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Gina Scarpino

Gina Scarpino Psychic Medium & Spiritual Life Coach Spiritual gifts mentor/Reiki Master/Yoga Instructor Gina is an Evidential Medium and spot on Psychic! She sees your aura colors to look into your past, present, and future situation! In need of life direction, relationships, career, health or finance? Gina is straightforward yet compassionate with her readings. She provides the answers to your questions along with giving guidance to you
(Nearest City: Louisville KY; Reviews 3; Listed since: Jan 19, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Leslie Obrzut

Psychic Medium Readings - I have a unique ability to harness universal information for my clients to empower and uplift them. Psychic readings offer clarity on current situations and explores future possibilities ahead in Career, Finance, Love and Relationships, Family, Health, Travel, Spiritual experiences, and much more. Mediumship readings connect with your loved ones spirit, and your spirit guides for healing and guidance in any area of your
(Nearest City: Louisville; Reviews 0; Listed since: Dec 19, 2019) :: READ MORE...

Carrie Kenady

I am an intuitive empath and people medium, which means that I can tune in to your present energy, give important messages from your angels and spirit guides, and provide specific evidence from your loved ones on the other side. Many have told me that my readings have imparted life-changing awareness, closure, comfort, light, and peace. I am also a pet psychic. I can either be in the same room as an animal or see a clear picture to pick up on
(Nearest City: Lexington; Reviews 2; Listed since: Jan 19, 2015) :: READ MORE...

Elizabeth Barnett

30 plus years of professional Psychic Counseling, including Medium & Pet Readings. British born, US based, world traveler. Appeared on TV & Radio regionally in Kentucky, Ohio & Tennessee. Accurate, compassionate and detailed Psychic Readings either in person or by telephone - some services such as Medium Readings are only offered for in person appointments. Free tape recording of the session. Many references available. Also featured at large
(Nearest City: Lexington; Reviews 1; Listed since: Jan 30, 2017) :: READ MORE...

Beth Lynn

Want to feel lighter, brighter and more at peace with clear answers? Choose Beth Lynn to get direct, honest, compassionate feedback. Beth uses her gifts to connect with Spirit-led wisdom, to help you feel more clearly focused and aligned with truth. She's fast and accurate, which helps you cut quickly to the heart of your question. By connecting with God and Spirit, you can get a clearer vision of your situation. Beth provides direction
(Nearest City: Louisville; Reviews 0; Listed since: Oct 14, 2019) :: READ MORE...