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Deborah Livingston
Deborah Livingston


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Fort Lauderdale


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$250 for 30 mins and $350 for full hour

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As seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, MSN, NBC and WBZ News netwrorks, television show 6th Sense and Beyond and featured on the cover of OM Times magazine. Deborah has been blessed with the gift of mediumship since childhood. She first recognized the 3 C’s of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience of spirit, the premonitions through vivid dreams, which foretold visions of the future and animal communication as a young girl. Later in life, after a spiritual transformation, she came to embrace her unique abilities by using her gifts to heal and comfort those who had lost loved ones and prove the existence of infinite spirit through the power of mediumship and intuitive spiritual assessments.

Deborah believes that we are all on a spiritual journey and here having a human experience for the purpose of soul growth. The gift of communicating with the spirit world is born within us all. The only requirement is to be open to receive. For those who wish to communicate with a loved one may do so with Deborah. Her sole "soul" purpose is to use her gifts to heal, give comfort and provide the validation of existence of eternal survival by connecting to the spirit world.

Since embracing her gift, Deborah has dedicated her life to achieving excellence in her mediumship and delivering percise evidence that only spirit could give her with messages of guidance love and healing. Deborah has spiritual practices and continues to unfold her mediumship abilites. Deborah has studied with, attended classes and/or workshops with the following prominent teachers in the United States and United Kingdom. Deborah continues to practice and attend courses and workshops with the Spiritualist's National Union and the Arthur Findlay College in Stanstead, England.

John Holland

Carole Lynne

James Van Praagh

Tim Abbott ~ UK

Libby Clark ~ UK

Helen DaVita ~ UK

Brenda Lawrence ~ UK

Deborah is a MA based Intuitive Medium, Author of, Strand of Pearls, a writer for OM Times magazine and TCM Therapist. Deborah serves clients in US, UK, Canada, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Mexico etc. Deborah is a member Spiritualist's National Union and Spiritualist's National Union International.

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​Deborah requests clients please not disclose any personal information about themselves or loved ones that have passed to the spirit world. This enables Deborah to give an authentic and evidential session.

In addition, Deborah has control over when to invite the spirit world but not whom.

Also, she will only give 1-2 readings per client, per year and suggests new clients to opt for an hour and receive all 3 reading types.

Listed since: May 4, 2014


If you are ready to hear from your loved ones she is the one to make that happen! She shared things that know one would know ! She is the real deal . If you want to know more about her..Read her book! Strand of Pearls “A woman’s journey to light and peace” find it on Amazon. She is remarkable with accuracy and has so much passion and love as she works with you! Just do it! You will not regret it !Thank you Deborah for sharing your gift ! Love and light ❤️
Wow! What an amazing gift Deb has! I was completely blown away by her reading!! Validation after validation came through that it was definitely my late husband she was connecting with. I have talked to other mediums over the years, but have never experienced a gift as great as hers!!
Deb helped me connect to my sister and father who have passed. She asked for no information about them and was able to give me details that no one would have known. She spoke of a memory where we were decorating the Christmas tree and my dad was encouraging us not to throw the icicles on the tree but put them on one at a time. She knew my sister was quiet and shy but very intelligent. Deb knew my sister died from a pain in her head. Deb was able to give me messages from them.
I had a wonderful experience with Deborah. My grandparents, that I knew in my heart would be there, came through loud and clear. There was so much about them and the comments they were making through Deborah, that confirmed they were a part of the reading. The advice my grandma and granddad was giving me in the direction I should go in life, was exactly what I needed to hear and I knew it was something they would've told me. I would recommend Deborah to anyone who is wanting a reading!!
Deborah, was amazing during a group reading with myself and my friend. There was no question as to who was in the room with us as she described our loved ones in spirit perfectly... What important messages we received! Some of them "life changing"
Feel so awesome after my reading with Deborah! She was spot on with info about my parents. She had their names, death circumstances, personalities and so many facts that there was no way she could have known without hearing from them. I had seen mediums on TV and was interested but felt skeptical. My cousin had a reading with her where my father came thru. So I contacted her and so glad I did - priceless experience!
This was the first reading I've done and the whole experience was amazing. Although we went through a box of tissues, it was well worth it! Deb was great and we enjoyed our experience. Can't wait to do it again. Thank you for your time and sharing your gift!
Deborah is the clearest, direct, medium I have ever had a consultation from. She was compassionate, forthright and down to earth. She did not try to interpret what she was given. She conveyed it clearly for me to translate. I would recommend Deborah in a heart beat!
WOW!!!!! Deb is AMAZING! She made me feel like I was skyping with a family member just sitting back and sharing family memories! I so needed that :) we even visited about my daughter's beloved dog. She so needed! Deb even embodied my father's personality... LOL! And described each family member's personalities.
Deborah is warm, kind and sincere. She also has a genuine gift. During my reading with her she connected to my late mother and came up with details she could never have known. I was amazed at how many names she got right and how much information she accessed about experiences my mother and I had shared. She also passed on advice from my mother about a situation that had been on my mind. All without me asking a specific question. I found the whole experience very healing and reassuring.
My husband and I saw Deborah about a month ago. Her reading was a gift from my son and his fiancee. This was not our first reading, but we were amazed at the evidence she presented. Both sets of parents and our daughter in spirit came through on the reading. The evidence was so spot on and so compelling, things she could never have known. She was so easy to sit with and we felt right at home in her home. She is warm and guided us through the reading effortlessly.
I LOVED Deb! She brought in names, descriptions, physical characteristics, personality traits, and details that no one would know, or nothing that she'd be able to look up or research. My mom's and my jaws dropped when we were listening to what Debbie was saying/bringing in messages. She and Sirry Berndsen are the only two mediums I'd recommend to anyone.
It’s impossible to describe the sorrow of losing your only child. With zero prior information Deborah brought me my boy and the undeniable validation he was with us. It is difficult to find comfort while grieving but Deborah’s reading provided solace and deepened my faith. She has a rare gift, and I am grateful to have found her. She is not the first psychic I’ve seen, but she may be the last as I’m already calculating when I can schedule my next session with her.
I was deeply moved by my session, and felt such peace, and a lightness afterwards. It was my first time working with a medium and it was an amazing experience. I am so glad spirit brought Deb into my life! She connected immediatly with my loved ones and was so accurate in what she shared with me, that I trully felt connected directly to them. Thank you Deb for sharing your gift with us, and being the gift that you are. You are awesome! And what a blessing you gave me.
I live in Mauritius and had a Skype session with Deb. I was skeptical about her ability to connect to the spirit world as I have had previous negative experiences. I lost my daughter in a car accident 3 years ago. I was however...flabbergasted by Deb's accuracy on the date of her passing and the name of the person who was going to accompany her back home and who didn't eventually and who I still blame. She also described my daughter perfectly! I am looking forward to my next session with her
I had the most amazing reading by Deb Livingston 0n 10/09, and am still trying to digest it all. She connected with my son who passed a little over 5 months ago and up until the reading I have been a mess, after my reading I have found peace and I owe that all to Deb. She truely has a special gift.
I've spoken to Deborah twice, each one hour sessions. Both times are moments I will never forget. She is not only kind and loving but uses the time fully and was very accurate. The most memorable moment was her communicating with a childhood friend who had passed. Not only was my friend able to communicate that she was happy but she helped me in dealing with a very painful illness my brother is experiencing right now. I will use Deborah throughout my life I'm sure.
I chose Deb since she wanted no info. I so miss my Mother, my best friend, who I lost recently. Immediately Deb said my Mother was present, said she had an old fashioned name, gave me her name, also my Father's (gone 38 years) plus many specific details that were unique. Deb's accuracy assured me she really was in contact with my parents which was so comforting. Deb's kindness and warmth provided a womb space for this experience, turning sadness and loss into relief that my loved ones live on.
I had my first reading with Deb the day before my birthday. She described how my parents had been with her for hours insisting she pay attention to them for our reading. I was so touched by the power of their love to reach out to me in this way. She captured their essences & evidences of their characteristics in the physical with great precision. She was sensitive & light in a way that comforted & assured me. I look forward to my next reading in the New Year. Thank you, Deb.
My readings with Deb were truly amazing, as I sit here now I am smiling and crying at the same time. My first time in contact with Deb was a mediumship, with her help I was able to connect to my husband, she was so accurate even to the day of his passing, she is a comforting presence and a very nice person. My second reading was today, it was a spiritual assessment and tarot reading, again I felt comforted and at peace. I would highly recommend Deb, she is very gifted.
I contacted Deborah after losing my mother recently. The loss and void in my heart was overwhelming. With Deborah's help, I was able to find comfort and peace that my mom is still with me. The evidence Deborah gave were specific family details and facts that she wouldn't know otherwise. I can't thank Deborah enough for her insight, guidance, and connection she provided me. I have found a sense of peace again.
I admit I am a terrible skeptic. Deborah exceeded any of my expectations. Not only was she warm and kind, making me feel safe but also her entire reading was spot on. No fishing around in the dark. It was all light and love and accurate. I am blown away and extremely grateful for the experience. It brought me tremendous comfort and solace. And even hope for my future life path without my husband. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Deb and I meet when I was going thru a very difficult time in my life. I had read her book and was very inspired to meet with her. I contacted her and she responded very quickly. We did an initial Medium / Physic reading which was spot on. Deb took me on in a mentor-ship over the next 6 - 12 months with intense work and exercises. Deb and I are friends today but I continue to reach out to her for my readings to make sure I'm on course. I hope that never changes. Thank you so very much.
I had the amazing experience of connecting with my father (who passed four years ago) with the help of Deb Livingston. Deb is a very kind and light soul who treasures using her gifts to help others know the presence of spirit. I hope to visit with Deb again soon so she can meet my mother who very much wants the opportunity to experience reconnecting (with Deb's help) with friends and family who have passed on. Thanks Deb!

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