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Sandie Byrne
Sandie Byrne


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Limerick, Ireland


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IRELAND: (0504) 60069 / (087) 15 0462 UK: (0203) 627 4281 US: New York: (0917) 720 0135 CANADA: Toronto: (437) 8868419


Based in Tipperary, Ireland and descended from generations of Psychics and Mediums Sandie is an Evidential Psychic Medium who has been communicating with spirit since she was a little girl. Her Great Grandmother was a very well known reader in Ireland during WW2 right up until her passing in the 1970s.

Although she was communicating with spirit since she was born it wasn't until she grew older that she became much more comfortable with her ability and proceeded to train at the Internationally renowned "Arthur Findlay Spiritualist College" in London, England.

As a medium Sandie has worked extensively in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States and Canada.

In addition to passing on messages from spirit and evidence of life after death Sandie gives guidance on life issues through Tarot cards and Angel Cards, as well as numerology readings.

Personal readings are available worldwide (onlive by Zoom) and full details are available on her website:

Book your appointment online:

Sandie also has her own podcast and releases a new episode each Wednesday. Listen here:
(also on ApplePodcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify etc..)

If you want more regular spiritual content, Sandie has a Patreon where she does a live reading session once a month just for subscribers, you also get video episodes of each podcast, and extended editions of podcast interviews and access to members only Discord channel so you can chat with likeminded spiritual people. You can subscribe for just €5/us$6 per month):

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Phone IRELAND: (0504) 60069 mobile: (086) 175 0462

Phone UK: London: (0203) 627 4281

Phone US: New York: (0917) 720 0135

Phone CANADA: Toronto: (437) 8868419



Twitter: @SByrneMedium

For all information on readings, events etc please refer to the website:

Listed since: Jan 20, 2014


Had a reading with Sandie yesterday.. I was very happy with my card readings, and she was spot on with everything she told me.. And the fact that she gives you a CD is great as you can forget some of the information as you're taking in so much over the hour long reading.. Highly reccomend her.. And a lovely person also.. ❤️
Just fantastic! Sandie got things that I couldn’t believe! It was my first time going to a psychic well impressed
I had a reading with Sandie this week and I found it very good.Her warm and kind personality put me at ease initially .She connected with members of my family and she gave clear details. I also look forward to taking on the guidance from the tarot card readings .I would highly recommend.
I had a reading with Sandie last week. She was absolutely brilliant!! She made me feel so at ease during the whole reading! Sandie was so specific with information and details when connecting with my love one! I 100% believe in Sandies gift she is amazing! I guarantee if you book with her you won't be disappointed!! Thanks Sandie X
Sandie was right on with my reading today. She touched some issues regarding family, finances and love. I was truly inspired by her expertise. I look forward to the things/changes she saw in my future. I will continue to highly recommend Sandie to anyone that is looking for some direction or confirmation in their life. Joanne
I met Sandie last Sunday the 18th of November,2018 in Galway.She was very friendly & knew alot about me ....She is very smart too.Thanks a million Sandie.
Was lovely to meet you Sandie. I had a reading this week and I was very impressed. From the first meeting Sandie was very friendly and chatty & put me at ease straight away. All I can say is she knew stuff that she couldn’t possibly guess. Great experience.
i visited sandie a couple of weeks ago and found her absolutely incredible and very accurate in everything she told me about my mum and dad and brother.make sure to make an appointment soon I highly recommend her
Highly recommend Sandie, she is a very special soul. Not only is she a genuine and kind person but also extremely gifted. She put me at ease and explained how she would carry out my reading. I was very happy with my reading, Its given me some comfort and hope. I found alot of my reading to be accurate and I look forward to having readings done again with Sandie.. x
Went to sandie last week and found her very accurate in her medium reading. She is also a very lovely and charming lady. I would highly recommend her and hope to see her again soon for a psychic reading.
Sandy done the tarot cards with me. I cant fault her on what she said about my past, she didnt get anything wrong with that..she brought up a few present points in which I told her nothing, and I knew who she was talking about..She spent a good hour with me and she is a really down to earth girl. I didnt detect a chancer. I was very satisfied with my reading.
Sandie Byrne is amazing and very gifted psychic medium. Few days ago I went for a live show and she did contact with my father who past last year. She describe him exactlyvhow he was and told me thinks that no one could know about my lovely dad. I really reconi her if anyone thinking to who they go for a reading , because Sandie is very gifted and very kind and beautiful lady.
It is a long time since I went to a psychic evening. Sandie was fun and informative. Very accurate when she did the readings, making sure that she was delivering the reading to the right recipient. She brought me a very old friend and Sandie was spot on with what she told me. Thank you Sandie for a lovely evening. I look forward to the next time I can come and see you
Went along with my sister to have a readings with Sandie10 days ago.We were amazed by how much she was able to help us and give us message from our Da using his wit and expressions. It was his 1st anniversary and we hadn't given any clues .Sandie brought so much comfort to us and we felt we got much needed reassurance. Sandie is a kind gentle lady with an amazing gift. We will be back . Big thanks
I went along with my sister to Sandie's home to have a reading 10 days ago. She was such a gentle warm lady and made us feel totally at ease.We hadn't given Sandie any clues to who we wanted to connect with or other information. It was our da's 1at anniversary and he made himself known to Sandie immediately, messages were related to us via Sandie with words and terms that could only be known to us . We had so many memories and messages which helped us so much. We will be back+ recommend to all
It was a pure delight to meet Sandie a few weeks back for a medium reading. She's very easy company & I felt very relaxed throughout my visit with her. And the reading..well WOW! She was spot on. She could tell me things only I would have known. Following a few tragic deaths in my family, I can tell you that what she said brought huge comfort to me & to my family, particularly my Mum. Sandie is gifted, honest, warm,a very genuine lady. I feel blessed having met her & would highly recommend her X
I had a medium reading with Sandie last November at her home. I found Sandie to be a warm, welcoming friendly person. It was my first reading. Dad, mum and my sister and a favourite aunt come through. I had questions I needed answering which they did do . Sandie did a great job bringing them through and I was in no doubt that it was them. There were things she couldn't have known about me or my relationships with them. After seeing Sandie I feel much happier. I recommend her 100% a lovely lady.
myself and 3 of my sisters went to see sandie in the tower hotel Waterford on 10th April 2017 our mam passed on the 11th June 2016 and came through with a message we were comforted from it sandie was amazing a warm person not a bit pushy I will definitely be back to her for a private reading when she comes back to Waterford
I have got a one to one reading and a phone reading done with Sandie I found her a very honest friendly no nonsense person she was very exact in the information she gave couple of my relatives came through during the reading the prediction she gave at the time I taught where a bit far fetched but I was proven wrong every thing she did say came through I have been to many reader over the years and I have to say Sandie is by far the best yet I would recommend Sandie to anyone
I have had 3 encounters with Sandie's psychic abilities, an individual reading at a fair, which is a stressful environment, but it was an intimate and caring reading, didn't even feel I was in a room with a few hundred people. She was extremely accurate but took time to clarify her answers and offer sound advice too. I also attended a public meeting and she connected with my husband without hesitation. Finally during a fb live session she brought through a message free of charge. Talented WOW
I would highly recommend sandie I've been a few times for private readings and have been left jobsmacked coming out things that no one would ever know she told me I'm due another one soon when she comes back to Waterford she has a great gift I've never been disapointed
Went to Sandie at the tower in Waterford around October 2016 didn't receive a message but found sandie brilliant not show bizzy like others very normal warm and connected​ with a few people it was amazing to watch I can't wait till 9th of April to attend again
She was so.brilliant to me and my daughter and sis i cant thank u for ur huge comfort xxx
We had a meeting with Sandie Byrne last night in Manor West in Tralee Co Kerry she is such a lovely warm open woman she was so in touch with the spirits namely four of my family it was such a joyful experience thank You Sandie i will be forever in ur debt x
I had a reading with sandie in Waterford on the 14th of October everything she said about my life was so true she didn't sugarcoat anything just told me what she saw and what she sees coming up it all made sence. She also connected with grandparents and said things she could not have knowing. I really recommend her and I'll be returning to her again in a couple of years for more
I had a reading of Sandie i was very happy with the reading the only thing that dissapointed was me that i couldn't get my reading on a disc as her recorder wasn't working but the reading itself was excellent would highly recommend
Sandie read for me in Minden, Ontario, Canada...she said that my dad loved me and was proud of me and that "nothing was my fault." We didn't have a close relationship but I loved him and knew that he was doing the best he could with what he knew.... Sandie is a very warm, caring person...I hope she visits Canada again
I went to see Sandie in The Tower Hotel,Waterford, she was amazing, told me things no one else could ever have known.She connected so well with my Mother,it was nice to know that she has never really stopped being my mother and also nice to know that your loved one's are still out there looking after us. I left Sandie light hearted and very much at ease.I would highly recommend Sandie Byrne,check out her Facebook page for all her contact details .This was my first reading and it won't be my last
I visited Sandie last Sunday in the milenium forum. Honestly have never had a more accurate specific reading before and the messages she was able to give me from loved ones who passed was absolutely incredible. Everything she told me was so accurate and meant something to me. Really can't recomend her enough to anyone wanting to visit a medium. She has such a caring nature and is just such a lovely genuine person also, will definitely be returning to her
Was at sandie show in kilkenny last night 5/2/2016 and to say she blew me away is an understatement she did a reading for me and was spot on with stuff she could not possibly have known i would recommend going to her and im looking foward to a personal reading with her in the near future i hope


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