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Kristen Leona Miller

Kristen Leona Miller
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Kristen Leona has been intuitive and sensitive to Spirit since she was a young child.  She guides and advises others for their highest good.  She has given insight to many satisfied clients, and her mediumship readings have given loved ones a sense of comfort and peace.  She has been a guest on numerous and varied radio programs, providing listeners with on air readings.  Kristen has been described as being compassionate, caring, honest, and sincere.  She has a healing energy about her that fills clients with positive energy.  She works with Spirit for the highest good of individuals in the physical body, and also those no longer in their physical body.  She has created white light and has crossed over many earthbound spirits.  Kristen is certified as a psychic, a medium, an empath, a photo intuitive, and a healer.  She is listed on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Directory, is a columnist for Bellesprit Magazine, and is also registered as a Bellesprit Diamond Psychic and Healer.  She provides professional spiritual guidance, psychic insight, and mediumship readings via email, phone, and Skype appointments.

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Kristen is a regular columnist for Bellesprit magazine. Her articles may be seen here: . She also is a guest frequently on different radio shows, providing readings on the air for listeners. More information may be found here:

Kristen is available for phone readings, email readings, and Skype readings.


“Kristen's reading was right on target. As I read through her report, I was astounded at the clarity it brought me. She gave me insights on who I am and why I do the things I do that I would have never seen from the inside looking out. Show touched me soul and helped bring me peace in areas where peace was needed. “ - Jaimi Hemmerich

“Kristen has a wonderful gift of being able to read energies from photographs. Her readings are insightful, caring and accurate. I highly recommend!” - Dana

“Kristen ...all I can say is wow. I am amazed at your gift. For someone that has never met it seen me, you know my life better than my closest friends. I didn't tell anyone about the reading and just had them read the article. then I told them what it was...they were shocked. so was I. you picked up on my experiences as a firefighter volunteer at ground zero from a picture of me in a wedding party....astounding. since very few people know this. many more will follow me to your gift. thank you so much!” - Brian Kruckeberg

“Kristen your reading of my parents was so touching and well just can't find the words. You brought me so much peace and understanding. Thank you so much!” - Liz Redd

“Kristen, you are so gifted! Thank you so very much for connecting me with my dad again. I feel peace knowing he is still with me, thanks to you.” - Caprice Marestin

“Kristen is the real deal. She did a mediumship reading for me of my brother and it was spot on. I highly recommend her!” - Renay

Listed since: Mar 19, 2013


Kristian is not just a reader she truly cares about giving you a quality service. Kristian comes from a very loving place without ego and that keep her light not only bright but powerful. My belief is that Kristian remains humble and continues to cultivate her gift so she can help others in a time of doubt, pain and struggle. Thank-you for all you do.

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