Debra Diamond


Debra Diamond is a natural psychic, medium and medical intuitive who was gifted with her abilities as a child. She offers psychic and mediumship readings and healing's as well as workshops and classes. As a psychic, she provides remarkable insights for her clients in the areas of financial, family, career, health, life path, emotional, and spiritual issues. As a medium, she is able to connect with loved ones who have passed.

Debra's readings are astonishingly accurate and clear and her clients are continually amazed by her innate abilities. She has the gift to assist others in the spiritual process and works with all aspects of Spirit.

As a psychic and medium, Debra has the gifts of Clairvoyance; Clairaudience; Clairsentience and Claircognizance. Using these gifts, she is able to provide a remarkably clear and deep reading for her clients. She is able to access Spirit for answers to her clients questions and reconnect them with their loved ones.

Debra loves to assist people through Spirit and is grateful for the opportunity to serve. She offers long-distance readings by Skype, FaceTime and telephone.

Debra is also an author and frequent speaker at Expos, Health and Wellness events, conferences and private events. Her latest book is:

Life After Near Death:Miraculous Stories of Healing and Transformation in the Extraordinary Lives of People With Newfound Powers published by New Page Books

Listed since: Jun 18, 2017


I have had two readings with Debra Diamond. Both have been very accurate and helpful. She is professional and insightful. She is very attuned to where a person is in their life journey. Highly recommend her.
Debra Diamond gave a very accurate and insightful reading. She reads on many levels including as a medium, she read my aura and chakras. I highly recommend her as a wise and empathetic soul reader and guide. I have recommended her to friends and relatives.

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