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Want to feel lighter, brighter and more at peace with clear answers? Choose Beth Lynn to get direct, honest, compassionate feedback. Beth uses her gifts to connect with Spirit-led wisdom, to help you feel more clearly focused and aligned with truth. She's fast and accurate, which helps you cut quickly to the heart of your question. By connecting with God and Spirit, you can get a clearer vision of your situation.

Beth provides direction that will help you reach your full potential, and soar beyond your current state.

Beth combines her natural intuitive and spiritual gifts, with advanced training and certification. Schedule a session and tap into her resources for your personal peace and growth:

1) Intuitive Advisor - answers and direction, in a loving, honest, and direct manner.

2) Intuitive Coaching - on how to use your own intuitive gifts to maximize the full potential.

3) Personalized Healing Resource - collaboratively release past trauma, clear subconscious programming, and create a more fulfilling path with self-mastery.

Beth's goal is to help you align with your personal truth. Beth helps you to rise above the noise and to help you gain insight, and learn to tap and follow your own intuition. Schedule your personal session to give you the answers, clarity and direction needed for positive transformation and extraordinary results.

Additional Information: 

When making important decisions in life, the defining advantageous “X factor” is intuition. The greatest leaders, scientists, business executives and artists have found their success in tapping their intuition to produce phenomenal results. Intuition accesses the deepest recesses of our full intelligence, which are connected to God and the super-consciousness. My role is to provide you with my intuitive gifts and to coach you on how to strengthen yours.

Target your areas of primary concern:
- Relationships, Dating, Marriage
- Career Guidance and Strategic Planning
- Parenting and Family Issues
- Business Consultation
- Finance and Money
- Wellness Inventory - Health, Nutrition, Exercise
- Spiritual Guidance and Expansion

Here are just a few of the intuitive healing modalities that we can use in your journey to heal and nurture yourself:

Intuitive Spirit-led Wisdom:
- Have your own personal sounding boarding and advice to help make wise decisions
- Tapping your dormant wisdom to become your best self
- Create a safe, private, loving space for Spirit-led feedback

Spiritual Response Therapy Benefits:
- Research and clear subconscious blocks and accumulated negative programming
- Create lasting change by releasing stuck energy and patterns from the past
- Feel a release of tension and restored peace, joy, at-one-ment and love

One Brain Integration / Structural Neurology Advantages:
- Reduce emotional & physical stress
- Defuse past stress from trauma
- Enhance learning awareness and performance

I look forward to providing you the uplifting clarity, wisdom and peace through your own personal session.

Listed since: Oct 14, 2019

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