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Jessica Costello is an internationally known Psychic Medium and Healer, and CBS Radio Host. Having been born with many Psychic gifts that gave her the unique ability to tune in and see the client’s path in life. She has the gift to see directly into heart and soul of the client as well as what the future holds for them and will use this gift to guide them to a more fulfilling Path. Jessica is a uniquely practical intuitive, and her no nonsense nature carries through with every reading. She isolates and identifies areas in the client's life where current actions or choices are resulting in obstacles or hardships in their life. At that point she looks to the future and discusses what choices and changes need to be made to achieve the happiness and fulfillment the client desires. These gifts do not only extend to humans. She has the innate ability to tune into animals both living and dead. This can help with pets with behavioral issues as well as grieving owners after their pets have passed into spirit. Clients find it surprising and comforting when they learn that their beloved pets have never left their sides. Jessica also volunteers her assistance with missing person’s cases. In these sessions Jessica works with a team of other gifted intuitives as they help to locate the missing, providing answers to the family. This work is very fulfilling to her and brings Jessica a great sense of honor from her service in this area.

With a previous history in the Construction Management and Engineering field, Jessica has several years of experience working in the federal government sector. Jessica accepted and embraced her true calling and embarked on her path as a light worker in 2010. Embracing her studies, Jessica became a Certified Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Animal Communicator, Life Coach and Herbalist. As a profoundly gifted light worker who is also deeply empathic she is able to feel a client’s pain and direct healing energy to the cause of pain offering relief. She has often had remarkable results with clients with tension, nerve damage, Fibromyalgia and other chronic pain issues.

Jessica takes joy in helping clients in many matters, including romance, business and personal health. Her goal is to empower clients with insight, clarity and options. She strives to assist clients fulfill their dreams and meet their goals. Jessica has a deep set belief that a person's life can be whatever they wish it to be, and changes can be made at any time. Jessica takes great joy in helping client's make their life what they dream it to be.

Jessica is available for in person, phone, chat and Skype readings and can be reached by calling 978-571-9880, or you can email her at

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Join Psychic Medium Jessica Costello every week as she welcomes a variety of fabulous guests to discuss all things spiritual, metaphysical and self empowering! This is a lively hour that you will not want to miss. If you have questions about your life path, this is the hour for you to have those questions answered! Gain answers, insight, knowledge and direction. Free psychic readings will be offered throughout the program!

Listed since: Aug 26, 2012


I had a reading with Jess not that long ago and she gave me winderful insight and predicted things that definitely have been taking place. She mentioned at work that Bovember would be an exceptionally busy month for me which it has. She also gave me insight to a lovely relationship/friendship. Jess is right on eith what she says and always leads you to the best choices. She is a heaven sent and such a wise and fun person to talk too.
This is long overdue .. I started reading with Jessica in June of 2014 .. What an amazing experience has it been since . She's not only scary accurate but empathetic into how your feeling and physicial well being and health .. ... There are too many things to list that she's in tune with ... But she's also so straightforward... ... She's the insight you need for clarity in your life and I'm blessed for everything she's done for me
Jessica is absolutely amazing! She predicted that my current position would merge and in turn act as a promotion, I've just received news that is happening. As far as knowing all about me, relationships, and advice where to proceed forward and where to steer clear she is one of the best advisor's in the world. I deeply value Jessica's predictions and words. Speaking with her is like a great friend. Thank you Jessica!!
i love Jess she's the best pyshic I've had thus far. She is always right on about stuff. She told me how my grandparents past and she knew my grandfather had two heart attacks and I only knew about the second until my mother told me for definite he had two. She knew he died when I was 3. She knew things that no one else knew. My last reading she told me someone named Kevin would contact me two days later started talking to a Kevin. She's just wonderful. I would recommend her to all.
I could go on and on about how accurate Jessica is both in the moment as well as future predictions but it is her resourceful spirit that has helped me the most. Every time I hang up with her I have a list bigger than me of things to do to make my life better. They have all been beneficial for my personal life, business and my overall health is so much better than the first time we spoke.. I NEVER ignore what she tells me to do and you should not either...Call her she's the best!!!
Jessica Costello is by far, the best medium I have ever had the pleasure of going to. She is honest, she is ethical, and sincerely in it to help other people. Not to mention, her gift is spot on. I know they say this in all testimonials, but I was truly wowed at her accuracy. Jessica is a breath of fresh air in a business known for deception, she puts those fears right at ease. She is 100 percent the real deal and wants to help you, not hurt you. I love love love her!!
I have been reading with Jessica for a little while now and not only is she reassuring, inspiring, and amazingly accurate in what she sees past/present/future but has always been very generous and patient. Speaking with Jessica is like speaking to a best friend =) She tunes into spirit with lightning speed and gives you honest advice about a situation. She has an amazing connection with people and her laugh and bright spirit make you feel immediately at ease. Thank you Jessica!!
WOW!! This had to be the most amazing experience that I have ever had. She literally knew a ton of stuff about me without my even saying a WORD. She gave me the exact guidance I needed. She understood why the things in my life weren't working and told me piece by piece what needs to be done to make it better. She literally knew what I wanted to know before I said a word. This was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life. She is wonderful! Thank you!
This was my second reading with Jessica. She is totally awesome she nailed times health issues you name it the words came out of her mouth before I could ask the question. If you want a wonderful down to earth reading this is the woman to go to she is now my "go to gal" Blessings to you Jessica
I love Jessica! I have had many readings with her and she helped me through and is still helping me through an extremely traumatic year. I saw a review that stated aobve you just want to talk with her for hours and you do! she called me prior to job interview I was scheduled to have to prep me at no cost to me. Gifted, down to earth, you feel like she is a long lost friend you feel so connected. Thank you Jessica!
Had my first reading with Jessica today & am thoroughly impressed, not only is she a delightful & intelligent human, she is a stupendous reader/psychic. I knew right away that she was the real McCoy. And, on top of being blown away at what she 'knew' about what was going on in my life & people in it (including my dog) she gave me heaps of help on what actions to take & what to do to get through a very, very hard time. I highly recommend her. I rate her as a gobsmacked WOW ! Very grateful to her.
Jessica has an incredible gift. She is the best psychic medium I have been with. I have seen her many times, and since my husband's passing she has helped and guided me through this painful journey. She has such a good heart and is helpful in every aspect of life. I am grateful to have found her and will continue with her throughout my life for help with the healing process with the many losses I have had. She is the real deal!
I just spoke with Jessica and she actually called me five minutes before to prep me how she reads and what her style is. I really appreciated that fact and thought it was very considerate. Jessica has such a sweet, funny, down-to- earth, and honest manner that you can't help but want to talk to her for hrs. She is a great new friend to me. She picked up on a person so well it blew me away and gave me great job insight. I look forward to speaking with her soon! thanks Jessica! xoxo
I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to psychic readings...that was until I had a reading with Jessica. She was amazingly spot-on with everything she said! Honestly, I was dumbfounded. She was able to connect me with my mom, who passed away long ago, and it was the greatest gift! Jessica described my mom to a tee and said things to me that only my mom would say. So very, very grateful that I took a chance and went to her!!
Jessica, thank you for a most helpful psychic reading. I appreciate your taking the time to guide me and to give me your insights. It was a pleasure speaking with you. I wish you well on your journey. Many thanks!
Oh My God! The hairs on my arms, and neck are still standing up!! Jessica has honestly,SHOCKED me! She is absolutely phenomenal as a medium/intuitive psychic. No one has even come close ,as to what she picked up. She knew IT ALL! She is authentic, genuine, compassionate and sees different avenues/solutions. I feel so Blessed to have had a personal reading with her. She is so down to earth, I felt I was talking to a dear old friend. Jessica, your exactly what I envisioned as a perfect psychic
I had my first reading with Jess. She told me the guy I was asking her about would text me. I didn't really believe it because this guy does not text. Within 3 hours I had a text message from him. Amazing. She also told me about things that will happen a few months from now. Can't wait to see if they come true.
I recently had the pleasure of having a reading with Jessica and I,m so glad i did. As a Psychic Medium myself I set the bar pretty high when and am very reluctant to write testimonials but i found this lady to be totally AMAZING! kind, caring easy to connect with but mostly bang on Psychic information but most importantly a TRUE connection to Spirit with a heart of gold to match. Thank you so very much Jessica I am so glad we connected and you have a client for life now.Many Blessings to you
Jess is the best. She helped me through some very hard times. Could not have made it without her! She is amazing! She open my eyes, put me on the right path and helped move forward. She is legit, incredible and amazing. Definitely recommend her! Give her a call, you will not be disappointed.
Jessica is amazing! She predicted the exact week when my ex would contact me after not talking for months, and he did! She knew the ins and outs of our relationship and really described him perfectly. Wow. She even predicted when we will meet, and how to approach this. She has helped me understand so much! She also communicated with my cat that has passed and even knew exactly what he looked like! Jessica is very honest and is great.
AMAZING!! 1st call w/Jess and nailed tons. She told me the month I met someone & details on a relationship that I can conf that know one would know. Reading was so insane I had to call her back right away. I will for sure call Jess again. Thanks!
I have had many readings, and Jessica has given me the very best. The information she gives is so accurate and helpful, that after I had my first 30 minute reading with her, I booked an additional 60 minute reading for the following week. She was so accurate with the information and details she was giving me that I needed to make another appointment! She has a great sense of humor and is very genuine. She keeps her prices low as well. She is wonderful! If you need guidance, call her! :)
I had a reading with Jessica last night. I have consulted psychics for several years. I have often felt they were not legit. But with Jess---no doubts. Immediately felt so confident that she was absolutely the real deal. No flowery details from her, no unnessary or extra wording, or sugar coating. And it was so comfortable--it was an actual communication --like I was discussing my life with my intimate best friend. So practical and down to earth. She is so spot on. Will be calling again
The minute I spoke to Jessica, I knew she had tuned in to my dog Daisy. After Jessica described her personality, she began communicating information from Daisy. Jessica explained the cause behind Daisy’s behavior.The reading was informative yet fun and Jessica’s style helped me relax. Jessica not only connected to Daisy, she connected to me & described events in my life connected to some of Daisy’s issues.Thank you Jessica! You are authentic, compassionate, & caring. Daisy says “Thanks” too!
I have had two readings with jessica in the last month and everything she told has come to pass. She is honest and up front and compassionate. I am so happy that i found her here on this site. If you want to know the truth CALL HER!
One of the best decisions of my life was to see Jessica! I felt comfortable and safe. I reached those who chose to reach out to me and it was great. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Not only was I given wisdom but also guidance from those who still remain in my life but not of this earth. Jessica’s warmth and comforting ways made my experience so much more personal then I have ever had before. Her knowledge and wisdom are remarkable. I will definitely be coming back.
I saw Jessica in early May of 2013 and she knew things I don't even say out loud and made predictions about other things that have already begun to come true. I have gone and seen a lot of psychics since I was younger and she is definitely gifted and the real thing. I would definitely recommend a reading with this really sweet, connected woman. Thank you Jessica!!
I saw Jessica a few weeks ago, was really the first of this kind of reading for me. wow, she really helped me figure things out and confirm the path i was on. lots of fun info as well. thank you Jessica.
I saw Jess for a reading last fall. She was spot on all the details of my life. Each one that came through for her was a joy to hear about. I have been to a few psychics, and she is the "Real Deal"! She immediately "knew" I had Fibromyalgia and has treated me with Reiki many times. I leave feeling refreshed & better than I had in days. She's warm, bright, caring and always wants to help any way she can. This woman is a Treasure!
Excellent reading, detailed and comprehensive. This psychic has great skills, insights and a wonderful sense of humor. Thoughtful and compassionate. Very highly recommended.


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