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What do YOU need in extraordinary times...or...today?
Healing? Hope? Guidance? enCouragement? LOVE?

Mindful of YOUR needs of her Spiritual Gifts,
Máirín provides what YOU need and deserve:
Truth. Integrity. Love. Healing. Hope. Heaven!

Calling All Seekers: What are YOUR Gifts?
Learn Your Gifts in 20 Minutes~just $60!*
Mention this *BPD Special at Booking!

Máirín's also mindful of everyone's budgets:
All Reading formats foster Healing and help....
Readings bearing your Angels' Messages~$90
Focused Conversations with Moms & Dads~$99
Intuitive Guidance re Work-Life-LOVE~just $121
Mediumistic Reading with Loved Ones~just $180
Intimate eGatherings of Friends via Skype~$300
eMeetings as Families for Healing & Hope~$450


"When I talk to you, it's like hearing from The Oracle...."
What do YOU need to learn via Life and your Gifts?

Read UP! ★★★★★
All Máirín's eBooks benefit charities!
Join Máirín's Book Club LIVE in 2021:
Discussions and Q&A with the Author!

What has YOU asking, "Who's There?"
Learn Who Travels with you in Máirín's eBook: THE OTHERS!

What Do Children See? A lot!
Teach UP in Máirín's eBook for Parents AND Kids: THE MOUSES!

What "things" do you collect? WHY?
'Meet' some of Máirín's in her five-star eBook: PRECIOUS T'INGS.

Who's Medium Máirín ~ aka worldwide, The Medium for Good?™
Máirín believes we're all mediums ~ and all gifted...for Good:
"What's your medium for doing Good?"
Let's UPlift others ~ together!"

Still curious? Please make time to read Mr. Bob Olson's interesting blog about the differences in psychics and mediums and their fees and practices:

Máirín's always curious about what happens after we meet ~ at a charity event, by phone, in your home, or in a ‘Fly-by’ Reading. Thank you for sharing your experiences with Mr. Olson!

A Reading with a Medium can also be a life-enhancing experience for some people. It always is for Máirín. Thank YOU in advance for trusting her with your Loved Ones & YOU!

Additional Information: 

Hello! I'm Máirín ~ a full-time Spiritual Healer, Medium, Empath, and Intuitive Guide. I'm also an award-winning Author, Speaker, and Coach and a passionate ADvocate™ for Families.

Who Do YOU Miss?™
A Child? Your Parents? A Lover? Friends?
I do ~ every day. [I don't use my Gift for me. ;)]

Is Heaven REAL? Am I? Don't take MY word for it....

“Sunday was an awesome day. Everything was spot on. Things you shouldn’t /couldn’t know. Left exhausted and inspired … I know there is peace.”

“I spoke with my Mom … she advised me that my Great Aunt also enjoyed gambling and wore wigs! Unbelievable. When my Mom told me that I almost fell off my chair!”

"Máirín is a must see!! I leave her feeling overjoyed, calm, and filled with so much joy and love for my loved ones in heaven!!"

“a wonderful and enlightening experience”
“¡No te go cómo agradecerle por todo!”
"I look at my soul's journey differently."
“She made me a believer!”

How does MY Mediumship work?

I communicate directly with your Loved Ones using my nine Clairs and a library of symbols I’ve developed over three decades.

In any Reading or Meeting, simply: I connect to what I experience as the Energy (-ies) around you: Loved Ones, Angels, and Guides ~ and yes, Pets.

Rather, THEY connect with ME ~ offering “un-Google-able” validations of Presence, Essence, Energy, Love ... and then? WE deliver Messages of Love, Healing, Hope, whatever YOU most need.

In generosity of Spirit and time, I endeavor that all Loved Ones who step forward are acknowledged. Even in group Readings, I do my very best to connect every participant with a Loved One. No Medium can guarantee Readings in any format ~ yet clients often comment, even if they weren’t a focus of a Reading:

“Everyone gets something out of it!”

Read what clients say THEY get from my Gifts:

Learn more about ME:

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Love IS ~ both sides of Heaven!™

Thanks so much for making time to learn about me and my Gifts.
I look forward to Reading with you ~ and your Loved Ones, too.
Meantime, especially in these troubling times for Our Word:
Look UP! Miracles abound. Angels are REAL.
And YOU? O! You are SO Loved....

Publishers ~ Publicists ~ Agents ~ Angels & Investors:
WE CAN change the world ... DOing Good FOR Good.
What's your passion? Let's BE change agents, together!

Listed since: Oct 13, 2015


I was referred to Mairin from a friend six months ago. She is a very gifted evidentiary medium indeed! During my reading she communicated things to me about my grandmother that she could have never known unless she was in direct contact with her! In the past month, I have also had an intuitive guidance session in which she has helped me refine my goals and gifts! She has helped me in a way in which I will forever be grateful. Poised. Polished. Professional and SPOT ON with her gift!
Mairin has wonderful energy and made connections that helped us realize we are surrounded by love and peace. The messages we received were not just general information. There was a lot of personal information only our loved ones and we would know and understand. If you are feeling a little empty or lost please please give Mairin a chance to fill your life with the hope and love from the other side. You will definitely enjoy your experience.
I was lucky enough to be at a reading where Maureen read for my siblings. Her gifts are amazing as so much of her information was spot on. It was incredible and would give you chills. Then I booked another reading for my husband and family, and again, Maureen amazed us with her incredible accuracy of things that had occurred. She was able to give my husband closure to some personal situations, and shared many insights with our children. I honestly cannot say enough about this gifted woman.
I met Mairin from a recommendation, and was quite eager to meet her. She surpassed my expectations with her gifts, and is extraordinarily accurate in her messages. I am very blessed for our lives to cross paths and have the opportunity to meet her. She has helped me so much, and words really cannot convey my gratitude for what she has done for me. She is beautiful and truly a gift to all she meets!
Mairin is like a breath of fresh air. There is such peace and the joy when she connects with our loved ones on the other side. Knowing they are "OK" answers a lot of lingering questions that were in the back of our minds. Sometimes information revealed only the receiver would know is amazing. Mairin is right on target.
Meeting Mairin through a friend was probably one of the best things that has happened in my life. This women is great! Whether it be finding out about the other side, or being more spiritually connected she WILL help you. She has helped me with so much in my life, and inspires me everyday. She is an inspiration and is amazing at what she does. I believe she is true Gift from God!
Marin is a blessing to those who seek spiritual peace and serenity. Thank you Marin, you are a gift from GOD. :)
I don't know where to begin to state how Mairin has helped my family heal and give "peace of mind" knowing our loved ones that have passed are happy. I became a firm believer when she stated events that happened to me over 20 years ago. She stated details that only my husband and I would know. I was shocked, but I also knew she was the "real deal". That first meeting was over two years ago and I have seen her several times with both family and friends. She is honest and the BEST!
Our reading was truly a beautiful experience which brought real peace to everyone in our group. I think of the message I received often. She truly has a gift and our reading was a blessing.
This EXTREMELY BLESSED and GIFTED Lady was drawn/lead to my sister in a store while my sister was shopping with her daughter and granddaughters. That was over 2 yrs ago. It was SUCH a moving experience that within 3 days I had her to my home to read me and 7 of my siblings. What a FABULOUS night, we all had and are STILL talking about! I've had her back no less than 5 times, to read other friends and family members. I TRULY believe that she is a GOD sent ANGEL on EARTH. I'm sure you'll agree!


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