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Joy Costanza

Joy Costanza
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Joy Costanza is a full-time Healer, Medical intuitive, Shaman, Psychic and Spiritual Teacher with the goal of helping people improve their lives. She uses her first question "what is stressing you out" as the launching point for your time together. She looks at the whole picture of YOU to see how your physical, emotional and energetic blocks are interwoven to create your current and past challenges and helps you unlock them. Joy has created many of her own healing techniques which she frequently calls upon in her work.
All of the emotion that we store hides with in the physical and energy bodies. Not only will we look at what is not working for you, but where it is in the body. Using a myriad of energetic techniques, together we work to release what is holding you back. This is done by using mostly fun metaphoric imagery as we work together as a team. The benefits of this work are many, including:

1. You get more control of your own emotions. For example, if you get angry easily, by doing the work to release deep seeded anger, every little thing will no longer set you off. How different would it be to calmer? Do you think your friends and relatives would notice? I'm willing to bet they will.

2. We hold a certain amount of energy, if most of it is in the form of negative emotions and events, then there is not much space for the quality things in life. Its like doing a huge grocery shopping and not emptying the fridge first, the bad can get worse and the new good food is hard to find and spoils quickly.

3. When you are in a relationship, romantic or otherwise, if the first thing that comes to you when that person is mentioned is an event or conversation that did not go well, then you have an energetic cord. the good emotions require no cords, the darker emotions create a vehicle which all of the emotions run back and forth to each person. This is exhausting, there is a purpose, it is so you have a misalignment, and something needs to be released, but we were not taught that in school, so usually we stew on it. Cords happen with the people we spend the most time with, cutting them takes that "grief", "sadness, or "anger" filter, (like a camera filter) out of the way so you can work on a cleaner relationships, even if they are not still active relationships.

Reasons to not do this work:
1. Fear of moving forward.

After reading this, several people, events and emotions have been brought up. Schedule an appointment, lets get started!

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Telephone readings, chat readings and live readings (if you can come to MA).

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Listed since: Sep 9, 2011

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