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Jesse Goldman
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Sessions for You & Your Animals! Phone/Skype~In Person Rockport, MA

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617 429 2335


Psychic GPS For Your Life ~ Guidance for You & Your Animals ~ working Internationally for many years ~ A session may include: Animal Communication, Spiritual & Practical Guidance for your relationships, employment, business decisions, home moves and health issues for transformation in every aspect of your life ~ Working with Osho Zen,Voyager Tarot & Oracle Cards, The Emotion & Body Code, and always Divine Guidance ~ Greatest priority and direction for your concerns will be clear as soon as we begin ~ Jesse reads energy of anyone and any place ~
"No matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in life, give Jesse a call"

~ Call/text 617 429 2335 ~ ~

This work is about remembering your basic goodness, the true nature which may be clouded by lifetime(s) of limitations, distortions, trauma, unnecessary burdens, some which may not even be yours to manage, but perhaps inherited down through generations... making room to create the space for healthy, more joyful possibilities in life ~ Mediumship is not main focus, but spirit may appear to help you!

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She works with your animals - large or small, and has heard from horses, mini horses, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, bunnies, birds, chickens & a rooster!

Listed since: Nov 30, 2012


Jesse is such a nice and positive person. She spiritually helped to guide me in certain areas of my life. She picked up on so much of my own personality and on the concerns I had in my life. She gave me amazing and specific guidance on things and made me feel great about myself! She made me feel really joyful, and I felt very uplifted after my reading!
I received a reading from Jesse and started out asking about my dogs. I got a very thorough and insightful answer to my question and wise council on what the dogs needed to move in together peacefully in my home. I also ended up getting so much more! I received some much needed wisdom around my relationship, changes in my life and past patterns that I've been working on releasing. It was so valuable for me. I highly recommend a reading for you or your animals with Jesse. You can't go wrong!
I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jesse for healing and breakthrough work. She is very gifted in working with animals too. Skyped with Jesse from Australia!
I've talked with Jesse 3 or 4 times this year to help me and my active Belgian Malinois. Rio was favoring her right back leg for a couple of months. If she was bumped just right it would cause her some pain and she became aggressive.The day after a session with Jesse, Rio was very fired up that morning and ready to play! She played with the neighbor dog 3 or 4 times now and not once did she get angry. I find Jesse to be very gentle, insightful and most importantly very helpful to me and Rio.
I am so glad I found Jesse! I contacted her to help me and my elderly pug. Jesse is truly wonderful. She answered my questions and did a remote healing session for us. Her insights and suggestions are right on, and what really touches my heart is her compassion. She shares the guidance that comes through in a very gentle, helpful, uplifting manner, which is very important to me. Jesse has a way of helping me to be hopeful and encouraged, instead of fearful. I feel blessed and very fortunate!
I called Jesse when at a loss to help my cat Jack with lung cancer. She was so compassionate and a great comfort to us both. Unfortunately there was not much treatment, but she helped make his symptoms less painful. Jesse helped us get through a very hard time and I will always be grateful. She has a great gift and is highly intuitive. I continue to recommend others to her. I'll be contacting her for a happier session to pick out a new kitten for our family soon! Ever so grateful to you Jesse!
Jesse is amazing! I have been to healers in my time but I can say that Jesse is the genuine article. She has a deep and healing compassion that radiates through her and I could feel this in our work together. She has helped me to to become more whole and I am so grateful. I will continue working with Jesse and highly recommend her intuitive and healing skills as well as her counsel.
I've had sessions with numerous healers over the years. My sessions with Jesse were among the best! Her grounded approach & patience in revealing root causes of uncleared emotions, felt nurturing & loving. The healing prayers she channeled to clear the energy around those emotions were profound & palpable. I felt seen, supported & much lighter from the heavy emotions disentangled. I felt comforted knowing the issues are gone from past, present & future timelines. I whole heartedly recommend her!
I had the most beautiful healing experience with Jesse over the last month she has such compassion, love, and insight I am forever changed. Jesse knew exactly what I have been battling with my entire life! We got to the bottom and cleared what has been stopping me throughout my life's journey! She really is in touch with a person's soul were she connects. It was so peaceful and non-judgemental. I have been trying to clear and heal this things for many years Jesse is absolutely the best!
Dear Jesse, I don't know what you did in talking with me last night when I was paralyzed in worry, fear, distress... but I woke up today as a completely different person! I have a lot of energy, no worries at all, no fear, no headache and I have huge confidence! I bow down to you!!! Thank you so much! I hug you! (P.S. I went in to my exam feeling free and passed my exam. I am officially a Nurse today. Thank you for your loving support!)
My sessions with Jesse's healing using the Emotion & Body Code were highly impactful. She helped me get clarity on my previous choices in life, behaviors and patterns. This experience has been life-changing! Jesse is so sweet, loving and compassionate. Her intuitive abilities allow her to get to the heart of the issue quickly and I felt very comfortable with her. If you are ready to move positively forward with your life by uncovering what has blocked you, I highly recommend you call Jesse!
I had four healing sessions with Jesse over the past month of which the last one was being conducted as a reevaluation and I can highly and wholeheartedly recommend her. Three very deep issues were adressed and being cleared. She really got to the root of things. I felt that I received invaluable insights that really made healing on a much deeper level than ever experienced before, possible. Thank you so much and many blessings to you, dear Jesse.
To anyone looking for an exceptional animal communicator, Jesse Goldman is indeed such a person. I have had great good fortune in working with her in this capacity. I grew up with gifted psychic oracles. Jesse is who I go to for help with my own critters. With Care, La'ne Saan - Native American Teacher & Healer, NM
Jesse is deeply intuitive, with a wonderful, healing energy. She has a gift for getting right to the heart, and the information she provides is delivered with warmth, compassion, and incredible kindness. I leave my conversations with her feeling peaceful, encouraged, and hopeful about my next steps. I feel so fortunate to have met her and to have the chance to be on the receiving end of her many gifts.
I suffer from anxiety, and Jesse's gentle calmness and kindness created an immediate peaceful and encouraging environment for our first session. Thus, I felt immensely excited about what we could discover, and heal, together! I could feel her wholehearted care for my soul throughout the journey, and her work with The Emotion Code left me feeling energized and light, as if the weighted clutches of my chronic worry were released. My first session was life transforming and affirming!
I have been going to psychics for 20 years now. I have tried them on the east/west coast, & phone. Without a doubt, I have NEVER had such a POSITIVE experience than with Jesse! Her warmth, comfort to begin with created an extremely safe environment. She was able to dig deep and bring things to the surface that I didn't even think was still of concern to me! I left my session feeling released of toxins, light, an extra bounce in my step and overall VERY happy! Jesse is my go to PSYCHIC! :)
Jesse is a uniquely gifted intuitive and healer who works on very deep levels with her clients. In our first reading, Jesse discussed all of the topics that were on my mind. Jesse did beautiful heart wall healing work with me and with my cat Jack. Jesse discussed themes from my current life plan that only one other intuitive has identified. Jesse's remarkable and compassionate insights into my life challenges help me to live with peace. I know I will work with Jesse many more times!
Jesse's reading was clear, informative, direct and absolutely right-on! I was confused about some business ventures--needing to bring in some extra income. Jesse guided me to understand which areas would be lucrative, easy and in alignment with my energy and which ones were not. Because I go in trusting and sometimes naïve, I tend to select business partners who are not necessarily trustworthy. By guiding me in a very insightful manner, Jesse saved me some business headaches and money!
I got to know Jesse thru NGVB. And I was so lucky to get a special reading from her. After my session with Jesse, I was able to relax and unload and eradicate the lingering traces of self-doubt that I couldn't let go on my own. Ever since then, I am able to listen more closely to my intuition and give of myself more trustingly. Jesse made it possible for me to fully open up to give and receive love and abundance with open heart and open mind. Thank you. My love and gratitude.
I first met Jesse about a year ago. Being at a crossroads in my life I knew a particular situation had to change. The guidance and amazing insight she shared with me confirmed everything I was feeling. A challenging decision had to be made for me to move forward with my life's purpose. After making that decision, I immediately felt a shift and things have started to blossom. Jesse is an extremely compassionate, caring and brilliant intuitive - a true lightworker. I highly recommend her.
Jesse's connection with me was amazingly accurate. She is easily the most intuitive and perceptive of any reader I have had. She explored my questions and kept going deeper into the subtle energy around these questions, which gave me insight into anxieties and doubts I was experiencing. She never lost focus during the hour, so I was able to fully explore my questions. Her compassion and gentleness made it easy to relate to her and trust her wisdom (and my own). I still feel her love and caring.
I have had two wonderfully insightful and illuminating readings from Jesse. From my readings I was able to glean both validation and deeper insight into my current stage of spiritual growth and where I am going. Jesse is extremely warm, loving, compassionate and supportive throughout her readings and I experienced deeper peace and well being as a result of our time together. She is the real deal and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Jess came to the Angels of Light Healing and Intuitive Center and shared her gifts with me. As the owner of Angels of Light I was very impressed with her gracious and light filled reading. I loved the cards she used, and felt that she was "Right On" in a loving and productive way. I believe she is the "Real thing" and as an Intuitive and Medium myself, I felt she was very insightful and filled with wonderful and healing information. Thanks so much Jess
Yesterday, I had a reading with Jesse. My reading was insightful, accurate, nurturing, honest, and affordable. I'm truly grateful for my findings. Thank you, Jesse.
Highly skilled professional -- This evening I had a reading with Jesse. The reading was insightful, accurate and nurturing. Thank you, Jesse.
Jesse helped me with my cat Hippie. Other readers had trouble getting Hippie to open up but he did with Jesse. She knew he was a very intelegent stubborn cat with a sensitive side only I understood. She accurately described health issues which he had. She helped me understand why he was roaming away from home from time to time and his search for another cat friend in his life. I would definately recommend Jesse and use her services again. Susan Abner, Animal Communicator/Healer, MA
I really appreciate Jesse's perspective on any situation or issue. I know that she is centered in her compassionate heart, with a great willingness to help me. This she does with much thoroughness - shedding light into many corners, and getting to the root of things. Her delivery is very sensitive and full of integrity, which I consider is of the utmost importance. Jesse has done her own inner work, which is apparent in the depth of her readings. Many thanks, and much appreciation Jesse!
Last summer, I was deeply distraught and came to Jesse in distress, seeking the advice of a clairvoyant who could provide me with a fresh perspective. Jesse told me many insightful things during my reading. Many of the things that she disclosed to me were able to aid my heart instantaneously, both with her words and in her touch. Other truths were revealed to me with time, and I was amazed at how spot-on her premonitions were. I highly recommend Jesse for anyone who seeks to mend their heart. <3
Jesse did a remote reading for my 6 pet chickens and phoned me the details. We'd been troubled with the chickens loosing their tail feathers and didn't know why. We thought we might have a "plucker" in the group, but she said no, they didn't like the latest feed and it was lacking in nutrition. She recommended we get a new bag. This really helped and now they all have their tail feathers back! Jesse's reading was fun and accurate. No
Jesse is a heart-centered, generous and empathic person who brings these qualities into her work. My beloved dog Gizmo and I worked with Jesse for nearly 3-years, first helping us with his anxiety which was linked some underlying stressful situations in my life, and ultimately helping us to transition. For me it was about letting go. Gizmo went to sleep one night and didn't wake up again. He left on his own terms and in peace and I feel that Jesse's healing and support helped make it possible.


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