Holly Eden Morrow

Holly Eden Morrow
Holly Eden Morrow


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1/2hr $80 1hr $150 use PROMO20 for savings

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Holly is a natural born psychic who recieved her gifts at a young age, after the passing of her mother. She specializes in channeling while drawing time lines of 7 months. She has been an international professional psychic/medium for over 20 years, she uses her gifts connecting to Source to bring intimate and accurate guidance through.

She is a NO TOOLS reader and very fluent in reading all types of energy. She also has the ability to remote view; going in to attend surgeries and being present with those crossing over.

Give her a moment to be present in your energy and let her fly. You are also able to ask any additional questions during your session if you need additional information.

Use the code PROMO20 on her website for 20% off your first reading.

"If I could choose to do 100 things before I die, one of them would be to see Holly. "There is an old home inside the walls are wooden slats and concrete and something about the walls." Yes, Holly he was showing you where he put the valuables. They were put inside the walls of the house in San Remo, Italy.(I just found out last night.)"~Sylvia M.

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She became a Reiki Master in 2000. She attended the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism and Pyschic Sciences. She's an ordained minister of the International Metaphysical Ministery. She is a medical intuitive and an energy healer for cancer patients in hospice, helping them to transition. She has been a sound healer for retreats and for eldercare. She has remote viewed for many surgeries. She has been teaching her own modality of energy globally since 2008, to connect people with their own intuitive gifts and soul's purpose. She has been on a number of radio shows and podcasts over the years sharing her gifts. She is a published author and has recorded meditations over the years, an energetic artist with work in galleries. She has spoken at expos globally where she shares her signature meditation. She lives an inspired life; living in full creation.

Listed since: Apr 9, 2022


I met Holly a few years ago at an event and was impressed by her warmth, calm demeanor, and direct approach. I was exploring my spirituality and had so many questions about my path. Holly was able to provide guidance and answers. Her teachings have been invaluable and her readings have been a revelation. Holly is very gifted and very humble individual and I highly commend her.
Holly came into my life about 6-7 years ago …. The timing was unreal and clearly very much needed ! She immediately has you feeling like she’s your long lost friend that you just open up to without hesitation. She is spot on and has so much love and is very calming and comforting. Will go back to her every time!
Holy is an amazing friend and very professional. She cares about her clients and loves to help people. I strongly recommend Holly.
She’s great! I highly recommend ❤️
Holly is a kind, heart filled compassionate person. In her sessions, she gives great insights and perspectives to guide you in the right direction.
Holly’s intuitive skills are formidable and she is adept at accessing information that is profoundly accurate. She is always grounded, centered and passionate about helping others. I highly recommend Holly!
Holly is an insightful, loving and kind soul who has influenced my life in so many ways, through her teachings, mentorship, and psychic abilities. Holly helped me navigate a transition in my life that was very difficult through her psychic readings, power up meditations and energy/chakra clearings. I would strongly recommend Holly. Meeting her is a treat, it’s like you are infused with a thousand sun rays. I am so grateful for meeting Holly in divine timing.
I was referred to Holly Eden Morrow a few years ago from a friend and heard amazing things about her. When I had my first session with Holly, I instantly felt at ease and comfortable with her beautiful spirit. Holly is more than just a medium or a psychic...Her abilities and knowledge are truly a "GIFT" that I believe only certain people are given to help others that sometimes get lost or need uplifting words and encouragement. Words can't describe how insightful she is! Truly Special!
Holly and I met over 20 years ago;when I was searching for spiritual insight after my mothers passing.Holly was compassionate, tender, insightful, professional,highly relevant & exceptionally helpful-not to mention completely accurate stepping into my energy and providing me with invaluable information. While I continue to use Holly professionally (& have connected her with many who are equally as amazed with her psychic gifts)our unconditional forever friendship is perhaps the most cherrished❤️
I have seen Holly on numerous occasions and she is always spot on. She is very caring and loving with her approach and when she reads your situation she does not want you to tell her anything - you need to listen and listen well. She provides a digital recording so you can go back and listen to her words and guidance when needed. All in all she is an amazing soul inside and out.
Holly is amazing. Her readings are very accurate and go deep. I had some questions for her but she answered them all without my having to ask! She gave me time line and a recording of the session incredibly helpful! I highly recommend Holly

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