Margaux Skalecki

Margaux Skalecki
Margaux Skalecki


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$30 for 15 mins, $60 for 30 mins


You will always receive compassion and straight talk from me.
WHAT is on your mind and bothering you?
WHAT is pulling at your heart and needs to break free?
WHY is the sadness, anger, confusion that is still holding on to you?
WHAT is the next best step for you to take right now?
Do you desire to connect with your loved ones in spirit?
Do you desire to welcome in your spirit guides?
There are whole worlds of information and amazement waiting for you.

CATCH ME ON AN INSTANT CHAT so we can work it all out and bring more balance and ease to your life.

Margaux Skalecki is an Intuitive coach, psychic medium, an animal communicator, a dancer, singer and a Reiki Master who works with emotional and spiritual healing: Love and relationship, upheavals, confusion, grief, seekers of new visions and letting go of the old.
My specialty is all about heart energy and being a clear vessel for spirit to be present and assist and validate each of you who asks for assistance. My Readings can include working with psychic energy, mediumship, spirit guides, the ancestors, angels and working with the Inner Child . Together the offering is for each of you to feel well balanced and have a harmonious perspective on life and death.

At a young age, spirit guides literally placed me into the generous world of the performing arts and it was there that a major segment of my spiritual path continued.
Spirit worked with me on my own healing which then provided me a deeper opportunity to be able to see the unseen and offer others a way to connect with their loved ones in spirit and get their questions answered.

I love what I do and I am humbled by the gifts and presence of infinite spirit and how I am guided to offer clients maps back into their bodies with reassurance that it is okay to be connected to and stay on this earth.

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While giving you a Reading, sacred space has already been created as well as the sweeping and releasing of stagnant energy from the body, around the body and if need be your environment.
Once the stagnant and harmful energies are removed, our cells and vibration rearrange themselves to bring us back to vibrant health, whether emotional, physical or spiritual.
You may feel like you want to dance again.

Listed since: Dec 4, 2017


Margaux is an amazing channel. Spirit works through Her. She recently received information from my Husband who passed. She brought through very important information from him to me. It brought me to tears because it was so accurate and helped me accept the passing of my Husband. It brought me closer to him and God. I felt the love in the reading and it rocked me for several days. Margaux is very magical and clear with her visions, interpretations, and wisdom in translating from other realms.
Margaux is a compassionate loving and generous psyhic with a gift to heal the hearts of her clients and provide accurate guidance. I loved my reading from her.
Margaux, your perceptions are both broad and deep, encompassing humans, animals, plants, Spirit world.... You intertwine so many sacred gifts and can indeed bring Divine Insight into even the most complex situations. Your grounding is apparent and your spiritual gifts unique. So grateful to know you!
YES! Perfect! So wonderful for you Margaux! Thank you for the beautiful reading and many blessings coming your way. I thought your answer was so perfect for me It feels right to me that you would do this. You bring a lot of light and comfort to many Hi Margaux,
Hi Margaux, Thanks so much for channeling the spirit world. Your message resonated so much with me. I knew for a fact, by the words, and by the feeling, that my ancestors were communicating to me through you. You are indeed blessed! Thank you again! Niranjan Thiruvur

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