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Featured on Lifetime's Married at First Sight, ABC's The List TV Show, The Lady of the Dunes Documentary, NBC, Fox News, iHeart Radio, and More. Lauren (Bortolami) Robbins is an Award-Winning Tested & Endorsed Psychic Medium, Afterlife Medium, Author, Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and a Catholic with 400+ reviews who has read for celebrities including Mark Maher (Mark the Shark) on Married at First Sight. She continues to be named as one of the best and most accurate Psychic Mediums.

At the age of two, Lauren began seeing into the spiritual realm after developing permanent double vision and a lazy eye from a brief illness. After years of suppressing her gifts, she opened her first practice in 2007 as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Healer to help others with pain, trauma, and loss after losing her father and a traumatic divorce. Lauren began receiving evidential psychic, medium, and angelic messages for clients during their Reiki sessions and sought advice from her family priest if she was doing the right thing by providing these messages. After listening to her stories of saving many individuals who were suicidal or who asked for a sign from God and then met Lauren, her priest told her, "Not all mediums work for God, but you do" she was able to embrace her God-given gifts.

By 2013, Lauren was invited to be a Research Afterlife Medium for Science, was under contract for a television show, and had been ranked as one of the Top Ten Psychic Mediums across the globe. Between 2013 and 2016, she was tested over eight times for accuracy as a Tested and Endorsed Psychic Medium. Lauren continues to be tested by producers, show hosts, and various media outlets for her work to prove the other side exists. She has also won numerous awards as a Best Psychic Medium.

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Seen in The Lady of the Dunes Documentary
Seen on Married at First Sight, Episode 14, Season 14, and April 14, 2022
Seen on The List TV Show
Rated Best Psychic Medium, Ayrial 2021
Seen on Fox, NBC, and CBS News
Rated #1 Psychic Medium on Kev's Best List, August 2020
Interviewed by The Daily Scanner for Google News, August 2020
Interviewed by IHeart Radio, May 2020
Interviewed by Mansfield Patch Newspaper, April 2020
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial 2020
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial, January 2019
Award for Psychic of the Month - Best American Psychics, July 2018
Award for Women VIP of the Year - Ayrial, January 2017
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial, 2017
Award for Psychic of the Week - Best American Psychics, February 2017
Endorsed Research Medium for Voices Across the Veil
Tested and Endorsed Twice by Ayrial, Best American Psychics, Voices Across the Veil
Tested and Endorsed once by She Breathes Wellness and two Casting Agencies
Under Contract for a Medium Show
Interviewed by many other print and media outlets.

Listed since: Apr 12, 2010


There is so much to say, but I will sum it up with this... Lauren gave me a sense of my self I didn't know that I had, and with that I was able to give my life a sense of peace and quite and a new talent and tools to reach out to others and maybe even help them someday. I cant thank her enough for showing me the white light, thank you lauren. I can honestly say this women is the real thing and gave me a new prospective on life.
I went to Lauren to get a psychic reading for what was to come in my love life with my ex of 3 years. She was extremely accurate and detailed! I couldn't believe some things she told me! She is very comforting, was very HONEST and went out of her way to give me great advice. I'm positive her predictions will come true. She dug up a bunch of different details that she had no way of knowing. I will keep in touch, thank you so much Lauren!
Besides accurate information that Lauren shared, I was touched by her genuine concern, her compassion and her honesty. The time spent with her was very comfortable and our phone session ended with a word that my daughter and I had laughed about; thus, another validation of Lauren's amazing gift.
Lauren is an amazing and gifted medium...she connected with my father immediately and gave me some very important messages from him that my father wanted me to know...Lauren is the real deal!! she ask's god and his angels for protection before she begins her readings which was very comforting and important to me as Christian women.
I saw Lauren today actually as a 1st time, slightly skeptic person. I've spent 8 long years grieving the loss of my boyfriend; a true piece of my heart in a very tragic way. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to connect or to feel it was really him. Lauren was supportive of my emotions and gave me more then I would have ever imagined was possible of information. I left with a strange empowering sense knowing my heart will always be with me and that he's protecting me.
Hi, I saw Lauren last night and it was great. She blew me away with what she telling me, it was confirmation to things that I had feelings about. I felt emotionally lighter when I left, definitely going to see her again. She is very comforting and funny, we had some good laughs. My mom and dad came through and it was so nice. Thanks Lauren
I was somewhat a skeptic, and was really contemplating going through with my reading cause of my bringing up & religious views. Lauren does all her work through God and made me feel extremely comfortable! I'm beyond happy with my reading, I got in touch with my niece that I lost due to a tragic accident & answered all my questions & got more than I ever expected! I am beyond happy & left feeling at peace, happy and now have the knowledge to heal! Thank you so much Lauren!! XO I will be back!
Lauren has trained me in Reiki levels one and two and the attunements were some of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The gift she has given me, and helped me develop over the years, has served me well as I have used it on myself and others. I know that I still have a long was to go till I feel that I am ready for it, but when the time comes I hope to have Lauren perform the level three attunement form me.
I saw Lauren. today for a Reiki session and Angel reading. As soon as I walked through the door I felt relaxed and comfortable. The Reiki Shoppe has an energy to it that is unbelievable. Lauren is a warm, gentle, caring person and made me feel at ease and I left feeling like a giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I will be back soon. Thank you for everything!!!!!
I was able to connect with Lauren after the painful loss of my dear sister. The first thing I noticed was her genuine and comforting manner. You can tell she cares about her clients and wants you to connect with the other side. She quickly focused in on my sister and helped me work through some of my grief. I'm grateful for being able to "talk" to my sister again, and feel fortunate to have found Lauren.
I first met Lauren in 2011 for my first reading as a referral by my daughter. I liked the fact Lauren said a prayer before beginning Reiki. She described many maternal relatives, now deceased - her Reiki touch is warm and incredibly soothing. I have also hosted a party Jan 2013 which was right on. Lauren has helped both my daughter and spoken to our beloved grandson in uterine - amazing! I brought a friend to a dinner in Rockland which was enjoyable and included readings.She is gifted.
Recently I went to Lauren for an Angel Reading. The moment I walked into her Reiki Shoppe it felt good, cozy and inviting. Lauren is a wonderful woman, friendly, warm, and caring. Though not sure what to expect Lauren explained everything clearly and made sure I felt comfortable and at ease. She spoke to me about my guardian angels, and how they are helping me through my difficult times. It was a very uplifting session. I will definitely come back for more spiritual and angel guidance by Lauren.
After recently losing my husband,lauren helped me connect to him and talk with him there was alot of quest i had and she truly helped me and i knew it was my husband i was intouch with by certain things only he knew. She helped put my mind at peace and start healing. I know my freddy is in a better place. RIP freddy love you always. I would rec her to anyone cant wait ro talk to her soon
Lauren was amazing when I went to see her with my mother. She was 100% on point with everything. She helped my mother and I as we have had 3 close loses recently. It was amazing to connect with my lost loved ones. We look forward to going to see Lauren again soon!!!
Lauren is truly gifted! I have seen her for readings and I've taken her spiritual connection class. She is very accurate with her readings. Lauren has a lot of love and positive energy to give. I have recommended her to everyone I know that is looking to connect to the spiritual world. I have told friends and family who want to learn to expand their own skills about her classes. I can honestly say that I am honored to know Lauren.
Lauren was able to connect to quite a few family members, children and friends during our session. I was expecting to only get a few glimpses of the past but in fact she was able to draw on it and even bring up current events, people and possibly my future. She has a calming effect and I can't wait to bring my daughter to her so that she can receive some of Lauren's healing. I also hope to return again for another medium session in the future.
This is the first time that we every experience a medium. We wanted to communicate with our son, who left us in December. Lauren was extremely accurate with the reading. We would definitely use her skills again.
Lauren helped me realize so much during our reading April 14th. I bottled many issues up about my life with my Mother for so long, I never thought the cork could be popped. Lauren showed me, through connecting with Mom, that we dealt with our problems very differently, but Lauren shed so much light on why and how to move on, and feel free of many weights I'd been dragging around with me. I hope to see her again in the near future.
Lauren is a special and caring person. She read for 7 people at my house April 14 and 6 on April 18. Everyone left happy with the messages that they received. We wanted to connect with our son, Josh, who passed away in January. Lauren was able to provide us with incite on his accident, his passing, and his feelings about that night. We are eternally grateful for having the opportunity to speak with him again and know that he is always around us and protecting us. Thank you Lauren for this gift.
I just saw Lauren for the first time yesterday. I was really nervous because I was so afraid I might hear things that would upset me. Instead, I found her to be so sweet and friendly. She had a very calming effect on me. As I listened to her speaking to our small group,I realized she might be able to help my autistic son who was with me. She did reiki on him and I truly believe it worked. Lauren did a reading on me that was amazing!.We will both see her again.Thank You Lauren.
I have taken Lauren's Spiritual Connection Workshop, follow up practice session and her Spiritual Practice Workshop. Her approach is very positive, professional and supportive. She created a welcoming environment with plenty of information and opportunities for practice. I have been able incorporate her teaching into my own life with positive results. It has been a pleasure learning from Lauren and I look forward to many more workshops with her.
I went to see Lauren yesterday for the loss of my boyfriend and father of my unborn child. She was socompassionate and warm my nerves immediately went away. She was able to connect with him and tell me things that we shared as well as things I needed to hear in order to heal and be okay. I can say that she has made me aware of his energy and gave me comfort. Shes amazing and genuine I would recommend her to anyone and I will continue services with her in time of need
I met with Lauren hoping I could connect with my recently deceased brother and I got so much more my Dad who passed when I was a baby came thru with my brother, both having passed in a similar way, I was so happy they were together (with my Mom) and they brought me such messages of healing. I was able to cry with them and now I hope to heal and know they are still with me. I think I was able to communicate love to my Mom to help her heal. Lauren is a true professional and a gift from God.
I recently went to lauren with my loved one over a passing we had , lauren answered my loved ones questions gave her confidence and just inspired her to keep going and not to give up ! And just when she was about to lauren saved her and she didn't give up she kept going ! I thank Lauren so much for all she has done for my loved one , there's no one like her and I would recommend her a million times over and over. I went to her a second time for me and she did wonders! I thank u thank u thank u.
I first met Lauren a little over a year ago when my friend had a "psychic" party. My mom had passed away six months earlier and I was still devastated by the loss, yet anxious to connect with my Mom. Lauren's calm, gentle nature quickly led me (and everyone else) to feel at ease. I have seen her a few more times since then and each time she has been professional, caring and insightful. I want to guve my heartfelt gratitude to Lauren for sharing her gift!
I met Lauren through my friend after i lostmy son he was. only four months old i went to Lauren in doubt off her being able to conneect. but i went there an got amazing results she helped my life change an shee had my son come thru an say mommy u didn't do this ii love u mommy i havw a gift an i know he'si with mw sighs ic pennies butterflies feathers an i always get my sighn an i will no that
My daughters and I went for a reading with Lauren this weekend and from the moment I walked into her shop I knew I was in the right place. The positive energy was tangible! Lauren made sure to explain the different types of readings before we began which was great!! My reading with her went far beyond anything I could have asked for... Without a doubt I will be going back to see her!
I've been read by Lauren twice and it was two amazing and uplifting experiences ever. She is very kind, patient, and caring to all of the people she reads and helps out.
I had some doubts about Angel Readers until I met Lauren. She amazed me with her intuitive ability. She came up with facts that I had not shared with her previous to meeting. I attended one of her medium classes recently & was completely impressed her ability to teach others their own abilities. She also did some energy healing at my first appointment that explained why my mother (who passed in 2001) has been reaching out to me. She has helped me immensely!!! Thank you Lauren (-:


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