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Michelle Gray
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$100 for 30; $180 for 60



"Screened and approved by Bob Olson." As a clairvoyant, I can see the future. I am also a clairaudient and clairsentient who can give names and accurate dates as I hear them, and can read your emotional plane or that of whoever you ask me to tune into during the reading.

My gift as a psychic reader and energy healer is to sense your emotions. As a highly intuitive individual, I am able to recognize whether you are happy, lonely, or depressed, even if you are showing the exact opposite emotion.

Angel Oracle Card Readings/Tarot Readings
Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing Sessions
I will read your emotions, help you understand them, and use them to solve issues in your life, career, and relationships. I also connect with Loved Ones from the Other Side to clarify past relationships, issues, or messages that the client is looking for healing.
My services also include intuitive readings, gallery readings, and energy healing sessions through phone, email, or in person. If you want me for your parties, just let me know. I am also a:
Clairvoyant - I see images, people, locations
Clairaudient - I hear names, dates, locations, etc.
Clairsentient (emotional aspect of the readings) - I tune in on the energy inside the client or any other person (a loved one, dead or alive)

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I am an intuitive psychic reader and energy healer providing guidance to those dealing with problems in their lives, careers, and relationships.

Some of these problems may be unknown to you. My role is to feel emotions from within and around you, which will help you discover underlying issues. Through my readings, you will gain a clearer insight on how to handle present challenges and move forward in life.

Listed since: Sep 12, 2015


Michelle was to the point and super honest. She made sure I knew what I needed in order to improve my situation, and didn't sugarcoat things.
Wow! Michelle is amazing! I have had 3 readings with her and each and every time she has blown me away! She’s a great psychic and really enjoy speak with her as she gives great advice too! She can really sense the situation and truly amazing! Give her a try! I will continue to contact her.
From a previous reading with Michelle something extremely profound came through, something that had eluded me for far too long! With that information, and some techniques she gave me to follow, I was able to flush out and understand what had influenced me from a very young age. I was blown away!! An amazing transformation is now occurring in my life!! It has been an epiphany!! Michelle is astoundingly accurate, honest and 'real'!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you Michelle!!!
I had my first reading last week with this young lady. She was well informed through her guides on the person we were looking at. I must say, she did not sugar coat any of the information. I was given the information I need to make a decision on this matter. I will use her again.
Wow!! Words cannot describe how accurate Michelle was when describing my situation as well as the people that I had in question. I have been to a few psychics but I can say without a doubt Michelle is the real deal. She is a straight shooter, which I truly appreciated. This will not be the last reading from her!
I recently had a reading with Michelle and was very happy. She was very thorough and went into great depth about my family. Just loved her and will call her again!
Holy Smokes!!!!! Michelle is amazing (no....more than amazing!!!!) at nailing down every little detail about the people in your life right now!!!! She can access and describe their attributes and imperfections with acute accuracy! Let Michelle guide you so you can make the best of the best of the best decisions regarding those around you and your energy field! She is a no-non-sense type of psychic who speaks quickly and efficiently. Michelle is generous with her time and compassion.
Michelle is the real deal. I have never had an intuitive so spot on with peoples energy and reading individual personalities. She will describe in great detail what she sees and feels. A no nonsense straight shooter with a huge heart. She is my go to psychic. She truly cares for her clients and wants the best for them. Amazing intuitive and person in general.
I am so happy. I finally connected with a psychic that read my energy so well. She is a straight shooter, I love that, and kind and patient. She told me things about my future and also how I can live a better quality of life. She is the perfect psychic for me and I am so happy I met her before the new year. She really is special.
Michelle Gray's lively reading displayed astonishing insight. My questions concerned family and friends. These insights were later confirmed. "Amazing" was the word I most frequently heard from them. I only had time for one question about myself. Next time, however, I will ask about my own hopes and dreams. She is a warm and personable individual, and her imitations of people about whom I questioned were so deft that it was as if I were hearing the person speaking! She was marvelous!
This was my 1st reading with Michelle. I have had a "lot" of readings from others. She was the most accurate I've ever had. One of the predictions she gave me was shocking as I accepted that it was going to happen, but I thought it would be a few weeks. It happened that same night. That has never happened to me before. She was fast with the information that was coming to her, but she was right about ALL of it. I highly recommend a reading by Michelle. She's also very friendly, which I love.
Michelle is a caring yet no-nonsense intuitive who tells you what you need to hear. She tunes in on point and gives details only you would know. She's AMAZING!
Michelle was great and dead-on with a number of topics. She also made me optimistically anxious for the near future. It was a pleasure to talk with her...I'll definitely be looking forward to another reading. Highly recommend!!
Michelle is a very gift person and a pleasure to talk with, I feel very comfortable discussing personal matters with her and appreciate her Insight and honesty.
Had my first reading with Michelle today and it was incredibly insightful. Her assessment of the issues was so clear and concise. She helped me with a problem that I have been struggling with for years. Helped me to finally release and move on. Sad information, and not a fun reading for either of us, but really helpful. Looking forward to my next reading to help guide me.
Michelle is an amazing psychic! She is extremely accurate and super detailed and everything she has said in readings resonated and I mean everything, she's that good!Also she reads fast so have a pen ready. I have talked with many psychics and Michelle stands out as one of the best I have ever spoke with. She is fantastic!
Michelle was exactly what I was hoping to find to clarify some relationship issues in my life. She was open to telling me exactly what was going on. I didn't feel like she was sugar coating anything. That's what I needed, to be open and straight about what she could feel the problems were, and what I needed to know so I could move on. I will definitely stay in touch with her

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