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Angela Fraser is a second generation gifted and compassionate psychic who has been devoting her time and expertise helping people find answers and hidden meaning in relationships for over 30 years. Her main focus is reveal what is happening beyond the obvious within a person’s life. Answering the questions we all want to know, about love, family, hidden meaning, what is happening and how can it improve our lives.

Angela's readings are oftentimes focused on career and future opportunities and ways to create inner peace and balance. The sessions are positive and meant to help people pursue their dreams, goals, and gain deeper understanding in all areas of their life.

She believes that psychics have a spiritual responsibility to assist others by only offering information that will promote emotional healing, insight or a better understanding. Frequently she will share a message from an Angel and it is always specific to the person she is doing a reading for. They are messages meant to encourage hope, inner strength, and courage to face change for a positive direction.

Listed since: Feb 11, 2014


She is wondeful, gifted and amazing.
I had a reading today with Angela. She was simply amazing. She was so on key with everything. Things that happened already and coming up. There were things she picked up on that I only knew. Let alone, descriptions and things of my past loved ones. I never knew my grandfather smoke. Just came back from lunch with my mom and asked her and he did. She truly has a gift. She lifted my spirit with certain issues. There is no price when someone gives you a healing of the soul. God Bless You.
Angela, thank you very much for the reading and taking the time to pray with me after I called you to give you an update on something you had said was going to happen. You and your son are very loving people, cannot stop saying this over and over. Also, it feels I've known you forever, God continue to bless both of you. We will definitely have another session. Sending you hugs.
I had two readings with Angela. i can say all i need in one sentence!!! Angela is AMAZING!!!! forever for her guidance! Traci :}:}
Angela is amazing :) She truly has a blessing of a gift from God. She is very friendly and I felt at ease on the phone with her during my reading...She treated me like a life long friend and shows genuine care. Angela thank you for an amazing reading!! God bless and take care :) Sarah Harrison

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