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Tracy Bartley

Tracy Bartley
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Scheduled Reading Fee: 

$140 per hour

To Schedule A Reading Call: 

(317) 288-0272


I am a psychic, light worker, and soul healer who has been gifted with Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship, and Animal Communication. I am an open channel who connects with the upper angelic realm, including archangels. The information provided gives specific guidance from God for a deeper understanding and knowledge of your life’s path. I connect with your energy and provide information about work, career, home, relationships, love, as well as answers to your questions about pets. Because of my gift of Mediumship, death is not a barrier to the information that is available to you. Your loved ones may have messages for you or you may ask about someone in particular. I, at all times am loving and honoring of you and those with whom you are connecting. I work with many guides and especially deeply with Mother Mary and the Archangels and I will tell you all that the Creator and my guides are showing me. Your consultation naturally and spontaneously includes very deep inner soul work that helps to clear and heal hurts, anguish, trauma and other deeply rooted, accumulated emotions. I honor your privacy and each consultation in strictly confidential. I look forward to being of service to you.

Additional Information: 

Listed since: Dec 1, 2011


Tracy is simply amazing. I would definitely recommend her. You don't have to tell her anything- you just give her the subject and she take off with it. Tunes into the situation immediately- describes people's personalities and motives- and then tells you what you can do to best handle the situation. She has an excellent vision and a very calming demeanor. Not everything that she told me was exactly what I wanted to hear, but she tells it with kindness and compassion so you understand why.

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