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$200/60 minutes, $100/30 minutes

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Andy Grant is a best-selling author, speaker, Transformational Energy Coach, and Akashic Records Reader. He is a certified practitioner of the Pathway Prayer Process to access the Akashic Records, and has taken multiple advanced classes with author, speaker and Pathway Prayer Process creator, Linda Howe.

An Akashic Records Reading gives you the opportunity to gain insight, guidance and healing from your spiritual support team; your Guides, Teachers, Masters and Loved Ones.

If you book an hour session and only use 30 minutes, you'll get half the fee refunded. If 10 minutes into your Akashic Records Reading you decide this is not for you, just speak up and Andy will end the session and refund the entire fee. You've got nothing to lose.

All scheduled sessions are held via Zoom. You will be sent a recording of the session so you can listen to it again as you desire.

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Listed since: May 30, 2016


I met Andy at a mediation retreat years ago. His participation in the Mystery School always interested me. So I decided to try out a session with this fellow who I had respect. Andy is well versed at accessing the Akashic Records for me. The insight gleamed has helped me confirm the path I’m on. I have a sense that there is a eternal wisdom he’s on to here. I have been back for a couple more sessions and each time he gets to know me a little better and is even more helpful. Thanks Andy
Andy’s guidance out of the Akashic Records is extraordinary. He asks good questions and reads the records quickly and well. This last session, my third, was the best one yet. The readings seem build on each other. The insight I have received helps me move forward with more confidence on my path. Thanks Andy
andy is AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING! i’ve been working with him for a while now and the insights he’s provided me have been incredibly powerful. i can honestly say that i use my learnings from my regular readings with andy on a daily basis. i feel more in tune with myself on every level since finding andy! i enthusiastically encourage working with him! you will DEFINITELY be amazed! he’s wonderful!
Andy Grant is amazing!!! An Akashic Records reading with Andy is a totally transformative experience! He's able to connect with my spirit guides in a way I never thought possible. The messages are so deeply insightful. They immediately shift my mindset, and connect me directly with what I need to know and understand the most. Actions then become very clear. My sessions with Andy are always filled with such delight and humor and joy too!
I work continuously on my spiritual development and return to love. My Akashic session with Andy was deeply meaningful and truly life changing. Andy's gentle, happy, loving manner helped me feel at ease. I was able to ask the tough questions that brought deep insights to beliefs that have kept me limited for a long time. This deep heart work Invited me to a new level of awareness, love, and joy! I am truly grateful and I will work with Andy again. What a blessing!
I had an Akashic Records reading with Andy and it was awesome! He was able to get right to the heart of my questions quickly and helped me understand how to take my own power back regardless of the external situations I am in. He reminded me of how important it is to have clarity in what I want in my life. I highly recommend Andy - he has a great sense of humor and a very relaxed manner. I will definitely be seeking out his guidance again!!
I have worked with Andy twice now. The first time was a complete reading and the second was a more specific area. Both were amazing! The thing I find most striking is how he went right to the root of what I needed to know... the place that I could address directly and it would automatically peel some of the other layers. His insights were invaluable and spot on !
I had a Akashic Record reading with Andy that absolutely blew me away. I had all kinds of readings done in the past, but this really for me was a whole new experience, really confirmed what I kind of believed my path is my whole life. I really recommend working with Andy, besided his gifts he's also a great personality.
I've been working with Andy for several years and each time I'm more impressed with his insight. His energy is huge and when I speak to him I can feel the after effects for days. The Akashic records readings with him have been hugely inspiring and intune with what I needed to hear.

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