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Karen Paolino

Karen Paolino
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Nearest City: 

Pembroke, MA


Scheduled Reading Fee: 

1/2 hour $85 - 45 min. $120

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The Miracle Messenger Next Door: Unlocking the Divine Potential in You

Karen Paolino, CHT., ATP., has integrated her training in mediumship, Angel Therapy and hypnotherapy with her gifts as a clairvoyant spiritual counselor and teacher. She is also a graduate of Doreen Virtue’s intensive Angel Therapy® certificate program. Karen has the ability to communicate and connect with the Angels and loved ones in the Spirit world to express and deliver their healing, loving messages.

Contagious enthusiasm and unconditional support are the key ingredients of a best friend. Karen Paolino is more than that: she’s your confidant and soul communicator. A translator for the divine and a mirror to one’s divine potential, she has shared her gifts with thousands of audience members and readers across the globe. Overcoming cancer, divorce, and family loss, she’s widely recognized as the relatable intuitive to the divine.

Uniquely gifted with a full range of psychic abilities (see, hear, feel, and sense), Karen is able to channel messages and connect people with their angels, spiritual helpers and deceased loved ones. With over 15 years’ experience facilitating Angel Readings, Soul Communication, & Hypnosis, Karen has pioneered and developed innovative healing and divine connection modalities: Soul Entrainment®& SoulMediumship®. As an international author of four books, she is a welcomed Keynote Speaker and Expert at numerous industry expos, radio networks, and national publications. Karen has opened the door to manifesting miracles by empowering other’s to embrace their highest self and reconnect to their inner truth. She has successfully reversed the process of seeking guidance by having one reflect
Inwards to ignite their magnificence and latent abilities. This Miracle Messenger is already leaving a powerful legacy and spreading her message to the world, “Be open to your highest and best, better than you could ever imagine”.

Additional Information: 

She is also the author of 2 40 Day Online Journey's:

"What Would Love Do?" A 40-Day Journey to Re-member Love. This divinley guided journey shows you how to transform your deepest fears into miracles of love... receive the divine answers to all your questions... and tap your intuitive wisdom to create the life you've dreamed of living.

A 40 Day Affair with YourSelf: This is a journey about going within and bringing awareness to your feelings, your truth and the authentic you, who is waiting to be embraced and re-discovered.

Listed since: May 7, 2007

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