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508-339-8111 * SPECIAL COVID-19 PRICING - See "Coronavirus Mansfield Medium Offers Spiritual Support in Crisis" Article in the Mansfield Patch Newspaper. Award-Winning Tested & Endorsed Psychic Medium * Tested for Accuracy Eight Times * Research Medium for Science * Author of the Who Are You? Are You a Psychic, Medium, or Other Spiritual Worker? Book * Spiritual Teacher * Lauren is a highly sought out Psychic Medium worldwide from clients and producers due to her accurate readings. Lauren was under an agreement for a Medium Show in Massachusetts in 2013. Her mission is to prove the spiritual world exists as well as the afterlife and that you are never truly alone. Lauren offers Medium Events in Massachusetts in her office and off-site locations such as the Voices Across The Veil Medium Research Program. Look for Lauren's upcoming live and online spiritual development training and medium events on her website.

Lauren's practice is during the evening hours and on select Saturdays, where you can see her in person or speak to her over the phone. Since Lauren's business is part-time (she has a full-time career). Lauren does not pass on higher fees to her clients as it is not her only source of income. She does not believe pricing needs to unrealistic for clients to have a session for healing or guidance. In addition, she offers a gorgeous 750 square foot office space with a private reading room. Her space is designed for classroom and reading sessions. 2019 pricing is as follows and can be subject to change without notice.

PRICING: One person only allowed in the sessions. First time sessions of 45 minutes or longer is required so that Lauren doesn't have to rush through your session. Follow up sessions are 30 minutes or longer. Rates for 45 minute sessions are $225.00. Additional people allowed for 60 minutes and up medium sessions for an added cost. Same day readings are no extra charge to you if you book them yourself online. Emergency and last minute readings will render an additional fee if Lauren accommodates you in her schedule outside of her regularly scheduled hours. Please have an email account when you book to receive a reservation confirmation. Bookings are done Eastern Standard Time.

BOOKING: Limited space is offered on Lauren's online booking tool. For other hours or more information you may call 508-339-8111 or visit to fill out the contact form.

ABOUT LAUREN : Visit Lauren's website to see her background and why she began offering services to clients.

MEDIA/AWARDS: Visit Lauren's website to read her interviews and see her awards.

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Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial 2020
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial, January 2019
Award for Psychic of the Month - Best American Psychics, July 2018
Award for Women VIP of the Year - Ayrial, January 2017
Award for Best Psychic Medium - Ayrial, 2017
Award for Psychic of the Week - Best American Psychics, February 2017
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Endorsed Research Medium
Professional Psychic Medium
Interviewed for Famous Psychic Mediums
Under Contract for a Medium Show
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Educational Events
Spiritual Teacher
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Lauren has a wonderful companion named John and she resides in the Mansfield, MA vicinity. Lauren owns/runs The Spiritual Path on week nights and weekends. Pre-booking is recommended in advance for in-house and phone appointments, private training, and medium parties & events. You may book online.

Listed since: Apr 12, 2010


Thank you for your encouragement, warmth and support Lauren! Things have changed drastically over these last few months with COVID-19 and you continue to heal and help others on their spiritual journey - including me! Your readings, classes and book have all given me personal insight and affirmation. You have a generous heart, Lauren and I look forward to learning from the best! XO, Cheri
I had a reading with Lauren a few days ago. She is warm, friendly, and she was able to tune into my energies. She was spot on accurate about things going on in my life. She was able to provide me some insights about my psychic abilities, my health, as well as some upcoming events relating to my finances in the coming months. I highly recommend her services.
I was blown away by the information Lauren gave me when I had my reading over the computer this past week. I was looking to reach my husband which she did but she also reached a baby I had lost during pregnancy almost 30 years ago. I have had many readings before with others and no one has ever mentioned him so to actually hear from him was amazing. Hearing from my husband she was on point with everything. She has brought me peace and I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you Lauren!!!
Lauren is fantastic and I highly enjoyed my phone reading with her! She was correct and right on about the people I had questions about and was able to zone-in on personalities. She's very kind but she also does not sugar coat (which I highly appreciate!). I look forward to June and July!! Thank you so much again and will be in touch!
My sessions with Lauren haven been beautiful, accurate, and healing. Lauren is naturally gifted and nothing short of a miracle in my life. Like others say she is an “earth angel” and there is truth to that. When you meet her or speak to her on the phone just the experience of listening to her voice is healing in itself. Lauren’s work comes from the heavens she is genuine, true, and trust worthy.
Lauren has wonderful insight. I have been her client for over three years now. She is honest and very straight forward. Lauren also has a great sense of humor. I am still amazed by her gift. She has helped me through hard times by providing the clarity I needed. Do not hesitate to have her read for you.
Wow, I am really thankful for my reading with Lauren. She made me feel very comfortable. As though I was talking to an old friend. Though I asked general questions, she tapped into many deep concerns that I have been contemplatively... but just too shy to ask. She was very detailed with the information that she relayed. Spot on. I’m so happy to have found her and look forward to connecting this angel again!
i met with lauren recently for a psychic/medium session.i must say first that she is a very nice woman, & i am grateful for the experience, i felt connected to loved ones no longer here and was given closure, insight & understanding of everything overall in my personal life. i feel more at peace & feel a new sense of purpose & feel more motivated then ever before to move forward with my life, to pursue happiness and success. while helping others. wish i could say more. thank you very much lauren
Lauren was sweet enough to squeeze me in the same day I reached out to her. She knew instantly things were not alright with me. Lauren didn't just do a typical reading, she helped me physically feel better. Honestly told me what she knew, not what I might have wanted to hear. I hope to be able to meet with her again in the near future.
I had a reading with Lauren and it was absolutely amazing! It was just like reconnecting with a long lost friend. Her gifted knowledge of insight was spot on and her guidance will forever last me a lifetime. Thank you so much Lauren!!
I had a few readings done by Lauren , and she was right on with everything she had told me , I connected with her for many different reason;s , I decided to take the medium class "until we meet again medium class " . I learned a lot from her , I will be forever greatful for the stuff she had taught me , as I had recently lost my son that has forever changed me and my life in general , she gave me hope after the class and I hope to take more .
I recently had a reading with Lauren. Although my son’s passing was very recent, she worked hard to deliver his messages that I was desperate to hear. I would highly recommend a reading with Lauren. She is truly gifted and is a very kind and compassionate woman. Without a doubt, I will be scheduling another reading.
My family has been dealing with paranormal activity for many years. We finally reached our breaking point and were lucky enough to find Lauren Bortolami online. Her credentials speak for themselves and she did not disappoint. She is very thorough and experienced. She helped my family in so many ways. I will always consult with her for any issues we encounter in the future. Lauren possesses a gift that cannot be taught or learned. If you need help with the paranormal, she is your best bet.
Thank you Lauren connecting me to mom and brother. It meant the world to me. I was nervous and unsure, but Mom came through immediately, almost before the opening prayer. Lauren talk about her passing, who was with her and how my brother, who died 25 years ago, helped her cross into the light. Lauren shared some personal messages that no one but my mother and brother could know. If you're hesitant, rest assure Lauren is 100% genuine and has a special gift. I'm grateful to Lauren for everything!
I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Lauren twice. The first time we spoke she was spot on about my family, retirement and volunteering. I will never give up hope in regards to Lauren’s positivity about my son. Healing takes time. The second time was about negative energy in my home. Lauren gave me great advice and instructions on what I needed to do to keep peace in my home. I’m feeling better and safer. Thank you so much Lauren, we will speak again. I hope to meet you as well!!
Lauren helped me connect with the recent passing of my Dad. The things that she told me not only comforted me, but were things that only my Dad would have known. I felt like my Dad’s personality really came out in her and that her reading was very genuine. Lauren has a special gift and she is willing to share it with others. She also taught me how to connect with my Dad on my own, and for that I am extremely greatful. Lauren is the real deal and I would recommend her to anyone.
Lauren is absolutely amazing. She was spot on with everyone who came through. I left so happy and with so much comfort. I would recommend her to everyone!
Lauren is the real thing1 Her gentleness, compassion and sincerity were surpassed only by her extraordinary gifts! My reading was surprisingly accuarate and she included information that no one else could possibly know. My session with her brought me incredible peace. Truly an incredible experience with a truly gifted woman! I would most definitely recommend her.
Last night was one one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had! Admittedly a bit of a skeptic, I hesitantly made an appointment with Lauren to gain some peace after losing both parents four months apart. In a word, Lauren was amazing! Not only did she share the most accurate of messages from my parents (things that no one would ever know) but she shared them with the utmost of compassion and genuine kindness. Because of her incredible gift, I am now at peace. Thank you, Lauren!
Lauren was wonderful during the Voices Across the Veil session I attended. She was compassionate, kind, and the information she conveyed from the people who came through was very accurate. She truly has a gift. Thank you, Lauren!
Lauren was fantastic. I felt at ease the moment I met her. Her knowledge was amazing and without me even asking, Lauren was able to answer all my questions. She even took the extra time to personally connect with me on a personal level. I cannot wait to sit with her again. Highly recommend!
I was seeking out a psychic to help validate some decisions I needed to make. Picked Lauren based on her great reviews. I was delighted by how kind and courteous she was. I met her at her office, good energy and vibes. After our session I felt confident about the decisions I wanted to make. Lauren was spot on accurate and provided me with information that helped clarify a few things for me. The session was very valuable and I’m glad I found her. An exceptional psychic is very hard to find!
Thank you Lauren for helping me see my relationship with my narcissistic fiance was really bad,and validating what I was feeling, you helped me so much, i needed honesty from someone who had no inside view of my life, nothing to gain or lose from my situation, you where able to clarify and see what was happening with me only given yes and no answers. Thank you so much, I am making my next appointment after my review.
I have been seeing Lauren for the past 11 years, in my experience , she has always been very accurate in all of her sessions. She always provides me with specific, accurate, information not generalities that would be impossible for her to know unless she truly had the ability to communicate with spirits. If anyone has in the past, present or future, written, or writes anything negative about Lauren or her ability's that person is , without question making false claims. She is the Best .
We met with Lauren, never visiting a medium before. First, she was a pleasure to meet, and easy to speak with. Although a believer in some existence beyond this life, we're hesitant to believe someone can do what she does. Turns out, there were too many things she got correct, plus several things that happened AFTER we spoke. We would not hesitate to visit with her again and would recommend her highly.
I have had several sessions with Lauren and all of the things she has told me have come to light. Lauren is honest, caring and extremely accurate. She has helped me through difficult times and has a wonderful gift. I truly appreciate her and will have more readings with her in the future.
Lauren was such a pleasure and really made me feel welcome and at ease. She was extremely accurate and gave me so much relief and insight into what was causing me so much grief. I left this visit with such sense of calm. Lauren is truly gifted at what she does and she is very compassionate. This intuitive reading was exactly what I needed to be able to move forward in my life. I would highly recommend her!
My session with Lauren was amazing. I reached out to the person I needed to speak to and was able to get some closure. She is legit and I plan on returning in a few more months.
I have seen Lauren several times lately and the things she has told me have all come to fruition and the guidance she has given me has been amazing! She truly has a beautiful gift! And her calming and positive nature are very soothing and reassuring. I highly recommend her!
Lauren, Thank you so very much for all your help. The first time I met you in your studio, I just had a gut feeling that you were going to be able to help me through my divorce. You have given me so much insight and information so I can properly navigate my way through these uncharted waters. I still have a long way to go but you always tell me that I'm going to be ok, actually better than ok and I believe you ❤️


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