Katie Starnes

Katie Starnes
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Rockford, IL


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100.00 1hr

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‪(779) 324-2206‬



Kate is a compassionate and straight forward reader. Her readings delve into a person's past and leads them into their future. She begins by ensuring a connection to the individual's specific energy. Spiritual chaperones; including angelic assistance and guides of both Katie and the individual's, give Katie distinct information for her clients. The intuitive guidance provided to Katie ranges from emotional and physical descriptions, to memories and messages specific from the loved one's of the individual. Clients are amazed and grateful for Katie's insight into their lives and connections made to the other-side.
The most inspiring and rewarding part of Katie's job to her, is in
connecting loved one's to those that have crossed-over to "the other
side", she believes this is the most healing aspect of her work. She is
frequently heard saying to her students and clients that, "healing & love is what
this is all about."
Katie has a very strong relationship to all fur and feather animals, as an avid animal lover and caregiver companion to a lifetime of horses, dogs, birds, and others, her abilities to connect with and understand the language of our fur and feathered friends has increased and been helpful to others with their fur and feathered friends. Issues such as house training, and other misunderstanding are very common with pets. Katie is very happy to help in such areas of communication.

Additional Information: 

Katie is an avid animal lover. She is the proud parent of two dogs, an African grey parrot, and a Russian Warmblood horse. Raised by a devoted Catholic family and after a near death experience, Katie's spiritual curiosity was peeked at an early age. The decision to read professionally came after many years of study under professional mediums and decades of intensive work in spiritual development circles. She currently coaches aspiring intuitives, as well as continues to expand her own base of knowledge. Her belief is that learning is never complete.

Listed since: Feb 24, 2010


Kate's reading was informitive and I didnt realized a few things when she said them. Kate knows what she doing. She is kind, loving and full of energy. What will she find for you?
Over the years I've had many conversations with many very good psychics and mediums and Katie is bar far the best I have ever experienced. I am still in awe of her abilities and her talent! Katie is the perfect fit for anyone interested in a reading or connecting with lost loved ones. For those who have had readings before she will confirm your belief in the hereafter and for the skeptic, she will make you a believer. I'm so thankful Katie has come into my life and I know you will be too!
As the other reviewers have said, Katie was right on. She picked up on so many things I was feeling and was able to connect with my mom and my dear, dear friend that I have been missing terribly. I will be recommending her over and over and ........
If you're looking for a TRUE psychic/medium, do yourself a favor and call Katie. Not only does she have an amazing medium ability but her psychic intuition completely blew me away.She connected with my late mother and she was unbelievably accurate. I've stayed in touch with her and I've recommended her to everyone I know. If you're looking for a real, reputable medium/psychic, don't hesitate to call Katie. You won't regret it.


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