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Katie Starnes
Katie Starnes


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Rockford, IL


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Katie is your experienced, compassionate and direct guide to unlocking your past and navigating your future. With a unique ability to connect to your energy, Katie taps into intuitive insights guided by spiritual chaperones, including angelic assistance and personal guides, providing you with specific and profound information.

By providing emotional and physical descriptions along with messages from loved ones, Katie's readings leave clients amazed and grateful for the connections made. Her most rewarding moments come from bridging the gap between this world and the next, offering healing and love from those whom have crossed over.

Beyond her spiritual gifts, Katie's deep bond with animals, from fur to feather, enriches her ability to assist with pet-related challenges. As an avid caregiver and a lifetime of animal training and communication her understanding of their language has helped countless others navigate training and communication hurdles.

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Katie, an accomplished professional medium, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her practice. Raised in a devout Catholic family, her spiritual journey began early, spurred by a near-death experience and personal losses. With a profound love for animals, she proudly cares for her Poodle cross fur-baby, African grey parrot, and Warmblood horse.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Katie immersed herself in decades of study under the true masters of mediumship and engaged in decades of intensive spiritual development. Today, she not only offers her services as a medium but also serves as a mentor to aspiring mediums, guiding them on their own paths of growth and discovery. Katie's unwavering belief that learning is an ongoing process underscores her commitment to excellence in her craft.

Listed since: Feb 24, 2010


I was really impressed with Katie's reading. Her description for my passed away husband is accurate for every single detail. I was quite shocked. I have several reading before, and Katie is the best. She is quite talented. I surely will recommend her.
Katie; one of the most loving, kind, compassionate and caring people I have met, and so amazingly accurate, and a well of wisdom and insights pouring forth unlike no other! You can just feel the genuine care and concern from her beautiful spirit. She is trustworthy, steps out of the way, and allows for spirit to work through her. No ego at all, and you just know she is the real deal. Cannot say enough about this amazing woman! Give her a try! You will be so grateful you did!
Katie is great and sweet and accurate and just gave me an Animal Reading! I was blown away by the accuracy. It was as if she knew my dogs! One was having health problems and she accurately told me where his problems were and a lot about his personality (and my healthy dogs too). Katie has given me readings too in the past and is always loving and very accurate. I highly recommend her for any reason. You won't be disappointed!
Unconditional love, compassion, understanding, healing, superb insight, extremely spiritually in tune, wonderful sense of humor, and unbelievably precise. The topping on this "spiritual cake" is, she gets it right. She is Katie Starnes! Her abilities in connecting with the spirit world are breathtaking. Do you need answers regarding transitioned loved ones? You'll get them from Katie! My undying gratitude for your help Katie!
I have known Katie from online for many years. She has helped me in so many ways. She is honest and tells it like it is, which should be that way. Anyone having a reading from Katie will not be disappointed.
I took my significant other to meet katie on his birthday hoping he would be able to connect with his stepdad. And he was able to. This experience was amazing and so positive. We will definitely keep in touch with katie and use Katie's services again. Will recommend to others.
Katie was just simply amazing. She was spot on in everything she read for me, including an issue with my health, my Grandpa showing up for my reading, and a very difficult situation in my personal life. She was incredibly kind and supportive while remaining honest in what she saw coming up for me, shared experiences to help provide solid advice, and followed up with me afterward in getting a copy of my reading and just to see if I was ok, since it was so difficult. She is one classy lady.
I had a reading this past weekend with Katie and it blew me away. She was able to share so much detailed information that helped me beyond measure. I immediately knew I would be forming a relationship with Katie and will be speaking to her regularly. Her talent, commitment, and grace with her craft are unlike anything else I've seen. Her approach and style are amazing. She is a true gift. Thank you, Katie, for sharing with us. I will forever be grateful and connected to you!
I am in awe of Katie’s gift in mediumship. She allowed me to connect with my mom and other deceased family members. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences for me and Katie was so down to earth, real and raw with us. I cannot wait to have another session with her!
I first met Katie in July 2016. Struggling with the age-old question “what am I doing with my life?” I needed some guidance! My husband came along in hopes of connecting with his parents, both who had passed on. Katie knew things that would be impossible for anyone who didn’t know us to know. She connected my husband with his parents and told me that my life's calling was to be a mom. We're expecting our first baby in August! Katie is truly gifted and we highly recommend seeing her!
I loved her....she was spot on with everything she told me. And the one thing I did not understand popped up 2 days later and I understood it. She was able to connect with my loved ones and help me to heal. I will recommend her to others and I will have many more readings with her in the future.
I had my first reading reading by this young lady and I was very encouraged by the predictions she made. I must say she was dead on about the people we spoke about. Now, I am anxious about the future. I will use this medium again in the future. She took her time with me and explained everything in depth.
Katie is So Amazing I have had Several readings with Katie her Accuracy is very Amazing She is Spot On and very Accurate Katie answered all of my questions and went on to tell me so much more information You will see right away how Kind ,Warm and very easy to Talk to she is Katie has a passion for What she does she has many Gifts and is a Great Teacher after every reading I feel Happy Calm and Uplifted she Tells it like it is don't hesitate I Highly Recommend Katie You will not be disappointed
I went to a reading with Katie with my mother. Katie not only focused on connecting with our loved one but also on what we can do every day to be connected with our loved ones and our sprit guides every day. Katie was very understanding and down to earth, really such a joy to experience that with her. A million thank yous will never be enough.
I've had 2 readings with Katie. Once in person and once on the phone. Both readings were spot on and I felt like she knew my loved one personally. I recommend Katie to anyone looking for a reading and am already thinking about when I will schedule another reading!
Katie was such a joy to talk to! It was the best reading I've gotten and I'll definitely chose her again. Everything was pretty spot on and I was also able to connect to my aunt who recently passed.
Katie read me a few months ago and was amazing! I was able to connect with my sister and after the reading I felt like I had just had a conversation with my sister.
Katie is amazing!! From the first moment, you will realize how gifted she is and how much she cares. She was able to to quickly connect with any issues, and more importantly my family on the other side. She is very kind. I will ask for her guidance again, and would recommend her gifts in an instance!
I had a reading September 2014. Right away Katie was able to tell me in detail about myself and correctly acknowledge my family and friends. Katie had told me my car breaks needed to be fixed. At the time I did nothing, however 3 months later I started to hear a funny sound from my car. I took my car in; sure enough my brake pads had to be fixed. Since meeting Katie, my entire family has now been read. My Grandmother (whom passed in 2005) has given many amazing details through readings to Katie.
Katie was warm, sincere and very easy to talk to. She guided me through a very rewarding reading by connecting with my dear, departed wife. Through that connection Katie revealed things that only my wife would have known. It gave me peace of mind to know that my wife was in a good place and watching over us always. Katie has a very special gift and she shares it just perfectly. Do not hesitate to let her help you as she did for me.
Katie is the real thing. She helped me understand myself better and have trust in myself. Very understanding and down to earth. I loved talking with her and would recommend her to anyone who desires to hear the truth. Thank you Katie!!
I had my first reading with Katie, what a great experience it was. I had all my questions answered and more. Katie is a wonderful person with incredible abilities. I highly recommend Katie to anyone!
Katie Starnes is the REAL deal! She has a very special connection and delivers information with amazing accuracy. Out of the many mediums I've come in contact with, Katie is at the top of my recommendation list. I've often wondered if she even knows how gifted she truly is! At the time of our reading, we had no idea she'd be featured in my second book, "We Need To Talk: Living With The Afterlife". I'm still in awe of her talents...and always will be. You won't regret your time with her.
I had my very first reading with Katie back in April. She was very down to earth and straight forward. She helped ease my fear of the unknown and helped direct me into the direction I needed to go in. She even spoke with my Great Grandmother who has been passed for years. She shared a moment from my child hood with many details that no one would possibly know. Katie is GREAT and I highly recommend her! Thanks Katie!
I cannot express enough how fantastic, and spot on Katie was with not only myself but every guest at my party. If you don’t believe in anything that anyone claims as a Psychic or Medium.....give Katie a chance ....open your mind and prepare to have your opinion changed for the better.
I have been to many psychics in my life, but Katie is different. She is very accurate with her reading, but also such a great person. Come to think of it, time for another reading!
Katie is awesome. It was refreshing to meet such a genuinely nice person. The reading was great!!! THANK YOU KATIE!!!!
kate was amazing she helped me connect with my grandmother and aunt she was right on target she told me thing my family would only know ,she tells you like it is she gave me so much info about my loved ones so i was able to validate them i suggest anyone looking to connect with a loved one to contact kate .
I've contacted Katie twice and have never been disappointed. Her readings have brought me great comfort, clarity and guidance. She is very friendly and is straight-forward. She put me at ease with her friendly demeanor and professionalism. I will continue to contact her in the future.
I called Kaite to scedule a reading with her, at the time that I had called her, she was busy packing her car up, and was getting ready to go to an appoint., but she took the time to listen to my concerns that I had about myself, and gave me some insite to help myself in my life situation. After talking to her I felt an enormous amount of engergy from her! What a uplifing experience! She is a genuine very nice lady with a true gift. I highly recomend Katie to everyone! Thanks again Katie!! :)


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