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Ellicott City, Columbia, Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington D.C.


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Adele Marie is an Internationally known Author, Visionary Messenger, Metaphysical Teacher, Clairvoyant Medium and is the Founder of:
Angelic Wise Ones®-Metaphysical Academy of Spiritual Studies.

Adele Marie has been working as a Professional Visionary Medium for over thirty years, she lives what she teaches and teaches what she lives. Adele Marie offers private and semi-private readings, aura readings and medical intuitive sessions, group galleries and message circles. She works with all levels of law enforcement assisting those whom has lost a loved one as her psychic detective senses kicks in. Her vast knowledge make her an exceptional Metaphysical Teacher as her Marian style and grace come shining thru in her genuine love for all individuals as you meet with Adele you know you have been hugged by an Angel.

As a gifted Visionary Medium, Adele works with what is known as the sixth sense, working in the Spiritual Realms. As a child of four years of age spirit opened the doors for her to embrace her mission here on Mother Earth. As The Blessed Mother Mary appeared to Adele and said her mission is to bridge the time and space of empowerment and enfoldment with the Children of the Light in this time of advance spiritual movement of balancing the divine feminine and masculine energy within, in order to help every person to improve their quality of life and awaken their highest potential within. Adele’s teachings come at a time in history when we are moving at and in a very accelerated force of energy that is designed to enlighten and move the individual forward in the light to their own ascension.

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Adele Marie is available for Speaking Engagements and Seminars in your area on a variety of topics including: Mediumship, Spirituality, Angels, Spirit Guides, Meditation, Mediumship Development, Channeling, Teaching, Lecturing and Book Signings and more. Adele conducts private workshops, seminars or classes with your group in your local areas Across the Miles

Please join her on her website for more information.

Excerpts of Adele’s soul awakening in her own spiritual journey thru her own Near Death and Out of Body experience have been recorded in her book The Visionary Messenger and The Guided Journal. Adele has produced her guided mediations CD’s in meeting your spirit guides and angels in Counsel of One, Counsel of Birth and Counsel of Degree.

Continuing in the guidance with her gifts in this arena Adele recorded her amazingly beautiful CD Walking with the Blessed Mother. During this time of tremendous growth for everyone, Adele released four additional guided meditation CD’s Keeper of the Crystal Temple, Alliance of Angels Light, Archangel Michael League of Angels and Knowing Thy Self, and continues to record even more today. These CD’s are a complete package of extremely gifted and wonderful tools at your finger tips.

Listed since: Apr 22, 2008


I recently had a reading with Adele and I was simply amazed at how much she told me that no one knew except for the people who came through for me that had passed.. She is the real deal and so sweet and kind. I was very nervous, but she put me at ease with my reading. She has no idea how much she hit the nail on the head with everything that she told me. I asked my husband to mention my engagement ring so I would know that it was him. She told me that he was kneeling next to me with ring.
I sent my Mom to Adele on 12/20/2016 and I listened to recording after. Adele is the real deal. I gave my sister who passed 2 specific details to bring through and she did BOTH! I cannot wait to meet with Adele myself. Honest, funny and kind. She can help you heal and help you know you have your loved ones always.
My session with Adele was over four months ago & why am I writing now? Because she gave me a timeline with something that was going to happen & man did it happen just as she said it would. This blew me away. Her warmth & genuineness cannot be hidden.She gave me messages that only my family knows about me & had me laughing and crying, enjoying our time spent together once again. I will say she can be very blunt at times and I found that refreshing. She is a true Angel, Thank you.
I was skeptical. I was wrong. Working with Adele has changed my life entirely. I am at peace with myself, I have taken the steps I needed to take to free myself from my past. Adele is compassionate and understanding, and there can be no doubt when you are talking with her that there is great love in the room. I know that I did the work myself, but had I not gone to her, I would not have known how. She is wonderful.
I arrived for my session with Adele with a very heavy heart. She immediately put me at ease. I had "visits" from unexpected family members who had passed, and was able to discuss spiritual things in my life that have allowed me to move forward with more confidence and peace than I have felt in years. She knew specific timing of specific events in the lives of those around me that confirmed there could be no guesswork involved. She was most definitely the "real deal".
This was the first time I have had a reading and went in with an open mind. Adele was great. My boyfriend who died 5 months ago came through and I was so thrilled. She was so on the mark, and even on my way home a few things I was unsure about became clear! It was a very uplifting experience. I will definetly see her again and would recommend her to anyone looking for a Medium.
Adele is such a gifted channel medium. My Mom came in right away and she was talking to me like she has never left. I got all the verification I needed as Adele gave me all the answers with my career and personal relationship. I am still on cloud nine and if you are looking for someone to give it to you straight, then you MUST call Adele, she is an Angel!
I just had a phone reading with Adele and I am so thrilled. Her voice was very soothing as she talks to you. My Mom came in right away and I just cried from the sheer love that I was feeling. Adele gave me everything I needed as she gave me so much information without my having to ask anything. I am going to tell all of my friends as we have had many readings in the past with so many different psychics and mediums and no one has given me everything that Adele did during my time with her.
I found Adele Linsalata from your website and I am so glad I did. She is incredible, I had a private session with her and she gave me so much information I was speechless. I did not have to ask her any questions she started right off explaining everything to me and from there she did not stop. I will definitely go back to see her again as she has helped put closure in my heart. I am ready to re-start my new life. Thank you for finding her.
I recently had a private reading with Adele over the phone. She has an amazing energy that is hard to describe, but I thoroughly found the experience to be one that I needed and will be connecting back to her. Adele’s messages were right on and she gave me so much information that when I looked at my questions that I had written down before the appointment that I had no more questions to ask. I will say she does not hold back with the message, even if I do not want to acknowledge it to myself.

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