Linda Clayton

Linda Clayton
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Great Barrington


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$90 for 45 minute reading

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Hi Everyone: I have been an animal communicator for the past 20 years, and know this to be the most soulful and profound work I have ever done. The animals are funny, smart, loving and emotionally your best friend. They believe they are in your life to take care of YOU.

Based on a picture of your pet, a name, sex and list of questions, I tune in, at a distance, and communicate with him/her. The animals show me how they are emotionally and physically, and especially focus on anxiety and stress. If they’re at a health crossroad, they tell me when and if they’re ready to cross over and what their needs are at that time.

You will hear from your pet in their own words with their own feelings, delivered to you with great compassion.

I have worked internationally with hundreds of clients and many species of animals. I have been TESTED and CERTIFIED as a psychic communicator.

Something else: I also communicate with the speechless (such as those with Alzheimers, strokes, autism, babies in embryo, etc.) This is especially profound work to be able to bring back messages from an Alzheimers patient who has not been able to communicate with their family in many years. They are able to tell the family if they’re comfortable, happy, what they need, what they remember, all of which I relate to the waiting family.
This is the most profound work. It is a deep dive into inner space.

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Some of the issues that the families have asked me to communicate about:
*Food issues
*Health problems
*End of Life decisions
*Changes in Household status such as moving, divorce, new pet coming in
*Desire for an animal companion, if so what kind
*Behavioral Problems

There are always surprises in every reading. Things not asked about. Things that are mystical. These blessed animals (both alive and deceased) are thrilled to pass on the love they feel for you and show their profound appreciation for your care and love to them.

Listed since: Mar 23, 2018

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