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Loyal Psychic Truth, Elite Tarot Accuracy, Certified Clairvoyant Reading with 37+ years of Spiritual Channeling in the Angel Frequency. Think of me as a Midwest Aunty Em with an organic, warm, but direct style. You will be amazed at the accuracy and in-depth information that comes through! I will treat you like a friend and know how to say the hard things with soft words.

Questions most asked about are love, career, family, crossing over, and feelings of confusion. Just give your first name. No private info or astrology sign is needed to begin your reading. You always have free will. I will never tell you what to do, only what I see, with best course of action for your life path.

@ I will not judge you.
@ I will be truthful, but tactful.
@ I won`t play God and predict death or lifespan.
@ I will help "form" your questions when you are having trouble asking what you feel.
@ I will not sugar coat the truth to keep you coming back. I will tell the good with the bad.
@ I will admit when I`m over my head and refer you to qualified sources.
@ I am not a fortune teller. All readings will fit within a 12-month time frame.
@ I am an Intuitive spiritual guide, but will not encourage you to be dependent on me.
@ You always have free will, your path with God is your own.


My Mission: It is my mission to show the human aspect of Psychic Reading without ego, arrogance, and fearful predictions. Creative Change is possible with wise choices.

THE MODERN DEFINITION OF CHANNELING: The ability to match one's energy with a seeker through the five natural senses in a mutual exchange of information, to solve problems, foresee outcomes and patterns, and avoid pitfalls of self-sabotage. Though my accuracy is high, the seeker always has free will. I have learned to go neutral as I connect using the assist of Tarot in "guidance" for the living. My accuracy percentage is high.

A MEDIUM READS, FEELS, AND WITNESSES SPIRIT AND ANGELS "AROUND" THE SEEKER - TO A LOVED ONE FROM THE OTHER SIDE. When I connect with someone passed on, a light switch goes on within me. As I "join" the spiritual essence, I use the assist of the Tarot to give even more detail. Many people have told me I have expressed thoughts and messages of their loved ones on the other side in an emotionally healing experience.

@ As a child I suffered from Additional Dimension Disorder, in that I could not stop reading the energy of people, houses, animals, and nature.
@ At 19 I discovered Tarot cards in a French gift shop and realized I could focus my attention on the Card symbols, which became like doors opening into the visions I saw. Quickly I began to read with great accuracy at coffee houses and art fairs, surprising even cynics.
@ In1999 I became a full-time Psychic Phone Adviser
@ In 2001 I opened my own studio, "Maries Safe Haven" to become a full-time Psychic Life Coach.
@ In 2008 I branched into Spiritual Radio with "Brass Ovary Psychic Radio" and in 2010 went to Achieve Radio TV with "Tarot Joy".
@ In 2011 I certified in Trans-Personal Hypnotherapy, and Reiki, which I pair together in a unique spiritual in-person session, "Call to the Angles." An In-depth Psychic reading addressing concerns is followed with a "Call to the Angels", followed by a gentle Angel Message reading.
@ In 2021 my mission is to become one with my gift as a Wise Woman and to author and publish my 5th book "Crones of the Hunter Moon."

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@ Please come with an open mind. Do not come to me to give you answers to questions you already believe you have the answer to. Remember! You are asking for a reading to hear my perspective and what the cards say.

@ Do not go from one reader to another to compare us against each other. Each reader takes in information differently from spirit. Each of us sees different perspectives on your questions.

@ In order to have the best reading possible, be kind, and I will give the same back to you. I love to laugh so open your sense of joy and we can have fun together.

@. You will know right away if what I tell you rings true without giving me your astrology sign, or personal information at the beginning of your reading. The less you tell me, the better and more pure your reading will be. This is a sign of true accuracy.

My newest novel is called "Bone China Mausoleum" about a Psychic who reads for an artistic serial killer during the pandemic in a twisting paranormal thriller of romance with a surprise ending that will blow you away!

Listed since: Sep 19, 2008


Has read for me for over 15 years-always adds a dimension I hadn’t considered. Spot on intuitive!
Fantastic reading with Ann Marie! Ann Marie is really easy to talk to, and she explains everything in detail. I really appreciate all of the "heads-up" I was given. I am looking forward for events that were predicated to manifest within the next couple of weeks. Ann Marie is worth your time and money!
As soon as you hear Ann Marie's voice, you can feel that she's caring and authentic. Her readings are honest, and she provides you the insight and energy surrounding your circumstances to help give you clarity in whatever decisions you need to make. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what's going on around me and how to handle it, thanks to Ann Marie, which is why I keep coming back to her for guidance. I highly recommend her!
I really appreciate working with Ann Marie. She is spot-on, intuitive, and generous. She does a great job and my reading today couldn’t have been more accurate or helpful, confirming things and providing insights, and I’m very grateful. She’s supportive, helpful, and caring, and I highly recommend her and her work.
This reading of my fingers was interesting and very accurate! Ann does a beautiful job of explaining the process/rules that she uses to inform her reading - she is a gem!
I want to thank you for the reading. As you know I was so confused and my mind was going everywhere. You helped bring me peace and gave me the answers I needed. I feel like now I could go on with my life without thinking I didn't try hard enough to make things work. Thank you!
Ann Marie was amazing. Her ability to connect while giving me an accurate account of my energy is mind blowing. I highly recommend using Marie’s services for an overall security blanket!
This is by the the very best reading I have had. The best. She was spot on. You don’t have to search anymore, tha is the person to do your reading.
i have visited with ann maries on several occasions! I've brought 4 different friends along with me to her studio & each time she has completey been spot on & reassuring. & her prices are not outlandish & affordable
Ann is very accurate and efficient. The moment she calls she explains how she conducts the meeting to read your energy. And it was astonishing how perceptive her readings are. Then she entertains questions and carries the reading forward so that you have a clear understanding of where you stand with the topics discussed. It was exactly what I needed! It will help me save myself from additional heartache! I recommend speaking with her for issues your wavering over, especially relationships.
Honestly this reading was eye opening. It told my what I needed to hear even though I didnt exactly know it. I got to check in on a loved one which was an amazing moment for me. I would definitely recommend.
I had a reading with Ann Marie today and she was SPOT ON about my situation with only asking for my name. She gave very detailed information on the circumstances surrounding my situation without my even having to ask questions. She gave timing of events - and although she stated timing cannot be set in stone, I have marked on my calendar the time frames so I can later determine the accuracy. She was amazing and I know I'll be contacting her again.
The reading I received with Ann Marie was incredible! She knew exactly what was going on in my life and was straight forward and direct. She is kind but has a no nonsense approach which I appreciate. I will definitely recommend her and be back for more readings in the future ♥️
I enjoy my readings with Anne Marie and have come back to her over the years. Her readings help clarify my thoughts and questions and guide me along my journey. I find that her intuitive insights are very accurate and it amazes me. I would recommend Anne Marie to my friends and family. Blessings Always :) xxo..
I had a positive experience and good direction to work on for my near future career outlook. Thanks for Ann Marie’s reading, it was a great conversation !
Annie, it is ALWAYS so enlightening to speak with you! I so appreciate your clarity on my situation which is delivered with such kindness and respect. Thank you for helping me get through what has been the most difficult time of my family's lives. You're a special messenger of the light and I feel blessed to know you! Not only have you helped me and my family but also our dear friends find peace with this situation. May God continue to bless you and yours.
Ann Marie was absolutely amazing! I had a very informative reading. I'm looking forward to doing a second one with her. It was well worth it!
Just finished up my 3rd reading with Ann Marie! Every reading just gets better and better! I had a lot of anxiety about some things and after talking to Ann Marie she really made me feel so at ease and even helped me understand my family as well! I will definitely be having more phone readings in the future!
Wow, what an enlightening and educational experience. Anna Marie was honest, encouraging, and engaging. She hit the nail on the head regarding about my family and I. I'm touched by her kindness, sincerity and will be calling her again. Thank you Anna Marie for sharing your wonderful gift with me. Will talk again soon.
Ann Marie was right on point with everything she said. She was kind but feisty and also to the point. I appreciated her honesty and help with clarifying some situations. I will definitely be contacting her again in the future. She has an amazing gift.
She was right on target. She was pleasant to talk to and put me at ease quickly. Thank you for being there for me and helping me learn of things to do and wait for. A+++!
I have had two sessions with Ann Marie and I think she is amazing! She is a kind and loving person, very accurate on her readings and I will definitely come back for more of her readings.
I had my first reading with Ann Marie a few days ago. I felt comfortable in a few seconds. You tell her nothing, and being relaxed, open and trusting usually gets the best results. She was accurate. As for the near future, I’m waiting to see. Would I call her again? Definitely, as a regular advisor. Thank you Ann.
Wonderful review, very interesting and in depth for the time, precise even. I feel a great deal of peace which was much needed. I will be back, thank you very kindly for sharing your gifts.
Excellent! Ann is right on. She tells the truth as it is with tact, empathy, and in a respectful way.
I greatly enjoyed my reading with Anne Marie, she was insightful about so many things that I had not been aware of and I was lost for words during her reading. She is a god send and I will definitely return for more.
This was my first reading so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she was SPOT on with everything she said when describing me and my current situation. A month later, her reading still holds true. Someone from my past reached out on the exact date she said (4 weeks later). She’s amazing!
As a fellow psychic, I seek out Guidance and Confirmation for myself on occasion. Ann Marie did not disappoint! She gave me some insight on my high level of patience that I had not necessarily been aware of but could see the significance of it in my life especially as it relates to relationships. I also received confirmation about a relationship and that was much appreciated. I feel more sure of decisions I have made because of her confirming Intuition. Highly recommend her readings!
I truly enjoyed every minute of my reading. Very insightful and relatable to my current life situations. Descriptions of relationships were spot on... I will definitely be using Ann Marie again in the near future!


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