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Peter Rivard
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There has never been a more important time than NOW to step out of suffering and struggle and into a beautiful way of "Being." Peter Rivard is a Master Healer and Spiritual Intuitive. He has an innate way of activating your Original Blueprint of Wholeness, awakening divine light and awareness into the programs in your system that create suffering in your daily life. Are you looking for help with pain, chronic Illness, mental confusion, and connecting to the Source of Life? Peter is able to meet you wherever you are, offering relief from mental confusion and physical pain. Each session is an unwinding of stories, dramas, traumas that can keep you held in suffering. It is time for all of us to relax deeply, let go, and transmute all the old energies so that we may radiate our Divine Light! Sessions are experiential, meaning you will experience profound shifts in your physical, mental and spiritual life.

Since Peter was a small child, he has had an intimate connection and innate knowledge of what he calls the "bigger picture." This led him to study with Master Healers, Religious and Spiritual Teachers, Gurus, and several energy healing modalities. Peter works with his intuition, Divine Light, natural law, frequency, vibration, sound and the ultimate Stillness from which everything arises.

Single sessions are available. However, Peter recommends 3 sessions a week apart and follow up sessions 2- 3 weeks later for tune ups to establish lasting change.
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Listed since: Mar 17, 2021

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