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Maria Sheehan

Maria Sheehan
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I received by psychic ability later in life after being treated for PTSD. They used a treatment called EMDR which opened up my brain and now I get information that is pretty astounding. I often say to people during readings, "Really??" because I am shocked at how accurate I am. I love reading cards and talking to your family and friends on the other side. I meet the nicest dead people! :) It has been a truly amazing experience! I have found that your deceased relatives will find a way to have you connect with me if they can use me to help you. My readings are fun and I am extremely positive. One thing you need to know about me, I am painfully honest. I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you what they tell me you need to hear, but in a nice way. I'm here to help you, not to judge you and what is said to Maria, stays with Maria! (Mostly because I never remember the readings that I give!) I look forward to hearing from you and helping you move your life in a new direction!

"I have always been rather skeptical of psychics, card readers, etc. in the past and was wary of doing a reading. However, once I allowed myself to open up to the possibility, I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Maria did my reading over the phone and I was amazed at how accurately she was able to zero in on what was happening in my life. She gave me some straightforward advice which allowed me to think of the direction I wanted to take in the future. Maria has an uncanny ability to hone in on what's relevant and she does so with great humor and sensitivity. Having a reading with Maria might just change the course of your life!"
Ellie Paul
Converted Skeptic in Milford, MA

Additional Information: is the best way to contact Maria. She does parties in the Metro Boston/Worcester/Providence area. She does phone readings for people outside of that area.

Listed since: Sep 27, 2011


I have received multiple readings from Maria, and she is always the best and right on the money. Her is information is pertinent, and opens me up to new possibilities for solving my current issues in my life. Her pure intent consistently brings in the best information from the Akashic records and other sources. She gives the best answers she can to all of my questions, and timely information I can use to move through and beyond what is blocking me. She is awesome and really cares.
Maria's gift is something so incredible it's almost inconceivable. She is up front and doesn't hold back. Her accuracy is 100%, every time I leave the room, I am in awe. I've had card readings, along with medium readings and akashic records, her medium skills are so amazing. One day we were having a card reading and asked who the woman was wearing a long v-neck t-shirt, bc she was hugging me. Well my mom wore those. It was amazing to hear that. She truly is the best there is!
Unsure about next steps in my life and when to take them, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have Maria read my cards and figured it would be fun! I was floored by the whole experience. You choose your cards. Maria says this is done "through the help of loved ones passed". In my case, my two grandmothers, who she described so accurately in looks, personality, and actions my mouth hung open! Maria interprets the cards and tells you things she couldn't possibly know! Helped so much! Highly recommend!
Maria is a wonderful psychic. She makes you feel at ease instantly and always remains positive throughout the reading. What I like best about Maria is that she is clear upfront that she wants to use her talents to help you find your path of peace, joy, healing, strength, etc whatever it is you need to feel more grounded and whole. And THAT is perhaps a greater gift than her psychic abilities.
I'm not much of a believer in psychics but was given a gift of a reading with Maria. I couldn't believe how accurate she was, even down to the hair color of the woman I would meet next. The things I thought couldn't happen have happened. She's amazing.

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