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Rated #1 Psychic Medium on Kev's Best List * COVID-19 Pricing * In the News - Coronavirus: Mansfield Medium Offers Spiritual Support In Crisis * Award-Winning Tested and Endorsed Psychic Medium * Research Medium for Science * Catholic * 350+ Online 5 Star Reviews * Interviewed by IHeart Radio * Author of the Who Are You? Are You a Psychic, Medium, or Other Spiritual Worker? Book * Spiritual Teacher * Lauren is a highly sought out Psychic Medium worldwide from clients and producers due to her accurate and compassionate readings. Lauren was under an agreement for a Medium Show in Massachusetts and is interviewed by top radio and new stations about her work. Lauren's mission is to help others with their life path, heal those grieving from the loss of a loved one, and teach individuals how to properly and safely connect to the other side.

You can find everything you need on her website at to see if you feel connected to her work. Lauren believes that everyone finds her for a reason but should feel comfortable before seeking out her services. Read or listen to Lauren's most recent interviews, see her latest blog posts, and view her credentials and experience. If you feel that Lauren is the right fit for you to help you with guidance, healing, or wisdom, please check out her other pages on her site to request an appointment or to attend an online medium event or spiritual class.

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Rated #1 Psychic Medium on Kev's Best List, August 2020
Interviewed by The Daily Scanner for Google News, August 2020
Interviewed by IHeart Radio, May 2020
Interviewed by Mansfield Patch Newspaper, April 2020
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial 2020
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial, January 2019
Award for Psychic of the Month - Best American Psychics, July 2018
Award for Women VIP of the Year - Ayrial, January 2017
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial, 2017
Award for Psychic of the Week - Best American Psychics, February 2017
Endorsed Research Medium for Voices Across the Veil
Tested and Endorsed Twice by Ayrial, Best American Psychics, Voices Across the Veil
Tested and Endorsed once by She Breathes Wellness and two Casting Agencies
Under Contract for a Medium Show
Interviewed by many other print and media outlets.

Listed since: Apr 12, 2010


Lauren is an amazing woman with amazing talents. I have known her for 5 years now. Her love of people and healing of others makes her a true angel to others!
I met Lauren at a friends house and I had a reading done. She confirmed things I already knew and helped me realize I could do more with my life. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is a gift from God that has helped many people and will be a blessing to many more!
Where do I begin?! I met with Lauren last year with high hopes to connect with my father who had passed. I never got the chance to meet my birth father before he died. My experience was nothing less than life changing for me. My dad came through and validated so many things in my life. She told me that he has chosen to be my spirit guide because he could not be with me in the physical life world. My heart is complete and I owe thanks to Lauren's reading. I'm so grateful to have found her!
Lauren is a very special person and a wonderfully gifted medium. She has a very calming energy and made an instant connection to my parents, both of whom have passed. I recorded our session and have listened to it often since, as it has given me great comfort. I had not had contact with my father for 10 years and it was like he was right there in the room with us.
I was very apprehensive about seeing a psychic. She calmed my religious fears with details of her own religious background & experience. Any remaining anxiety quickly dissolved when she started the session with prayer. I was there for help with a relationship. Her words to me were loving, kind, & supportive and details of my past and present were correct. Because of this, I truly believe her reading of all the things she said that are yet to come. Lauren, you are a healer & I thank you so much.
Lauren was totally amazing. I was not sure what to expect but when my sister came through I was blown away. She has a way about her it is a peaceful feeling. Good or bad she says what she feels and I love that. Her experience with angels and what she has taught me is nothing short of remarkable she made me a believer in angels and the life after. Thank you Lauren I can't wait to see you again.
It was just before Christmas when my dad was rushed to the hospital, deathly ill, I received a phone call from Lauren asking for my permission for her to send my dad reiki, I agreed... My dad remarkably came home for Christmas! In my heart, I owe that last Christmas with my dad to Lauren! He passed on the 29th of December. Since his passing I have been comforted by Lauren's readings, she let's me know he's close by and doing well! Thank you for all you do Lauren, your the Best! Love and Light <3
I have met with lauren twice..both times she blew me away with things I don't know how she could of known,,both times in a group ,,all had the same feeling.we all came out crying with I can't believe she could do that..she was right on target about my brother who had passed and on my angel reading as well..she is a true psychic/ unbelievable..met with a so called famous one,she does't compare to Lauren..such a beautiful person lauren glad I met her..need to see you again soon.
Oct, 19th 2013 I was a little nervous going to see Lauren. Not sure what I really wanted to connect with. Lauren made me feel so comfortable. From the very first words she spoke she nailed it!!! She told me things that only I new. So detailed it made me cry. She is AMAZING. I left her feeling so complete and so many questions answered. Life changing for me. I am telling everyone about her. Thank You Lauren for helping in so many way. I feel peaceful.
Then my friend scheduled a house party and her reading with me was amazing. She told me about a friend from high school who had died many years ago. She shared details of his life and death that weren't common knowledge. There is no way she would know any of this unless she spoke to his sister who is on my Facebook page. I don't think his sister would have been so open about her brother with someone she didn't know. I plan on seeing Lauren again real soon.
I had my first psychic/spirit guide reading with Lauren a few weeks ago. Lauren is so caring, kind, and easy to talk with. It was nice to have a woman to woman conversation with someone who understands. Lauren was able to pinpoint areas in my life that are in turmoil and offer advice. Lauren was also able to connect with my grandmothers and even let me know that they are my spirit guides! Lauren provided comfort to me during the reading through her reiki healing which has had lasting effects!
I met Lauren at our town's Autumnfest a few years back. I was literally taken by her whole presence. Her bright pretty eyes and pretty blonde hair like an Angel. I had to stop at that booth! I remember she had started to tell me as I was walking away. She said "You talk to about 3 or 4 people". Yes I do I said. From there on I have confided in her in some readings and she is right on!I have booked 2 parties. EVERYONE who came to both parties Loved her! I feel connected to her somehow! Love her
I went to see Lauren for the first time in May and it was the best experience I have ever had with the other side. It was definitely a life changing experience, I discovered something about myself that opened my eyes and put clarity into my life. I cannot wait to go again.
I had my second call with Lauren tonight. She is absolutely amazing. In both calls she said things that I did not tell her including physical characteristics of the people we were talking about. Lauren is truly gifted along with being honest and compassionate. We talked like we have known each other for years. I will only be calling Lauren in the future.
Lauren's reading was phenomenal! She said things, described me and those around me physically which she could no do if she wasn't truly gifted. She was kind, compassionate and correct on everything she said. I recommend her highly and I will be keeping in touch with Lauren. Don't waste you time with others.
I found Lauren on WhoFish when she was conducting some special readings. I opted to go to her for a full reading. Wasn't sure which to get so she did a combination angel/medium reading. This was exactly what I needed and she connected to the 2 people I needed to hear about. Her reading shed light on some questions that have plagued me for most of my adult life. Her mannerism is calming and the studio soothing and that only enhanced my experience. Definitely going back!
There is so much to say, but I will sum it up with this... Lauren gave me a sense of my self I didn't know that I had, and with that I was able to give my life a sense of peace and quite and a new talent and tools to reach out to others and maybe even help them someday. I cant thank her enough for showing me the white light, thank you lauren. I can honestly say this women is the real thing and gave me a new prospective on life.
I went to Lauren to get a psychic reading for what was to come in my love life with my ex of 3 years. She was extremely accurate and detailed! I couldn't believe some things she told me! She is very comforting, was very HONEST and went out of her way to give me great advice. I'm positive her predictions will come true. She dug up a bunch of different details that she had no way of knowing. I will keep in touch, thank you so much Lauren!
Besides accurate information that Lauren shared, I was touched by her genuine concern, her compassion and her honesty. The time spent with her was very comfortable and our phone session ended with a word that my daughter and I had laughed about; thus, another validation of Lauren's amazing gift.
Lauren is an amazing and gifted medium...she connected with my father immediately and gave me some very important messages from him that my father wanted me to know...Lauren is the real deal!! she ask's god and his angels for protection before she begins her readings which was very comforting and important to me as Christian women.
I saw Lauren today actually as a 1st time, slightly skeptic person. I've spent 8 long years grieving the loss of my boyfriend; a true piece of my heart in a very tragic way. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to connect or to feel it was really him. Lauren was supportive of my emotions and gave me more then I would have ever imagined was possible of information. I left with a strange empowering sense knowing my heart will always be with me and that he's protecting me.
Hi, I saw Lauren last night and it was great. She blew me away with what she telling me, it was confirmation to things that I had feelings about. I felt emotionally lighter when I left, definitely going to see her again. She is very comforting and funny, we had some good laughs. My mom and dad came through and it was so nice. Thanks Lauren
I was somewhat a skeptic, and was really contemplating going through with my reading cause of my bringing up & religious views. Lauren does all her work through God and made me feel extremely comfortable! I'm beyond happy with my reading, I got in touch with my niece that I lost due to a tragic accident & answered all my questions & got more than I ever expected! I am beyond happy & left feeling at peace, happy and now have the knowledge to heal! Thank you so much Lauren!! XO I will be back!
Lauren has trained me in Reiki levels one and two and the attunements were some of the most beautiful experiences of my life. The gift she has given me, and helped me develop over the years, has served me well as I have used it on myself and others. I know that I still have a long was to go till I feel that I am ready for it, but when the time comes I hope to have Lauren perform the level three attunement form me.
I saw Lauren. today for a Reiki session and Angel reading. As soon as I walked through the door I felt relaxed and comfortable. The Reiki Shoppe has an energy to it that is unbelievable. Lauren is a warm, gentle, caring person and made me feel at ease and I left feeling like a giant weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. I will be back soon. Thank you for everything!!!!!
I was able to connect with Lauren after the painful loss of my dear sister. The first thing I noticed was her genuine and comforting manner. You can tell she cares about her clients and wants you to connect with the other side. She quickly focused in on my sister and helped me work through some of my grief. I'm grateful for being able to "talk" to my sister again, and feel fortunate to have found Lauren.
I first met Lauren in 2011 for my first reading as a referral by my daughter. I liked the fact Lauren said a prayer before beginning Reiki. She described many maternal relatives, now deceased - her Reiki touch is warm and incredibly soothing. I have also hosted a party Jan 2013 which was right on. Lauren has helped both my daughter and spoken to our beloved grandson in uterine - amazing! I brought a friend to a dinner in Rockland which was enjoyable and included readings.She is gifted.
Recently I went to Lauren for an Angel Reading. The moment I walked into her Reiki Shoppe it felt good, cozy and inviting. Lauren is a wonderful woman, friendly, warm, and caring. Though not sure what to expect Lauren explained everything clearly and made sure I felt comfortable and at ease. She spoke to me about my guardian angels, and how they are helping me through my difficult times. It was a very uplifting session. I will definitely come back for more spiritual and angel guidance by Lauren.
After recently losing my husband,lauren helped me connect to him and talk with him there was alot of quest i had and she truly helped me and i knew it was my husband i was intouch with by certain things only he knew. She helped put my mind at peace and start healing. I know my freddy is in a better place. RIP freddy love you always. I would rec her to anyone cant wait ro talk to her soon
Lauren was amazing when I went to see her with my mother. She was 100% on point with everything. She helped my mother and I as we have had 3 close loses recently. It was amazing to connect with my lost loved ones. We look forward to going to see Lauren again soon!!!


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