Jesse Goldman

Jesse Goldman
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Sessions for You & Your Animals! Phone/Skype~In Person Rockport, MA

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617 429 2335


Psychic GPS For Your Life ~ Guidance for You & Your Animals ~ working Internationally for many years ~ A session may include: Animal Communication, Spiritual & Practical Guidance for your relationships, employment, business decisions, home moves and health issues for transformation in every aspect of your life ~ Working with Osho Zen,Voyager Tarot & Oracle Cards, The Emotion & Body Code, and always Divine Guidance ~ Greatest priority and direction for your concerns will be clear as soon as we begin ~ Jesse reads energy of anyone and any place ~
"No matter where you are in the world, no matter where you are in life, give Jesse a call"

~ Call/text 617 429 2335 ~ ~

This work is about remembering your basic goodness, the true nature which may be clouded by lifetime(s) of limitations, distortions, trauma, unnecessary burdens, some which may not even be yours to manage, but perhaps inherited down through generations... making room to create the space for healthy, more joyful possibilities in life ~ Mediumship is not main focus, but spirit may appear to help you!

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She works with your animals - large or small, and has heard from horses, mini horses, dogs, cats, goats, sheep, bunnies, birds, chickens & a rooster!

Listed since: Nov 30, 2012


Jesse came to my home on Cape Cod for an all day event doing readings for a bunch of us. It was FABULOUS, everyone was happy. She was dead on with the animals and helpful for the personal readings and issues too. I strongly recommend her!
I recently had a reading with Jesse. Amazing doesn't even begin to describe her abilities, compassion, insight and warmth. She instantly made contact with my dad who passed about 14 years ago and his dog (the family dog) who has been gone at least 20 years. My dad had me keep the ashes of the dog and spread them with his ashes at our vacation house in New England. As a bonus, she also made contact with my dog who is also with my dad on the other side. She confirmed all parties by name! <3
I've received healing sessions and psychic readings from Jesse in person and over the phone. With her work you feel a "dialog" is occurring, not just from her intuition and healing touch to ones body, but from oneself to ones own body, making visible what we often cannot see or consciously feel. From Jesse's work I've gained not only an immediate sense of physical well-being, but real insight into the life choices I must make. Her readings promote physical health and the courage to grow.


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