Lesley Levine

Lesley Levine
Lesley Levine


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$45 for 30 minutes/$65 for 1 hour

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I am an entrepreneur and former owner of a highly successful pet sitting business, loving pet owner, graduate of Boston University with a degree in Spanish Language and Literature. I have now found my next life calling as both a professional Animal Communicator and Intuitive. I love communicating with and helping people and their pets, and now I can help my human and pet clients in a more spiritual and profound way. I have gone about honing my sixth sense with common sense. I have studied animal communication with Danielle MacKinnon intensively for over a year, with hundreds of communication sessions, during which I have trained myself in the clear telepathy that exists between pets and humans.

Want to know what your pet is trying to tell you, or want to know what is causing your pet's troublesome behavior? I can get the answers for you directly from your pet.

I am also currently winding up my Sage Method Certified Intuitive program, during which I will have conducted 120 hours of psychic consultations under the tutelage of Beau Maxwell. I have a warm, outgoing personality with both pets and people and have a good sense of humor. But don't take my word for it; I invite you to visit my testimonial page on my website. I eagerly look forward to putting my animal communication and intuitive skills to work for you!

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Like all of us, I am sure that my intuitive and psychic abilities were prominent as a child. They withered away in adulthood, because we are discouraged from using all of our senses. My psychic ability, though, made a grand re-entrance into my life in my early 30's. My husband, Bill, and I were drifting off to sleep in a friend's house in Ottawa when I told Bill that I had just had a strong vision of my beloved Aunt Yetta crying. "Something's terrible wrong," I said. Bill dismissed this vision as a dream. However, I knew it was a true spiritual energy connection with my aunt. Indeed, Aunt Yetta's husband died--a traumatic event that further wreaked havoc on the last years of her life as she struggled with her stepsons over estate issues. Right then I knew that I had untapped my psychic abilities.

Listed since: Dec 1, 2020

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