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TESTED AS LEGITIMATE BY BOB OLSON - Listed on BestPsychicMediums.com. "Jane Fecteau is both a medical intuitive and energy healer who healed an injury I had for over 5 months in just a few sessions. She prevented me from having surgery, which meant no incision, no anesthesia, no pain medication and no physical rehabilitation to follow. If you have an illness or injury that needs healing, Jane's healing abilities can be life-changing, especially if you've been dealing with a chronic issue or pain that you have not been able to heal in other ways." ~ Bob Olson, BestPsychicDirectory.com Founder

A Medical Intuitive & Energy Healer, Jane Fecteau has developed a remarkable compilation of healing techniques that first evolved from her own healing crisis where she transformed extreme sensitivities that once caused distress into their higher expression of advanced healing methods. This highly visionary work accesses all areas of physiology and cellular biology as well as spiritual and life path issues. Her approach to healing is direct and efficient, which enables the maximum amount of healing during a client session.

Focus of Practice:
Jane Fecteau maintains a busy full time healing practice working with people who express a wide variety of health concerns. During the last 20 years Jane has developed a strong medical intuitive ability to literally see into the body, into physiologic systems, and into areas of distress. She follows the body’s instructions to identify and correct the root cause of the problem. This process honors the body’s wisdom and empowers the client in their own journey of hope and self healing.

A Session with Jane:
A session can begin with a presentation of an injury or illness that is slow to resolve. Typically, other areas or systems are considered in order to assess the health of immune, endocrine and neurological functions. Jane can detect subtle degrees of disturbance that may have eluded standard testing, imaging, lab work and physical examination. She can see at a glance the person’s health history; for example the presence of residual scarring long after a lung infection has healed. All the while, she is looking over the health horizon. In this way all health concerns are properly and comprehensively addressed.

Additional Information: 

Jane Fecteau, Intuitive Healing, Inc., is not intended to replace conventional forms of medical care. It can, however, complement any forms of medical treatment or holistic care that you are currently receiving. Jane Fecteau, Intuitive Healing, Inc is not used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or psychological disorder. Jane Fecteau, Intuitive Healing, Inc is not a substitute for medical care or psychological treatment. Any stories or testimonials contained herein, do not constitute a warranty, guarantee or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using Jane Fecteau, Intuitive Healing, Inc services or the techniques described herein.

Stories of Healing from Happy Clients

One of our healing sessions with Jane was to prepare our daughter’s body for major surgery to remove a 7lb tumor in her pelvis. The goal was to ensure that her kidney and pancreas transplanted organs were separated from the tumor and would not have to also be removed as the doctors’ had feared, post surgery. The first words out of the surgeon’s mouth were “Best Case Scenario!!!!”. The Kidney surgeon was done in record time and the other complications expected never materialized!!!Also, during the healing session Jane had noticed that one corner of the tumor was stuck on something, she didn’t know what, but felt it would be okay. When I asked the surgeon how it went removing the tumor she said….. “it was fine except that a corner of the tumor was tangled in the urethrae of the kidney, and other than having to free it loose everything went better than expected.” Ohhhh Man!!! Now THAT’S FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!! THEN, post surgery Jane worked on healing my daughter’s wound. When I got to the hospital that day I couldn’t believe it…. she was sitting up in a chair! AND…, she had walked around the hospital floor. The doctors were absolutely stunned at her rate of recovery….Jane is truly gifted. We have stories galore of other miraculous events post healing sessions for our daughter’s numerous & serious medical issues. I could write for days, but it can be summed up in a few simple words…. If you or a loved one are in need… go see Jane and experience the healing first hand. It is truly astounding! ~ Cindy Reynolds, CA

For the first time in years, my mother is alert and awake. And unlike her ‘awake’ days before, she walks without the use of her walker, is doing stairs by herself, without someone having to pick up her legs (and last week, without a walker, she went out to the end of her driveway to get her mail, which she has NOT done in 7-8 years!) She calls her friends and family, goes shopping, has her hair done, and wants to get her license back. She is on the go and it’s great having our Mother back. I am grateful that to our Heavenly Father and Blessed Mother, that you had a vision one night of my mother’s brain and you received the insight as to how to ‘repair’ Mom’s brain. You work molecularly on blood flow to her brain by breaking down the plaque in her carotid arteries that go to and from her brain. (Note- Unbeknownst to you, Mom’s physician had just told us that she had plaque build up in her carotid arteries, but because of her age and the seriousness of the surgery- there’s nothing he could do for her). You work on her muscle strength, blood sugar stability and other health issues, which have all shown signs of improvement. As mom’s ‘good days’ become more prevalent (as often as 5-6 ‘AWAKE’ days in the same week!) a couple weeks ago, I asked if you could bring Mom back without the ornery disposition, and we laughed. You told us that we’ll get Mom back- just as she is- all the good and not so good parts……I’ll be damned if my brother Charlie didn’t call me last week and said “Well, I know my mother is back because she called me up to chew my ass out.” We laughed and agreed what a miracle this has been and we are grateful to God and the healing abilities that He’s given to you. As an educated woman, the more I know, the more I realize, I DON’T KNOW. I can’t explain how Jesus healed the sick, infirm, blind, and even the dead. I don’t know how dowsers, medicine men, and healers work. They just do. These visits are not cheap. But when we figure that she spends about $6,000.00 a year on her prescription medication (even with insurance and Medicare), the amount of money spent on her healing sessions, approximately $3,500.00 is the best money spent ever! When in fact the $6,000.00 on out of pocket prescriptions hadn’t done that. There is a time and a place for all medicine—some in pill form, some in the form of touch, prayer, molecular re-configuration for the brain, heart, body and soul and/or all the above. ~ Respectfully submitted by Jo Roderick, Grace’s daughter. Thank you. God bless you-Jo, Charlie and Billy, Grace’s children. Jo Roderick, Portland, ME

I have known Jane for several years, she blew me away by fixing a back spasm I was having at a networking meeting I was running. I was a complete non believer, although I liked her just fine I thought intuitive healer was, well, so much crap. I have been dealing with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia for a couple of years now, and the fatigue was debilitating. As a last resort I contacted Jane to see if she might be able to help me. As I walked in she noticed that I was having difficulty with my right knee and asked about it. I explained that there was nothing she could do about that as there was no cartilage and I was awaiting knee surgery. I was there because of extreme fatigue.. She immediately said well ok then let’s get started. So I went to her treatment area and she began whatever it is that she does, don’t get me wrong, she explained to me what she was doing as she was doing it but I really didn’t “get” any of it. I used Jane as. Last resort, my doctor wanted to put me on a medicine that is a neurotoxin!!!!! I digress. She started my just touching my arm, I asked if she was using needles, but no, just her hands. She moved to my feet, again with the barest of touches things were changing. ( I know, no freaking way, right?) Jane then “worked on” my knee. No manipulation, no pain, the barest of touches, and she’s telling me something needs alignment and she’s working on it… okay … and then she mentions something about cortisol… working on it… now again, she proved herself to me years ago, I trust her, she’s the real deal, but I already told her there is nothing she can do about my knee, it’s physical, there’s no cartilage. Fast forward, the session is over. I don’t feel all that different, maybe more relaxed, but a long talk with a friend can do that.. here’s the kicker: when I followed her up the stairs, I walked up the stairs!!! No, you don’t understand, I. Walked. Up. The. Stairs!!! The stairs that I had previously taken by step up, bring up right leg, step bring up right leg, I took right leg up left leg up like normal people take the stairs and it didn’t hurt!!! That is EPIC! It is not why I sought her out, but wow! It’s been three years of pain with that knee and without surgical intervention it feels better. I will know more about the fatigue in a couple of days, but had to post this now because I never in a million years thought she could help with the knee. Thank you Jane. ~ Helen Hajany, Sanford, ME

What can I say about Jane Fecteau? How about that “I don’t believe in people like Jane and what they claim they can do.” That’s basically what I told Jane the very first time that I met her. She laughed, outstretched her arm and said “Hi I’m Jane, it’s nice to meet you. Would you like to come in? Or not?” I begrudgingly went in saying “well, I’m here and I have my money so let’s get this over and done with so that I can go home.” (I had literally tried everything modern medicine had to offer and nothing helped alleviate my horrid pain and give me a better prognosis for the future. Again Jane politely chuckled, guiding the way for us. But in all honesty, all I could think was that “I should just put my money on the ground and set it on fire!” My husband helped me into Jane’s office and the rest is history, and a glorious history at that. Jane had me lay down on her table and after 5 minutes (no lie!) she managed to get rid of an excruciating and debilitating headache that I had had for almost 2 years after multiple brain surgeries for a brain tumor. I was speechless, which if you talk to my husband, is an extreme rarity for me. Over the course of the next 2 years, Jane diligently worked with me to help me recover from my brain surgeries and 4 failed fusion surgeries on my neck involving my C4, C5, C6 vertebrae. I’ve learned to walk and talk again, to attend to my personal hygiene and even get back to driving, cooking, and cleaning the house again, all with Jane’s help. I know what you’re thinking “Cooking. And cleaning the house?” Trust me when you’ve been so miserably sick, in horrible pain, and are unable to do these things, when you finally feel well enough to tackle what most consider mundane but necessary chores, you celebrate with excitement!” I should note that when I first saw Jane, I was barely walking with a walker with the assistance of my husband to get from Point A to Point B, I could not drive, my husband bathed, dressed and blow dried my hair, he cooked for me and fed me as I was unable to do any of these normal things myself. When doctors gave me a 6 month “expiration date” as I called it, I became determined to take my life back into my own hands, to control my own destiny, to leave this life on my own terms and not until I was damn good and ready to do so. I should note that just prior to seeing Jane, we (my devoted and loving husband and I) fired approximately 5 doctors in one fell swoop, including my two neurosurgeons at a prestigious Boston hospital. We made the conscious decision to take an alternative approach to my health because modern medicine was an abysmal failure, so we were going to do this our way. We Thank God for our devoted best friends who, broken-hearted as they watched me fading away, forced me to see Jane. They wouldn’t take “no” for an answer figuring I had nothing to lose, and that is how I found Jane. Because let’s face it, I never would’ve gone and searched for someone like Jane because I just wasn’t a believer. But Jane changed me and my perceptions about people like her.Now I’m not saying that Jane is Jesus, we all know that there is only one Jesus. But Jane has most certainly been given a gift by God, the gift of healing energy. In fact, Jane is full of energy, literally full of energy, it exudes out of her and she guides it to help you heal. I still can’t begin to wrap my head around Jane’s ability, it’s truly unexplainable, so I’ve stopped trying. I just accept Jane for who she is, a Gift from God. I’m so thankful that God through our friends, guided me directly to her. What can I say about Jane? She’s a Godsend and she saved my life. ~ Valerie, Lebanon, ME

Read more of Jane's happy client stories here: https://www.janefecteau.com/testimonials/

Listed since: Jun 6, 2012


My lower extremities were very swollen for five months following a surgery. My doctors weren't healing the situation. Jane told me how to heal myself naturally with two simple foods and her advice worked beautifully!
I was referred to Jane for Multiple Sclerosis, spinal stenosis, and a uterine tumor. I was in horrid medical debt, but then friend gifted me sessions (earth angel!) After seeing Jane, my tremors stopped, spots on my brain are vanishing, and the tumor is gone. I can now work more, walk my dog, and get on my horse. Things I was very depressed I couldn't do before. I am truly humbled by her gifts. All my love and Thanks to Jane, and my angel - true light warriors
I have only had three sessions with Jane and have already noticed an improvement in my health. I have several health issues, leaking disk in my back, sleep apnea, Parkinson’s disease and Epstein Barr Virus. All of these combined are causing extreme fatigue and exhaustion, significant pain, difficulty breathing, and “flu” like symptoms. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. Jane has reinstated my relatively lifeless state to a point that I can actually accomplish small tasks. Thank you Jane.
I had my first session with Jane today. I am a very sensitive psychic/medium. I have had 12 surgeries over three years on my leg. I can tell you that I am at this moment in the least amount of pain I have been in three years! Jane talks you through your anatomical issues as she energetically heals. I have more work to do and will document each session. Jane is a healing angel we are blessed to have her. I am a believer and encourage anyone with illness to embrace this amazing experience!
Hello, Bob I just had my first session with Jane Fecteau...It was everything and more.......She is outstanding in her knowlege and method of healing! I not only feel that she will help me with my physical ailments but enlighten me to go on with my own healing journey! It was your wonderful letter that inspired me to contact her...Thank You so much, Christine
I have had several sessions with Jane, with each one generating positive results. Issues we have worked on include those related to health, finances, trauma and relationships. Jane's skill with intuiting details and adjusting energy have enabled a depth of healing to occur. Jane is sensitive, warm, precise, and interested in her clients well-being. I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to address long standing, complex issues or identify hidden conditions.

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