Michele Rothberg

Michele Rothberg
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Michele Rothberg is certified Psychic Medium. She delivers evidential, compassionate, warm, detailed messages and descriptions of loved ones who have passed. Intuitively, Michele can look at your pressing life issues and help to clarify your best path forward. She is extremely accurate, wise and full of insight. You will leave your reading feeling lighter and brighter!
Michele is a Certified Psychic Medium through Ginger Quinlan with Soul Sessions Academy.

"I am so grateful for the reading you gave me today, thank you!. Not only was the information you shared spot-on, but it was also warmly relayed and delightfully contained the essence and humor of my mother (love that she cracked you up!)! The information you provided is an invaluable asset as I am making significant changes in my personal life and enjoying tremendous growth and change in my professional life. I look forward to referring many others to you for their own enlightening experience, in fact I've already sent two of them your way!"
Blessings and gratitude,
Susan Lee Fields,
Coach, Educator and Certified Hypnotherapist
Bellevue, WA

Additional Information: 

I have been providing psychic and mediumship readings professionally since 2011. I offer readings by phone and Skype/Zoom to locations all over the world. I provide medium readings, psychic readings, pet psychic readings and combination readings.

Every Medium is different, yet I believe we all want to provide our clients with the same thing: a sense of peace in the knowing that our loved ones are still with us and that the bond of love is forever. I am a Certified Psychic Medium and Intuitive Consultant through Ginger Quinlan with Soul Sessions Academy.

Listed since: Nov 25, 2017


I've had a number of medium/psychic readings during my long life, including some from well-known readers. I've never had one as accurate and uplifting as what Michele has given me. All my loved ones in spirit came through during the medium reading, and all my questions were answered during the psychic reading. Michele is extremely gifted, and I feel blessed to have found her. She never disappoints and is one of the kindest people I've ever met. Thank you, Michele!
Michele did a wonderful & spot on reading for me today!! I will definitely go to her agin in the future for advice.
Michelle is amazing at what she does. You can really tell she is passionate about it. The reading I had was pretty spot on. My husbands grandmother came thru and it was absolutely wonderful! I got goosebumps a few times thru the course of our reading. I would highly recommend Michele to everyone! She has wonderful energy!
Michele provides the BEST readings I have ever experienced. I have tried many people and none compare to Michele. She is very thoughtful and kind. The information she provided was very specific and accurate. I am very happy to recommend her to anyone! Especially those that have not had a reading. Once you spend time with Michele, you will be so grateful for her abilities.
Michele is compassionate and radiates positive energy. She delivers the messages from spirit in gentle words and is aware of the effects these sessions can have. A gifted psychic and medium i place my trust in her. She reads with accuracy and overall enthusiasm, and i am always genuinely excited to have our sessions. She had been an influential guide in my own spiritual growth and i recommend her highly.

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