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Psychic Life, Health, & Relationship Coach. Angelic Reiki Master. Get peace, clarity, direction, and Angelic Healing. Become a Master of Miracles™ in your own life. Exclusive discount & must see video below.

* - You want clarity and direction for life, health, relationships
* - You're an Empath or Energetically aware and you want to understand how to harness (and shut off) your gifts
* - You long for a deeper connection to your Higher Self or Divine
* - You are ready to make a change in your life
* - You are willing to do what it takes to step up your game

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Listed since: Jun 26, 2016


I first met Jodi thru a mutual friend while volunteering in India. Our friend felt we had very similar stories/life experiences and would be beneficial to chat. Jodi and I had an immediate connection through our stories and just talking with her was a HUGE help! She has talked me through extreme abusive traumas with my now ex-fiance that helped me find myself amongst the traumas so that I could work on the core of my needed self care and ultimate healing!
I received a reading from Jodi a few months ago, and was incredibly satisfied with the level of care and thoroughness she provided. Some of the themes that came up in the reading are now presenting themselves in my life, and I feel better equipped because of the information she was able to provide.
I met Jodi Ana in 2014 and she's has become a shining light in my life. She's is on a mission to bring healing to the planet- she is a power house of loving angelic energy and I can fully recommend her for her abilities to heal, to bring us back to our centre and to remember love. She was the first person to teach me what it means to live from the heart, a truly authentic heart medicine woman, she is a blessing to us all.
I received a reading from Jodi back in June and it really blew me away. It was tremendously accurate, yet the thing I enjoyed the most was that Jodi tailor made a plan to help move me forward. What a refreshing experience, she truly has a strong connection with Spirit.
Jodi Ana blessed me with a reading. I could never be happier than receiving her gentle messages from loved ones who have passed. Her energy is like a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel. Anyone choosing to spend some time talking with Jodi Ana will come out enlightened and loved.
“Did I believe in miracles? No, I didn’t. Not until I met Jodi and the magical blessing [and spiritual coaching] that she gave me. After that moment I feel that my life has changed dramatically, for the better. Everything seems to fall perfectly into place, no struggle, no anxiety, just let go into the hands of the Divine. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!
Jodi Ana gave me a very accurate reading. I received wonderful suggestions on how to improve my life from Jodi Ana. I had been having some medical issues and she picked up on these and gave me good suggestions. She is an excellent medical intuitive. She has a very warm, loving, positive energy about her. I highly recommend Jodi Ana.
I didn't have a psychic reading however I talked to Jodi regarding health issues. She showed me how to use a Pendelum so I know what foods I can eat. We talked about several different avenues I could try. Loved all your help.
I"ve had the pleasure to get to know Jodi personally the past few years. Jodi is the real deal folks! She is genuine! Jodi is intuitive, and empathic. Above all, she has insight from realms beyond. Jodi has personally helped me in my journey toward a higher vibration of living. She is an amazing woman and I will never be able to express how much I love Jodi!
Jodi was very helpful to my situation and I didn't need to tell her what was going on. She is a sparkle in my life and if I need advice again, I will turn to her. Her words were very encouraging and I felt satisfied and enlightened. Thank you, Jodi, for being who you are and keep on your spiritual path. Namaste'!
I was speaking with Jodi while attending the Institute of Itegrative Nutrition and she gave me excellent advice and she is so easy to talk to and intuitive that in the middle of our convesation, she unconsconsciously grabbed for something, lifting a piece of cloth away from her Angel cards and realized she was supposed to give me a reading regarding my current projects, myself and my relationships and provided me with encouragement, confidence & blessings. Jodi's the real deal, I recomend her!
As a Psychic myself I rarely go for readings but when I do it's with Jodi Ana! She is always spot on with her clarity and understanding of what is needed. I take to heart her readings and they have enhanced my life whether it is through helping empower me to get moving on my business or to make recommendations for renewed spiritual growth... Jodi Ana has what it takes to help bring you clarity, growth and messages from Spirit to benefit you in every aspect of your life!
I had a Spiritual Empowerment Reading from Jodi. In the past, most people were not able to tap into my energy field but Jodi was able to clearly guide me on the path that I was meant to be. She has such a positive and caring energy, like nothing I have ever dealt with in the past. She guided and provided me with tools to allow me to fulfill my purpose in this world. She is an amazing healer and I highly recommend her for anything you may need.

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