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Amy Carlson

Amy Carlson
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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

2.99 per min for chat. Phone readings 30 min $60

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I am a Psychic Medium, that has worked on many internet platforms,such as Live Person, Kasamba, and Keen I am offering a very discounted fee of $2.99 a min to clients of the "instant reading feature" I also read out of my home, and do parties and circles in the local Massachusetts area. Please when coming to chat, do not hit hire right away I like to establish a connection with you first to make sure we have a solid flow of energy.

Additional Information: 

I was acutely aware of my abilities of Spirit Communication early in childhood. I woke up one night to find 3 older women standing at the foot of my bed. They said, "Do not be afraid, we come in love." I learned I was able to communicate with beings not of the Earth plane when I recognized these women as my Spirit guides. I began to develop my skills through reading, meditation, and practice. I took classes to learn the basic foundations of Mediumship. I was fortunate enough to study under the guidance of international Psychic Medium and author Rev. Rita Berkowitz. Rita taught me to fine tune my abilities and I learned to be a clear channel for Spirit. In my free time I volunteer on missing person and unsolved murder cases to assist families in need. I also volunteer my services in various Spirit communication circles and groups. I consider myself a student, my search for knowledge is vast. I am a natural born healer, an Angel reader and a Medium. I have been helping guide clients for many years through the use of my gifts. I believe in the power of love that we are spiritual beings living in a psychical body, using a psychic is similar to getting a map of your life's path. While there are many stops long the way you can receive Spiritual guidance on what bumps to avoid and what paths are beneficial to your souls growth. Sometimes the message is not what we want to hear but is what we need to here so that we do not manifest the same lessons twice. I am a person that has walked in your shoes many times in my life I have not learned the lesson on the first or second time. This has made me extremely empathic and able to relate to people in all situations.I am an honest ethical reader I have done over 4000 of reading over the years. I try my best and give you your message directly from spirit. My ability as a medium is through Clairvoyance or "clear seeing" I see symbols. pictures or Spirit through my minds eye or through the psychical eyes. I am also Clairaudient or "clear hearing" I will hear names or words that spirit is saying. I am honored to be doing this work and look forward to helping those in need,working online has allowed me to reach a broader spectrum of clients from all over the globe.

Listed since: Dec 6, 2007


I highly recommend Amy to anyone interested in reading that will unite you with loved-ones who have crossed to the other side. I feel she has an amazing gift, she is very accurate and her readings are amazing to hear. I am amazed at her clarity, accuracy, and compassion! I feel blessed to have crossed paths wit this amazing women

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