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Karina Delaney

Karina Delaney
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60 min $175.00

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800 991 2938


Karina spent the early part of her life in Ukraine before the family migrated to the US in 1995. She is a Chicago based psychic medium and Karina has been screened and approved by Bob Olson. Also, she is fully certified by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums. She serves as a remote viewer, crystal healer and a Master Tarot Reader.
In the mid-part of 1996, Karina had a life-changing encounter that opened her up to her gift. She has further developed into one of the leading voices that help to ensure that people live life to the full. She feels the pulse of those who truly need support and is poised to help them see the bright light in their lives. Her passion has seen her navigate various tides that confront people and give them profound results. Karina helps people to enter into a place where they will begin to explore and attain good outcomes in life.
She strongly believes that: We are here to help each other make the most of this journey. She is a strong advocate when it comes to helping those who are in need and she is committed to keep pushing this ideal in many unique ways. Karina teaches people about how to be true to who they are and to trust their intuition to guide them.
Karina is all about helping you to keep pressing for new heights. In her words - It is possible to Be Amazing, Be Courageous and Stay inspired.

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Fees and Services
1 hour reading is 175.00
30 min reading is 125.00
15 min reading is 75.00

Email Readings

1 question Audio $20.00 Typed $30.00
2 Questions Audio $ 40.00 Typed 50.00
4 Questions Audio $ 60.00 Typed $ 70.00

I am a strong believer in helping those in need ....

Listed since: Nov 24, 2015


This is my second call to Karina. I called to tell her what she predicted a few weeks ago occurred. I am stunned by her amazing insight and accuracy. I called back for more details on two situations I'm dealing with the words she channeled stunned me. I even questioned her. If they happen, I'll be back with an amazing testimony. This is one great reader!
I had a reading with Karina and she really impressed me. The information just flowed out of her regarding my work and love situations. She knew what I was going through with my career and made predictions for changes. I just gave her a name and she went on a roll regarding my life life. She know so much without being prompted that I wish I had added more money to continue the reading. She is worth every cent and I will call again soon. She is great.

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