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Irene Richardson

Irene Richardson is a Psychic Medium and has been working in the psychic field since the age of 14 years old. She has giving readings, spiritual guidance and advice for over 30 years. Her abilities include clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairallience, clairgustance, remote viewing, astral travel, automatic writing, remote healing, crystal healing, dream interpretation, channeling the departed, past, present and future...
(Nearest City: Frederick; Reviews 6; Listed since: Nov 1, 2007) :: READ MORE

Adele Marie

Adele Marie is an Internationally known Author, Visionary Messenger, Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant Medium and is the Founder of: Angelic Wise Ones®-Metaphysical Academy of Spiritual Studies. Adele Marie has been working as a Professional Visionary Medium for over thirty years, she lives what she teaches and teaches what she lives. Adele Marie offers private and semi-private readings, aura readings and medical intuitive sessions,...
(Nearest City: Ellicott City, Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington D.C.; Reviews 10; Listed since: Apr 22, 2008) :: READ MORE

Ronaldo Torres Evangelista

Seer / Life Coach / Spiritual Counselor / Tarot Medium / Healer Reading Hours: ​ Sun: Noon - Midnight Mon: CLOSED Tue: Noon - Midnight Wed: Noon - Midnight Thu: Noon - Midnight Fri: Noon - Midnight Sat: Noon - Midnight ​ U.S. Federal Holidays: Generally closed but subject to change. I consider myself as a seer with psychic and mediumship abilities. I'm also clairvoyant, empathic, intuitive, and a...
(Nearest City: Baltimore; Reviews 1; Listed since: Aug 14, 2015) :: READ MORE

Debra Diamond

Debra Diamond is a natural psychic, medium and medical intuitive who was gifted with her abilities as a child. She offers psychic and mediumship readings and healing's as well as workshops and classes. As a psychic, she provides remarkable insights for her clients in the areas of financial, family, career, health, life path, emotional, and spiritual issues. As a medium, she is able to connect with loved ones who have passed. Debra's...
(Nearest City: Baltimore; Reviews 2; Listed since: Jun 18, 2017) :: READ MORE

Cherry Sage

Cherry Sage is an authentic, professional psychic offering real psychic, numerology and tarot card readings. She is sought after for her accurate predictions, clarity and psychic guidance; as well as a growing loyal client base since 1999. Visit to read 100’s of real testimonials attesting to her proven track record. New client promotion...
(Nearest City: Washington, DC; Reviews 1; Listed since: Dec 20, 2017) :: READ MORE

Christy Bella

Christy has been working as an Intuitive Coach/Oracle Reader, Reiki Master and Yoga Teacher, helping thousands of people across the world. Though Christy does not need physical tools, she loves to use Oracle cards and Crystals as an extension and support during her readings. Christy was put on this earth to guide and heal, and looks forward to supporting you on your beautiful...
(Reviews 0; Listed since: Sep 28, 2021) :: READ MORE