobody could have known! He was warm and very easy to talk to
Unbelievable!!! Absolutely the Best. He is the real deal. Call him, you will not be disappointed!!! He is kind and quick to the point. He is honest and tells it exactly as he sees it, which is on point!!! Amazing!!!
My reading with Matt was amazing! Knowing things such as my sisters name without me having to say a word! It was amazing how much he knew without me having to say a word. He pin-pointed what I was calling about and picked up on so much within the first 10 mins it was amazing! I have been telling everyone about how amazingly gifted he is!
Matt connected to my Dad and helped guide me in my love life through him. True to his word, my partner needed 6 months to heal from his last relationship and learn to trust me. I am very grateful to know Matt is able to connect to loved ones who have passed- and he does so willingly with joy. Merci!
Matt is a great person with a loving soul. He is so accurate in his readings provides you with so much support, and is worth getting to know as a person. He desires to help others and is truly connected to spirits on the other side. Your the best!!!
There need not be a whole lot written about describing Matt Fraser, other then " Earth Angel " & the word "Amazing "! The two really sums it up ! Thank you , Matt for my reading I will definately will. be in touch again. Linda
Matt was amazing, I didn't say a word, he just started giving me messages, from my dad, my mon and then my husband, things that no one would know unless it came from them, he gave me names, facts that I had forgotten, I could not believe the things that he knew. since my reading I am so much at peace, my outlook in life has changed, just knowing that we have a chance to connect with our loved ones after we leave this world is the best comfort that I could ever ask for. I highly recommend Matt.
Matt's abilities are truly amazing. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, trying to be cautious of not giving any information. I did not have to say a word Matt picked up on a situation at hand and gave me information nobody else could have known, from names to the time that me and my boyfriend had met Matt just knew so much and gave me the clarity that I needed.
Matt was amazing and honest. From the moment he got on the phone, he was accurate and super clear. The reading with Matt was so clear and understable that it gave me the ability to make some serious changes in my life. Since making these changes, my life has been so much easier and stress free. He is totally amazing at what he does. He is truly gifted.
Hey Matt Thank You so much for my reading. you told me that i would end up meeting two kids eric and kevin and both of them i met! i was also amazed that you knew that my grandmother had given me a jewlery box that my grandfather had given to her on her anniversary many years ago. Also you were able to pick up on names of all the people who are surrounding my life right now. Thank you again and God Bless!
I have missed my husband terribly since his passing. Matt has allowed me to re-connect with him to let me know he is and will always be near me. I always felt his presence, buy now it has been confirmed. Thanks Matt
I had a reading with Matt this afternoon. He was amazing. I made a list of question I wanted to ask at the end of the reading. When the reading was over, I reviewed my list and realized he had already answered all of my questions. I was looking for guidance and comfort and got so much more. It was just amazing!
Well Matt you never disappoint me. Matt started like gangbusters. As soon as he said his prayer he started by asking me a question and he said ok now I have alot to tell you. He started and didn't stop. He calls it like it is - he is AMAZING! If you are looking for the BEST psychic you needn't go any further. Matt is the REAL DEAL. He is sympathetic, compassionate, funny and right on the mark. This was my third reading and it only gets better. Matt you are a phenomenal person and reader.


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