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Psychic Medium Michael Gourley started his career at 17, when his accurate predictions chilled everyone. He is recognized as a talented psychic with an amazing gift and for his unique approach and charm. Michael’s a Clairvoyant, a Sensitive (Empathy), Clairsentience (knowing), a Medium and is able to views Auras. The Northwest Herald has called Michael "America's youngest accurate Psychic". His predictions also hit Beloit Daily News with such incredible accuracy that he was invited back the following years. Beep Central Magazine stated "He is as real as they get”. (Product of Daily Herald).

In 2005, he was the youngest psychic tested and invited to come on board “America’s Best Psychics”. Where Michael has worked beside some of the most incredible psychics. He has been a regular guest on WPRT Paranormal Radio in which his Psychic/Medium talent was demonstrated to large audiences. His first appearances left people speechless and that show was the most downloaded archive ever recorded by that station. Since then he has been seen and heard all over the world. Chip from Mind Cemetery said “Michael Gourley is one of the premier psychic/medium in the world and is a breath of fresh air. Michael opens the door for the next generation of Mediums to come forward and let their talents be known and used for the benefit of all mankind”.

Michael using his Medium gift has brought closure to many families that have lost loved ones, opening up doors of communication, allowing for validation and answers to come though. Michael gives the family the ability to move to the next chapter of their lives. Michael is just not another Psychic/ Medium. He also is a spiritual counselor. He helps people who seek a meaning for life. He helps his clients to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. He helps them to find the power to make significant changes and important decisions by revealing to them, what is revealed to him. His readings prepare his clients for what's ahead so they can have a better understanding and a better approach to their situation and/or concerns.
Michael also covers other aspects of your life; Romance, Health, Finances, Career, Family, Relationships, and Spiritual guidance.

"Look to the Future, There is Love, Hope, and Happiness".
Psychic Medium Michael Gourley

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Psychic Medium Michael Gourley has been seen and heard all over the world but his home and office is in the Chicago, IL area.

Sessions are available by: In-person, Phone, Skype, Email, Text and Appearances.

You do not have to have an in-person session to be able to experience an accurate reading by Michael. His readings over the phone/Skype or email are as accurate as his in person readings.

Michael is also available for social and media appearances. Michael is always looking for a way to give back and is willing to be a part of any charities for a cause. Email us for more information at events@psychicmediummichael.com

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Listed since: Aug 23, 2012


I met with Michael in person for a medium session. He is very compassionate, kind and gifted. Within minutes of starting the session he was able to communicate with the person I most wanted to hear from and gave me messages of love, hope and joy. The session was enlightening and comforting and I plan to return to see Michael for other readings in the future.
The reading was very clear. He colud tell my a lot about my situation and how it can change. He knows a lot about my live. He is very helpfull and. Now i know my direction. Thanks a lot for you help!!
The reading was very clear. He could tell me a lot about me and my situation and how to Change. for my it was great to get a direction. befor i was impacted in my live and i dont know was i should do. he knows a lot. for my it was very helpful now i know my direction. after the skype session i was very happy and reassured for my future. thanks a lot for your help, Michael :-)
There are so many good things to say about Michael! He is such an amazing person! It is so obvious that he is doing this out of the goodness in his heart! I will never go to any other medium! He has helped me so much in the healing of losing my cousin. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone you will not be disappointed!
I have seen Michael several times in the past, and I have to say that my time with him yesterday was probably the best I have had with him. He has helped me through some stressful, challenging times with love and kindness. Often times I feel like I am being uplifted and walking on air when I leave him. There is no better feeling than that! I find him to be very accurate, and concerned that he is the most accurate he can be at all times. Michael, you are surely the "real thing"!
I had a reading with Michael Gourley, on Dec 2, 2014 .It was detailed and full of insightful information! Spot on correct , on family and so personable ! Such a loving and caring Soul ! Made me feel very comfortable! I recommend him highly ! He is a Genuine, Psychic Medium! He is Amazing, I will be talking about this , to everyone! Amanda Bodine.
I had an amazing skype session with Michael. I totally loved it! The reading was very clear, uplifting, answering all my current questions with lots of Empathy and accuracy. His words had also a healing effect on me and they were a great confirmation too. I feel empowered, very grateful and I really enjoyed our connection. Thank you Michael!
Michael has been a major part of my trying to get past grieving for a tragic passing. He told me things that were comforting and definitely gave me validation of my loved ones presence. NO QUESTION. My opinion of him and his abilities is unsurpassed. I most definitely want to see him again.
I had a reading with Michael and it was one of the most wonderful things that I have experienced. After years of asking questions, I finally received an answer and can come to terms with the relationship that I had with my mother. I look forward to future sessions with Michael!
I had a reading with Michael and it was such an amazing , rewarding experience. I was so nervous but he put me right at ease by showing me the utmost kindness and compassion. I'm still navigating this difficult grief process but Michael picked up on things about my husband that there's no way he could have known. I was amazed at the accuracy and I am so grateful that he gave me some answers and closure that I so desperately needed.


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