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TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON - Listed on Joanne Gerber is a psychic medium dedicated to providing evidential messages from loved ones in spirit. Joanne is a guest speaker at holistic health expos, new age centers, colleges, and radio and TV programs. She also teaches other mediums how to improve their gift. Joanne offers private readings, group readings, phone readings, demonstrations and lectures.

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Joanne holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing, is Reiki Certified, and is certified in both Clinical and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, and holds a certificate of achievement signifying outstanding performance of mediumistic ability. In February 2007, after completing a nine step screening process, Joanne was welcomed as an Integrative Research Medium with The University of Arizona VERITAS research program directed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, PH.D. and Julie Beischel, PH.D.

Listed since: Mar 28, 2007


On September 3 I had a reading from Joanne over the phone. I went into the reading trying to keep my expectations low, but incredibly, the experience was quite the opposite. My wife, parents, and 1 uncle came through with amazing detail. As a "first timer", I found Joanne to be very warm and patient with this newcomer to the world of spirit communication. She demonstrated a level of sincerity and authenticity that truly endeared me to her. I would recommend Joanne without any reservations.
Aug 1, 2007 I had a reading with Joanne and I was amazed. I took notes and a week or two later I realized that everything I was unsure of was actually true. Some names that came up that I didn't remember were actually accurate. I have recommended her to others because I believe in her abilities. She is a wonderful person.
Hello.I had a phone reading with Joanne on the 9th March,2017.She was a lot of fun to talk to.She has a way of putting you at ease,making you smile, and a very positive way of conveying information. One thing I really liked about her is she made it seem that my questions were her questions and she would actually be relieved when she received a positive answer. I just wanted to say thank you for the reading and making me smile. I hope everything comes true because it would truly change my life.
I had a phone reading with Joanne several years ago, and it was amazing. My father was "there", and she knew what he was doing, what he liked to read, what he wore, etc. Then, an old friend whose two baby girls had died years before came forward and said she was "with my two girls". THAT one sent shivers down my spine! Highly recommended.
I had a phone reading with Joanne on Feb 21, 2016 and I cannot beleive the things that she said about my Father how passed away this past December. One example....He was excited about an event coming up in August, but the only thing i could think of is my anaversary. I told my brother abot it, and he told me that hes is planning a big party in August to celebrate my fathers life. that was just one of many things she was right about. thank you Joanne Mary Billerica MA
I was honored to have a short reading with Joanne. In such a short time, Joanne was able to sense the ongoing problems in my life and respond to my questions, comforting me and leaving me in peace. I am so grateful to you, Joanne, for giving me joyful news about my health-related issues. Thank you and God bless you and your family!
Finally, I am convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt, my husband in spirit. Joanne described him physically. She validated that I was wear his wedding band over mine, he was a good cook, his special dish was chili, he passed this month around my sons birthdays, my birthday is next month and always gave me red roses, he's with dog Lady. The hits just went on and on. She knew about my health, and that he never got to say goodbye. I've listened to the recording, had a great cry and feel so good.
My phone session with Joanne Gerber: I went into this with an open mind, neither believing or disbelieving that mediums were real. I needed to know my Dad was around, not me just thinking or hoping that he was okay, and in a better place. I could not believe what I was hearing. There is NO possible way she could know the things she spoke about,unless she was communicating with my Dad. Joanne, Thank you for bringing me the peace and closure I have been looking for. You truly are amazing.
I can't overstate how meaningful my experience with Joanne Gerber was, or how good she is as a medium. Joanne was dead on (no pun intended) in bringing through loved ones passed, capturing their essence, and furnishing information that would be impossible to know through earthly channels. The evidence that my loved ones exist in spirit helped to lift my grief, and continues to comfort me. What a gift! I wish everyone suffering from loss could be as fortunate as me to have a reading with Joanne.
Joanne Gerber intuited my previous job ending, seeing a new career bringing woman of different cultures together. She kept mentioning the UN building in NYC. I just accepted a job with WILPF, uniting women of different cultures and beliefs in the prevention of war. My office is in Boston, and they also have an office at the UN. Even the timing was right. She saw this new source of money coming to me in January. Joanne, Thank you so much for the reading. It continues to be a great comfort to me.
My reading with Joanne was the best experience of my life. Incredibly detailed, revealing events about my life, loved ones passed, description of a photo hung in my grandfather's office since the 50's, details only my husband and I knew. I felt such elation; it gave me the only real moment of happiness since Larry’s passing. To give a grieving person even a glimmer of hope is beyond any price. Forever grateful to Joanne sharing her gifts with genuine kindness and compassion. Joanne is the best.
Joanne has been an enormous source of peace and comfort to me. She provided answers from beyond that had plagued me for years. She's caring and talented. I just love her!
I had a wonderful reading with Joanne on July 25 2009. It gave me such a feeling of peace and reassurance about things I already believed. I lost my husband of 20 years on May 3, 2008. My reading with Joanne was wonderful. I had so many points of validation! I heard from four oved ones, including my beloved Danny. Joanne, thank you so much for the peace of mind that your reading gave me. I absolutely believe you are the real thing! Thanks again! Dina Honeycutt - Stem, NC
I had my first ever reading with Joanne over the telephone. I was extremely pleased with my reading. I did not understand all that she said, but wrote it all down. I was able to confirm with family members after, names & incidents I did not know about. I was very uplifted after this reading, and I highly recommend Joanne to all that would like to connect with loved ones. Thank you so much Joanne!
Joanne Gerber raised the bar for me in a way that just made it harder for other mediums to get on my list. She filled my hour with evidence of an afterlife. Every medium on my list has their niche that made them stand out among the hundreds I’ve tested. Joanne’s is nonstop messages from deceased loved ones, which include physical descriptions, personalities, past memories, current events, names, dates and ages.

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