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Diana Harris is a gentle and gifted intuitive/spiritual counselor, psychic medium, teacher, and certified holistic healer. Spending more than 18 years honing her intuitive abilities, Ms. Harris is well known for the accuracy of her intuitive services and clear, down-to-earth personable communication style. She has a growing list of national/international clients & travels regularly to conduct transformational workshops, speak at conferences, and offer intuitive mediumship/counseling services.

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A recognized holistic counselor and healer, Ms. Harris teaches Intuitive Development classes and conducts mediumship events throughout the United States. She is a regular guest presenter at holistic expos and conferences and has been featured in the media. Diana has worked with the Body, Mind, Spirit expos and is a frequent presenter at the New England Whole Health Expos. Most recently, Diana was featured on Hawaii’s Inspiration Radio; Planetary Spirit, an Internet radio station; WARE, and WBOQ radio.

In 2003, Ms. Harris began marketing her personal line of vibrational healing remedies, and in 2005, she branded her product line and founded her company, Sacred Spiral Dance. These vibrational mists and bath salt blends are designed to enhance and clear energy. All products are 100% natural. They are available at spiritual resource centers, holistic retail locations, and day spas.

Listed since: Nov 5, 2007


Since meeting Diana a few years ago, I have gained invaluable knowledge and information that has lead to profound personal growth. Through both private sessions and classes with Diana I have received life changing messages, as well as learned a variety of tools and techniques that have improved my ability to navigate different emotional,physical, and spiritual aspects of everyday life. It is with much gratitude in my heart that I can call Diana my intuitive mentor and freind.
For more than 13 years, I have been a client of Diana Harris. Her extremely accurate readings are delivered in a compassionate, warm and approachable style. Due to Diana's extensive experience and spiritual knowledge, her classes are entertaining and rich in content. Diana's talents as a medium are unsurpassed, and her guidance has been invaluable to me. I highly recommend Diana to anyone looking for accurate, intuitive insights and mediumship.
Diana is a truly gifted individual. I have been receiving readings with her for over 10 years now, and I am still amazed at the information she gives me. Her ability to connect with loved ones from my past brings me happiness and peace of mind. Her readings are very accurate and powerful. I have referred many friends and family members to her, and all have been impressed. I love her energy!
I have been receiving readings from Diana for almost 15 years. She never fails to connect to my loved ones who have passed and deliver accurate messages.She provides clarity to problems with a one hour reading! She is warm, funny and compassionate and does not disappoint. No doubt in my mind that Diana is a truly gifted psychic.
Diana has been my spiritual intuitive counselor for more than 10 years. I have had many readings with her in person as well as over the phone. I highly recommend a reading with her as you can trust it is going to be powerful, honest, and groundbreaking. Diana's insights, predictions, and messages are keenly accurate and amazing. She has the ability to feel the present, past, or future physical and emotional states of others while connecting with the spiritual world.
Diana Harris is a gifted Medium and she is ‘the real deal.’ She is able to hear and communicate with loved ones on the other side, will describe their personality and give specific details such as names and cause of death. I find her details to be more than 95% accurate. She is a delight to work with and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I feel as though my loved ones in spirit have somehow guided me to her for messages of love, light and guidance. Jayne Cousins, M. Ed Newburyport, MA
My meetings with Diana literally changed my life. Through Diana I believe I received divine guidance which prompted me to make some major changes in my life. I am now leading an infinitely more joyful and fulfilling life because I feel that I am now living my soul's true purpose. Diana is warm and compassionate and radiates light and love as she shares her gifts. I will always think of her as my "guardian angel." I could not recommend her more highly.
Diana is authentic and on-point in her readings. She also has a great sense of humor and radiates compassion. Her readings have provided me with an invaluable service. She really allowed me to feel like I was spending time with loved ones that have passed on, including my beloved dog.
My first appoint. with Diana ended up being a double reading for myself and my son to connect with my nephew and my sons friend who had passed unexpectedly. The messages given through Diana and through the cards left us with no doubt that it was my nephew and my sons friend speaking to us through Diana. I left that day feeling that I was on the way to spiritual recovery from our loss because we were reassured they were still alive in spirit and were in a better place. THANK YOU!
I have been to see Diana several times, in several different venues (group setting, personal reading, healing work, classes) over the years. Each experience has proven very powerful. I have also had her do readings for my children. She has always shown compassion, sensitivity and respect to us all. These visits have been deeply meaningful for all of us. I value any interaction with Diana and her unique and beautiful gifts.
I have had personal readings and have attended a few Hello from Heaven groups from Diana Harris. She is amazing! I have sent friends and family to her and they all continue to go back to hear from our loved ones who have past on. She prepared us for my elderly mother's passing when hospice was called in I contacted Diana for advice and she gave me information to help my mother's crossing over and held me & my family in Grace. I can not thank her enough for what she did for me and my family.
Diana's ability to share her intuitive gifts is truly amazing. She has a kind and unpretentious approach which sets the tone for readings and group events. I have been attending her modestly priced sessions for several years including her "Helllo from Heaven" group and Solstice celebrations. I am looking for to "Messages from Divine Mother - Navigating 2013 - The Year of the Water Snake". Many thanks and blessings to Diana!
I have had the opportunity to watch Diana work in a group of 45 or more on several occasions as well as a group of 8 and one on one. I have been fortunate enough to attend group readings with Sylvia Browne, Collette Baron Reid, Lisa Williams and John Holland. Diana is every bit as talented as the above mentioned psychics. She can make you laugh, cry & most of all totally believe. Diana is a very 'Special Soul', don't miss an opportunity to connect with her.
Diana Harris is truly blessed with many spiritual gifts. She has helped me with the grieving process by reconnecting me with loved ones. She has diagnosed medical issues before they were caught by the medical profession. She also has healing abilities that far surpass any I've seen. I highly recommend her.
I have had readings from Diana at least once a year for almost ten years. Every time we have a session, I am amazed with her gifted ability to bring the right information to me when I need it most. I am so confident in her spiritual connection to a higher wisdom that I recommend her to all my family and friends who are "open" to what she can share. If you're looking for someone whose ability you can trust and believe in, Diana is an excellent choice.
My two friends and I went to Diana for our own individual reasons and I have to say we were blown away. I was able to connect with my sister in law and be assured that she was ok. My friend connected with a child she had lost and my other friend connected with her father, step father and father in law. The validation that she was able to provide to us was nothing short of amazing. We left there with a sense of peace. I would highly recommend her to anyone.
I absolutely love Diana - I have seen ( read ) with her several times now in three different venues, and have found each reading to be honest, truthful, accurate and compassionate! Her energy is amazing, ... time well spent! I would recommend anyone to have a reading with Diana, ...!
My experiences with Diana have shown me that our loved ones are still very much a part of our lives once they have passed on. She helps one see things realistically and spiritually. Diana is straight forward and open and my experience is she has a true connection. She has helped me iin my grief and healing process.
Diana Harris is a caring, insightful,spiritual counselor/psychic medium/teacher. She is genuine and compassionate in her readings and extremely informative with her teachings. Having assisted my family and I tremendously on our journey of spiritual enlightenment and healing, we have 100% confidence and faith in her. Her "down to earth" psychic abilities shine through as she often displays her great sense of humor. Diana is fantastic!
Diana Harris is the real deal. Her quiet confidence in her work immediately allows the client to know she has a true connection to spirit. She has a gift and she is a gift to anyone fortunate enough to spend time with her!

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