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A leader in the Intuitive Coaching and the Soul Contracts arena, Danielle challenges people to re-think how they view themselves, their strengths and their weaknesses. Combining her intuitive skills with her unique ability to connect with the Soul, Danielle continues to lead thousands of people through their “challenges” into a world of possibility and brilliance.

Danielle is a featured teacher at the Omega Institute, LilyDale Assembly and the Kripalu Center among others and has been highlighted in numerous magazines including Elevated Existence and OfSpirit. She has taught alongside many of the world’s accomplished speakers, healers, psychics and more including Colette Baron-Reid, Robert Ohotto and world-renowned Hay House Author and Psychic Medium John Holland who wrote about his own experience with Danielle in his book “Spirit Whisperer.” Danielle is currently writing her own book on revealing soul contracts due out in Spring 2014.
Danielle has her own style of reading –which matches her goofy and engaging personality. She will not use her skills to tell you your future. Instead, she will help you create your future and your life into something you truly love and enjoy.

Book a Soul Contract Reading and Danielle will not only help you understand the nature a particular relationship – but she’ll show you how get the most out of that connection. You could also learn which Lifetime Soul Contracts are blocking the way to reaching your goals and then break those Soul Contracts with Danielle’s help.

Start Coaching with Danielle and begin reaching your goals and busting through blocks using Danielle's information, guidance and assistance. With Danielle's quirky style you never know what will come up! Many people have changed their lives by taking part in Danielle's 6-Session Mastering Your Soul Contracts" program.

Book an Intuitive Animal Reading and learn how your pet is helping you heal - and what you can do to have the most fulfilling relationship with your pet. Danielle’s animal messages are delivered with love and compassion and unlike other Animal Communication readings benefit the animal AND the animal’s human because she moves from the physical level to the soul level with the animal.

Danielle has been highlighted in newspapers, magazines, webzines, radio shows and more and her client base spans the globe. She was featured in Psychic Medium John Holland's new book, "Spirit Whisperer," and in Elevated Existence Magazine and she is a featured teacher at many prestigious institutes including the Omega Institute, Kripalu, Lilydale and more.

Readings with Danielle

Danielle offers Soul Contract Readings for humans and for pets, Intuitive Guide Sessions, Animal Intuitive Sessions, Coaching, Clearings and more. All of her readings are done via the phone and she does not need any photos.

Although must sessions focus on challenges, through Danielle's kindness and quirky nature, many people find that they are finally able to laugh at themselves - a very helpful took in healing. All of Danielle's work is completed with loving care and with the greatest and highest good for everyone involved.

To learn more, please visit Danielle's website at daniellemackinnon.com or call Danielle's office at (866) 883-2280.

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Danielle offers classes, events, tele-seminars as well as downloadable classes. Her goal is provide her services for people at all levels of commitment to living consciously. Visit her website for more information.

Listed since: Dec 3, 2008


The work that I did with Danielle has been life changing. That may be cliché but it is the best description for the shift that has taken place. Talking with her is like talking to a dear friend who also brings me wisdom and insight that is beyond anything that I could consciously imagine. Her warmth and lightness contribute to a feeling of safety and her guidance has helped me to do the “heavy lifting” that was needed to truly transform my life. I will be forever grateful. Thank you Danielle
Danielle is nothing short of amazing. I did an animal communication session with her and she was so helpful. Her insights were right on and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She really has a gift of intuitive clarity. I gained perspective on the relationships between my three dogs as well as the relationship between me and my three pups. She is so authentic. I know I could benefit from further coaching and I am so fortunate to have I found my way to Danielle!
Danielle helped me so much! She's such a joy. I have consulted her for matters of the soul and business. She helped me clear away fears I didn't even know that I had so I could step into my power and live my calling. Her guidance wound up saving me lots of time and money, while feeling great about receiving more money and love as well. She's helped me with relationships, life, love, you name it. I adore her and consider her one of my spiritual mentors. She's genuine and the real deal.
During our New Client Session in January 2014, Danielle made me aware of my seed thought of not being worthy. Every time a thought related to this seed thought came up, I would put my hand over my heart. The first four days I thought I would have bruises on my chest my hand was coming so fast and often. I was not consciously aware of how often these thoughts were in my daily life. Thank You, Danielle for changing my life for the better and I am looking forward to our next session.
I had a pet psychic reading with Danielle in January 2014. My french mastiff passed away from cancer in October 2013. I felt such relief after speaking to Danielle she confirmed for me the unconditional love he was sent to teach me. Danielle also read my other 2 dogs. She was right on. She is an absolutely amazing and right on. Incredible psychic.
I had an intuitive reading with Danielle today and I was blown away because she knew what was happening to me without me saying a single word! She is the best psychic i have ever talked to and i will schedule more sessions to cover more areas of my life. She is a very nice person and makes you feel at ease. I loved the experience.
Danielle has been gently and gracefully leading me through this amazing healing journey through difficult childhood experiences and through some deep past life experiences that are creating much healing today. She has been a beautiful master in guiding me towards real authentic healing at such a deep level and I will be eternally grateful for her spiritual warrior Self that continues to support me with the love and trust that is making this journey possible.
I recently had another reading with Danielle. This time was about Soul Contracts. I had a devastating incident happen two years ago which shocked me and left me heart broken. With the help of Danielle I was able to understand why it had to happen and her insights helped me get over it. Danielle is very intuitive, and I look forward to my next reading with her. Thank you again Danielle! Jenny Margulies
I had a reading w/ Danielle to communicate w/ my beloved animal that has passed. What an amazing reading. She was right on point about everything in my life and I feel after talking to her a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend her and I look forward to making another appointment w her in the future.
After one session with Danielle my outlook on life started to shift. And my life continued to improve as I began working with Danielle on an ongoing basis. Her style is joyful, direct and supportive. I’m provided with insightful guidance and tools that I can use on my own. As a result of our coaching sessions I’m shifting in amazing ways. I’m positive, lighter, grounded and confident. I see unlimited possibilities. This collaborative relationship is a life-changer. I’m so grateful to Danielle.
I had an Animal Communication reading with Danielle several months ago. I had adopted an older dog from a shelter and Danielle helped me understand her worries and some health problems she had. I have seen an incredible change in my dog's behavior and health improving since the reading. Her anxiety of being abandoned again is no longer there. She now knows this is her permanent home . Thank you so much Danielle for communicating with her! I will be contacting you again for another reading.
My soul clearing time with Danielle December 2012 was meant to be. At a cross roads in my life I was guided to her for the many special talents and gifts she has to offer myself and others the world over. My soul contracts were revealed and gave clarity to not only why I behave the way I do but also what I need to focus on to help me move forward in this life time and into the next. The energy shift I experienced was totally unexpected but the ongoing experiences are wonderful. Blessings
I loved my readings with Danielle. I had three over the course of a year. They kept me on the right path for my health with diet and accurate suggestions. she was also extremely insightful for my career, cleansing of my spirit and helpful for family problems. I think she is just great and as a bonus always cheerful and kind. I highly recommend recommend a reading with her.
I have been participating with Danielle's online animal communication class and have enjoyed her energy and insight. However, after my recent phone session with Danielle the one word that comes to mind is "WOW"! I could not believe how quickly she connected with me and how clearly she pinpointed a health issue that I have been struggling with. She identified changes I needed to make and after less than a week I am already starting to feel better. I could not recommend her highly enough!
WOW!! Simply amazing is all I can say! I have had readings with other people before, but Danielle took it to a totally different level. I doubt I'll ever get a reading from anyone else other than Danielle - she is incredibly accurate and very insightful and will blow your socks off when YOU have a reading! I have signed up for her mentoring course and I look forward to her teachings in the months ahead. If you are sitting on the fence, don't be sceptical - Daniele is the real deal!
Danielle is amazing and very funny! I enjoyed our session and am enrolled in her coaching/mentoring classes. I have always been psychic but want to expand my knowledge and abilities and she is just the person to help me do that!
Danielle is an amazing practitioner with deep gifts to offer her 'confidants.' Friendly, cheerful and 'spot on' in her words and attitude. Amazing ability to connect and move energy on multiple levels. If you are reading this, then only doubt stands in your way - make the call!
My reading with Danielle was just wonderful. She had really good insight about an issue I am facing, and she picked up on it without my even saying what it is! That is true ability. She also confirmed what I have been sensing in my own future, again, without me feeding her any info. Finally, she removed negative soul contracts that have been keeping me from moving forward, and I really do feel free.
Danielle is a gift! She is right on with her readings! I was impressed with her accurateness and my life is changing after one reading. She is funky, fun, smart, kind, honest, professional, talented, down to earth, light, positive and truly awesome! I also recommend Danielle!
I was amazed to hear what my dogs thought about. What they chose to tell me. I was surprised at their concern for my well being. I didn't know that the dogs had such empathy. It was an amazing experience to hear what these sensitive canine companions had to say about my well being and health. Thank you Danielle for your light hearten interpretation of my dogs communication. Danielle helped my dog stop coughing and me feel better too. I recommend Danielle highly!!
I found the conference call with Danielle to be insightful & helpful. Now I know what to do with making him a happier camper and myself, too! I even went & bought a different type of dog food - something that simple can make a big difference. I, too, am making some changes for myself which will bring better harmony in my life. Thanks Danielle. Ellen B Brown, Bermuda!
I recently had an Personal Clearing session with Danielle.It was great.She told me things that I just knew about me.By far, her work is the best I've ever experienced in my life.I would recommend Danielle to anyone.She is amazing.
We booked an appointment with Danielle to ask about a direction for our dog's health. We had no expectations and were astounded at the naturalness and profundity of the experience. Our relationship with our dog has deepened and Danielle's insights and connections where more than insightful they provided us with a great sense of comfort and expansion. Danielle has an amazing ability that we believe is well worth experiencing. You will be amazed.
I recently had an Animal Communication session with Danielle. It was wonderful. Her insight was invaluable and her reading style is very friendly and open. She told me things about my cats that were dead on. I was still a little unsure but she told me that my youngest cat was out of alignment and I should take her to an animal chiropractor. I was a little unsure but we had our appointment today and Danielle was correct again. I would recommend Danielle without hesitation to anyone.
Danielle's words made perfect sense when I heard them - some of it confirmed some loose threads I head and some of what she said named some stuff that I wouldn't have come to on my own but makes perfect sense. I appreciate that she gave me some specific exercises and techniques to help with what she found.
My hour with Danielle was wonderful! Through her gift I was able to receive much needed health and dietary information about our dog Max, most of it directly from Max. The soul contract information she provided was clear and useful. Schedule and appointment--you wont be disappointed.
I consulted Danielle for an animal reading. I got more than I could have imagined out of that visit! Danielle is truely a loving, sensitive, gifted woman. =D
I had a soul clearing with Danielle yesterday. She tapped into my language that I use that most don't ... and her assistance is invaluable. I felt so much energy stirring and leaving me during her most loving guidance. So much has moved that I'm really nurturing myself since. By far, her loving work is the best I've experienced. I'm booked for a soul contract session in a few weeks ... I am very excited about working with her again.
This was a wonderful experience, Danielle is warm and positive. She was able to tell me my dog was experiencing mouth/teeth pain, when I had no idea. I found his gray/bad tooth right after our conversation, exactly where she said. Thanks so much to Danielle as I wouldn't want my dog in pain. I highly recommend her.
I had a soul clearing with Danielle on 25th January via skype. This work is amazing, Danielle guides you through the session asking permission to access your Akashic Records and clear any unwanted blocks with permission of your higher guidance. She explains whatever is meant to be cleared, will be during the session. I will be in contact again for sure, I highly recommend Danielle and encourage anyone to make this valuable investment in your journey.


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